9 Best Anchovies Substitutes


Anchovies are little, primary rummage fishes of the family Engraulidae.

Most species are found in marine waters; however, a few will enter saline water, and some in South America are limited to new water.

These Fish taste pretty off-putting and pungent. Anchovies are typically filtered, salt-relieved, and canned in oil.

Can’t eat Anchovies? Regardless of how well known this sort of Fish is, there would be times when they run out suddenly in the center of your cooking. Here are some great substitutes for Anchovies.

9 Best Anchovies Substitutes

So here are the nine best substitutes of Anchovies for you.

Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce is an astoundingly notable substitute for anchovies of various types since it contains anchovies as one of its fixed fixings. Hence, you don’t need to stress over the taste contrast when subbing these Fish.

It is a matured fluid that contains various fixings other than anchovies but still doesn’t give you that off-putting taste. It is a fermented liquid that contains multiple fixings that will assist you with your dish.

Particularly for recipes that require Anchovy Paste’s flavor, Worcestershire sauce can give a similar taste and elegance.


It is a well-known substitute as it has anchovies as one of its fixings. It’s a matured fluid with different trimmings, including anchovies, yet doesn’t give you that off-putting taste.

Shrimp Paste

Shrimp paste is a great cooking blend of Asian nations. Albeit how terrible its smell is, in any case, when shrimp paste is added to your dish, it unquestionably has a significant job.

It’s made by maturing ground shrimp with salt. It’s regularly utilized in sauces and curries. Utilize a similar extent of shrimp paste. ½ tsp. Shrimp paste for ½ tsp. Anchovy. Shrimp Paste can be solid in taste, so change different fixings appropriately.

You can add pureed tomatoes or margarine to the compound to make shrimp paste milder, more proper with your dishes for more flavor changing.


For that phenomenal flavor and zest, shrimp paste can be an ideal alternative for anchovy curries or sauces under the degree of ½ teaspoon of shrimp for ½ teaspoon of Anchovy.

Asian Fish Sauce

Concentrate made from Anchovy or, at times, catfish sauce, Asian Fish Sauce is effectively reachable and accessible on the lookout.

It is comparative due to its impactful taste, which will give your dish a scent or fragrance. It is usually utilized as a substitute, yet not in something like pizza. Another utilization is in the serving of salads.

It very well may be all around utilized for anchovy paste but not as toppings in pizza. It is more competent to use it in soups, stews, stock, or braises. It can likewise be utilized in Caesar plates of mixed greens.


An effectively accessible sauce, Asian Fish ought to consistently be utilized sparingly in soups and stews since its impactful taste can give your dish a not-so-alluring scent or smell!

Umeboshi Paste

Umeboshi Paste, produced using pureed, aged Japanese ume plums, can change food – and your body. The Paste has been utilized since old occasions as food and for therapeutic purposes.

This Japanese dish is often made as a side dish with rice, and it brings an incredibly extraordinary flavor. This can go probably as a substitute for anchovy paste to add the “umami” flavor.

Besides, Umeboshi Paste can be utilized by veggie lovers and vegans. It can mainly be used in Thai dishes as a substitute for fish sauces. You can utilize it in dressings of servings of mixed greens as well.


It is Japanese food, where it is utilized as a side dish with rice. It has an exceptional and intense flavor. It can go about as a substitute for anchovy paste to add the “umami” flavor.


Capers are green buds of the caper bramble. These pea-sized buds are regularly sold cured in salt or potentially vinegar and are frequently utilized as a fixing in sauces and some fish dishes.

It’s an appropriate choice since it will give a strong flavor; in any case, not exceptionally overpowering contrasted with utilizing various other options. The ideal part for this substitution is ½ teaspoon of capers for one teaspoon of anchovy paste.

Capers can be found anyplace, from your nearby stores to stores. This is very much like Anchovy, and it’ll fit very well in your recipe.


