12 Best Amaretto Substitutes


This is a comprehensive guide to all the liqueurs and herbs that are great substitutes for Amaretto.

Let’s find out right away what they are!

Best Amaretto Substitutes

Here are my top picks for substituting Amaretto.

1. Hazelnut Liqueur

Best Alcoholic Substitute

Hazelnut Liqueur is considered to be the best swap when replacing the bitter-sweet and rich Amaretto in cocktails.

Hazelnut Liqueur has the same nuttiness and hue as Amaretto, making it the undoubted substitute.

Hazelnut Liqueur has fruity and floral notes that make it perfect for flavorful drinks, desserts, coffee, and even baked goodies. 

How to Substitute ?

Since Hazelnut Liqueur and Amaretto have the same consistency and texture, they can be used in the same quantity to replace each other in cocktails.

Make this delicious Hazelnut mudslide cocktail.

2. Chocolate Liqueur

Chocolate Liqueur has warm and cocoa flavors that can well replace Amaretto in most cocktails, desserts, and baked goods.

Chocolate liqueur does not have a very bitter taste ad can easily be consumed by itself. 

Chocolate Liqueur comes in different levels of sweetness, consistency, and level of alcohol content and should be used accordingly.

How to Substitute ?

Chocolate Liqueur has varying levels of sweetness and alcohol concentration, therefore, it should be used in moderation if you do not want your dessert or cocktail to become overly sweet.

Here’s a recipe for Chocolate liqueur Martini.  

3. Coffee Liqueur

Best for Desserts 

Coffee Liqueur has an intense and bold coffee aroma that elevates the flavor of your cocktail and is most often incorporated in desserts like cakes, brownies, and Tiramisu. Like chocolate liqueur, Coffee Liqueur cam also is consumed by itself before or after a meal.

Different brands of Coffee Liqueur have different concentrations of coffee and alcohol in them and only the best will have the finest quality.

How to Substitute ?

Add in a moderate amount and gradually increase to reach the desired flavor in your cocktail or dessert. 

Some of the best coffee liqueur cocktails.  

4. Almond Extract

Best Non-alcoholic Substitute 

Almond Extract is the best non-alcoholic swap with its aromatic, sweet, and mildly nutty flavors.

It is derived from essential almond oil and is also a comparatively healthier option. It is often used in tobacco flavoring. 

Almond Extract has a strong aroma and it may overwhelm the flavor of cocktails and desserts like cakes, cookies, and candies. It should be used in very small quantities. 

How to Substitute ?

½ or ¼ teaspoons of Almond Extract should be used to substitute every 2 tablespoons of Amaretto depending on the brand and intensity of the extract.

Delicious cookies with almond extract! 

5. Marzipan 

Marzipan is a regular ingredient in bakeries and is made from almonds, corn syrup, sugar, and egg whites.

It has a strong almond and nutty flavor while also being pleasantly sweet, making it perfect for replacing amaretto in most desserts. 

Marzipan has a solid texture and is often mixed with hot water to get a syrup-like texture.

It can also simply be melted to get the smooth desired texture, similar to that of amaretto. 

How to Substitute ?

Once liquefied, ½ tablespoon of marzipan is used to swap for every two tablespoons of amaretto in most dessert recipes for its additional sweetness.

Marzipan Fudge truffles. 

6. Orgeat 

Orgeat is a well-known Italian drink prepared by combining almonds, rose petals, orange flower water, and a good amount of additional sugar, making it a nutty, sweet, and aromatic liqueur.

It is non-alcoholic in nature. 

Orgeat can be an efficient substitute for Amaretto in various cocktails and desserts. It is an important component in cocktails like Tiki and Mai Tai. 

How to Substitute ?

Different brands of Orgeat vary in their levels of sweetness and it is best to taste it before it is added. About ½ teaspoon of Orgeat is added to replace 1 tablespoon of Amaretto.

Some great cocktails with Orgeat syrup. 

7. Coconut Liqueur 

Coconut Liqueur has a mild yet exotic flavor that can create a unique flavor in your cocktails.

It tastes best when glazed cookies or desserts with coconut-flavored icing and can also be enjoyed by itself. 

Coconut Liqueur has sweet, delicate, and aromatic flavors that may not provide the cocktail with the bitter-sweet and nutty taste of regular Amaretto, but it tastes great nonetheless. 

How to Substitute ?

Coconut Liqueur and Amaretto can be used in a 1:1 proportion to replace each other in cocktails and desserts.

Different ways to enjoy Coconut Liqueur Malibu cocktail!