These generally come in canned salt and vinegar, which are frequently utilized in sauces and fish dishes. It’s a good option as it will give a solid flavor yet not very overwhelming.

Chopped Kalamata Olives

Kalamata olives are the best kind to utilize. This is a substitute that can be used as a vegetarian choice. It bears a fruity and sweet flavor, and when used with flavors, it’s an excellent approach to add more texture to your recipe.

Kalamata olives, whenever squashed or mixed, will have a more wonderful tone than anchovy paste. This is because they have a milder body than most different olives. Although kalamata have dull skin, their body is very light pink or purple. It can fit entirely in plates of mixed greens, dressings, just as vegetables and other new fixings.


Kalamata olives are the best kind to use, as they got a milder body than most different olives. Put a tablespoon for each tablespoon of Anchovy. It’s a quick and straightforward option.


Seaweed is a prosperous item with minerals and can be an excellent veggie-lover substitute for anchovies. It’s nutritious and has no calories or fats.

Seaweed can be undifferentiated from fish kinds of anchovies as vegetables. Seaweed is available and differentiated in flavors too. It very well may be a great replacement in Caesar plate of mixed greens dressing since it adds a decent pungent, delectable flavor to the dish.

Seaweed is something that many individuals see just as ocean weeds that have no utilization. Yet, there are explicit sorts of Seaweed that are phenomenal additions to recipes.


An excellent veggie lover alternative is the Seaweed. You can, in any case, have a similar flavor in your food, and it’ll help you. This is surely the nearest flavor to anchovy paste.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is something that can be effectively found and made. It can fill in as a beautiful substitute for anchovies. This is an extraordinary wellspring of protein, and it can help individuals who have hypertension or heart issues.

This is perhaps the most straightforward approach to get the spicy, umami taste of anchovy paste. Soy sauce has an altogether different Texture to anchovy paste. If you’re making a marinara sauce, you can generally blend the soy sauce with some cornflour. This will help the sauce to thicken a bit. Attempt to utilize a modest quantity of cornflour.


Soy sauce is more effectively accessible than Anchovy Paste. Contingent upon what you’re utilizing it for, this could have a significant effect on the dish’s surface and consistency.


Another alternative that can fit well in sauces, a plate of mixed greens dressings and soups, is Miso. It may be added to a long-cooked dish, be mindful so as not to boil dishes like miso soup, or warm it too much because it’ll kill the microscopic organisms in Miso and lessen the medical advantages it gives.

Miso Paste has been utilized in conventional Japanese food for an unimaginably prolonged period. But, it has gotten more famous across the world, particularly in the US, lately. It’s an incredible substitute if you are worried about the consistency of a dish.


It’s unique regarding flavor. It’s produced using soybeans which are incredibly dull in taste. The flavor comes from the Paste being prepared with salt yet also from kōji, a fungus.


Are anchovies the same as sardines?

Sardines have fragile white flesh and are frequently distinguished by their marginally jutting lower jaw. Anchovies, then again, are sold with more obscure, rosy dark substance because of the restoring they go through (additional on that underneath) and are generally under 15 cm long.

What can I use instead of anchovies in Caesar dressing?

Add one or two teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce for subbing anchovies. By using this sauce, you can accomplish a weak off-putting flavor. You can replace anchovies in caesar dressing by mixing the Worcestershire sauce with lemon juice, garlic, salt pepper, mustard, and tricks in a bowl.

Can I use sardines instead of anchovies?

It’s not intelligent to substitute anchovies for sardines or the other way around. These two Fish carry on distinctively when cooked. Anchovies will soften away, enhancing the whole dish with flavorful pungency. The thick substance of sardine will not break down as an anchovy filet will.

Bottom Line

I hope this list helped you to know about the substitutes for Anchovies. Share your experience with these. Do you have a substitution that isn’t mentioned here? Please share with us in the comments. We’ll make sure to test it out.

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