8. Apricot Pit Liqueur

Apricot Pit Liqueur has a mildly sweet flavor and tends to taste and smell much like Almond Liqueur and Amaretto, making it an efficient substitute.

It is made from apricot pits instead of almonds and is said to be delicious as an appetizer before meals. 

Since it tastes almost the same as Amaretto, it is incorporated in numerous drinks, cocktails, baked goods, desserts, and also in savory sauces. 

How to Substitute ?

Apricot Pit Liqueur does not have an overwhelming aroma and can be used in the same amount as Amaretto.

Some of the best Apricot Cocktails. 

9. Cherry Liqueur 

The vibrant red Cherry Liqueur has a distinctly tangy cherry taste and comparatively mild alcohol concentration.

It is not bitter and has a cherry-like fragrance that can well elevate the flavor of your cocktail and baked goods. 

Since Amaretto and Cherry Liqueur taste nothing like each other, the taste, aroma, and color should all be considered before using it in any recipe. 

How to Substitute ?

Two tablespoons of Amaretto can be substituted with the same two tablespoons of Cherry Liqueur to achieve the desired flavor.

The delicious Cherry liqueur Mojito! 

10. Anisette 

Anisette is a sweet yet intense liqueur with a strong combination of anise and licorice flavors.

It has a much stronger taste as compared to the regular Amaretto but provides cocktails with its unique palate. 

Different brands of Anisette come with varying levels of alcohol and sweetness and thus when choosing it for your recipe, be sure to check the ingredients and their concentration. 

How to Substitute ?

Since Anisette has a much sweeter and stronger flavor, half the amount of Amaretto is the ideal measurement. 1 tablespoon of anisette for every 2 tablespoons of amaretto.

Luscious Italian Anisette cookies! 

11. Almond Syrup 

Almond Syrup is just a sweeter form of Amaretto and almond extract. It is non-alcoholic in nature and has the same nutty almond properties that feature in the original Amaretto.

Its sweetness allows it to be perfect for cakes, pancakes, pastries, and other desserts.

Almond Syrup is also safe for children and can safely be added to smoothies, mocktails, and even cocktails. Lesser quantity is added as it may be too sweet for the beverage.

How to Substitute ?

It is recommended to taste a bit of the Almond Syrup as it is known for its sweet and aromatic flavor. Half the quantity of Almond syrup should be used to replace Amaretto.

Delicious almond macarons with Almond syrup!

12. Kahula

Kahula is an intense coffee-flavored alcoholic liqueur. It is known for its strong coffee-like aroma and flavor and is used to elevate the taste of cocktails, cakes, and other desserts.

It is not meant for direct consumption. 

Kahula does not have the almond flavor as in Amaretto but can deliver its unique flavors to whatever drinks and desserts it is added to.

It has a sugary and syrupy consistency with an equally high alcohol concentration. 

How to Substitute ?

Kahula has a strong flavor and high alcohol content and thus, 3/4th tablespoon of it for every 1 tablespoon of amaretto should do the job.

Try this tasty and easy Kahula moose. 


Is Amaretto The Same As Almond Extract?

No, Amaretto is a bitter-sweet Italian liqueur with a distinct almond flavor and a combination of other flavors like that of apricot pits, cherries, cocoa, and peach pits. 
Almonds are simply the dried fruits of Almond trees which is where their extracted oil is derived from. They are not the same but share a similar flavor palette.

What Are Non-alcoholic Amaretto Substitutes?

The four most potent non-alcoholic Amaretto substitutes share similar properties but may not taste the same taste. They are almond syrup, almond extract, Orgeat, and Marzipan. 
They can well be used to replace Amaretto in most drinks and desserts. Almond syrup and extract, and Marzipan share similar almond properties, and Orgeat has a floral taste.

Which Cocktail Tastes Best With Amaretto?

Amaretto has a nutty almond taste and can be incorporated in numerous cocktails like Amaretto stone sour, toasted almond, Italian Margarita, Godfather, French Connection, and many more.
Amaretto is also often infused with Italian sunset, amaretto coffee, amaretto sour, and amaretto whiskey sour.

How Does Homemade Amaretto Taste Like?

Amaretto can easily be prepared in the comfort of your home and used in cocktails and desserts with these simple ingredients: white sugar, brown sugar, vodka, almond extract, and vanilla extract.
Water and sugar, both white and brown, are heated till dissolved. A mix of vodka, almond extract, and vanilla extract is added to the sugar syrup base. Your homemade Amaretto is ready for use.

Bottom Line

I hope this elaborate guide helped you learn about the many ways to substitute Amaretto.

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