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In this article, we have got some great tips and tricks to help you find the best Asian Pear substitution with ease.

The following substitutes are shortlisted after extensive research and several have been personally tested by me.

Let us kick things off with unraveling of the substitutes available for Asian Pear.

Eleven Best Substitutes for Asian Pear

The best substitutes for Asian Pear are – Anjou Pear, Bosc Pear, Kiwi, Soda, A.1 Classic Marinade, Fuji Apple, Forelle pear, Bartlett Pear, Taylor’s Gold Pear, Comice Pear and Pineapple.

They are discussed in detail here:-

Anjou Pear

It’s a scrumptiously firm-finished fruit that’s stacked with juice. There are red and green assortments accessible; however, it’ll not make any difference which one you purchase as they taste the same.

Albeit an Asian pear has more squeeze and a marginally crispier surface, you could still substitute one for the other. Yet, it’s the Anjou’s lower tag price that makes it a seriously engaging fruit to incorporate for a solid bite.

Suppose you can’t discover Anjou at the store, try Bartlett. They’re another European pear assortment with comparable attributes, ideal for cutting up and eating fresh.

How to Substitute

For proper measurements, one piece of anjou pear equals two little pieces of Asian pear. Contingent upon the measure of the dish, you can compare the necessary Asian pear with the perfect measure of Anjou pear.

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Bosc Pear

It’s another famous fruit that is sweet, juice-loaded and has a botanical undercurrent. Bosc has a gentle taste of fall flavors like nutmeg and cinnamon, making it ideal for utilizing instead of Asian pear on a fruit platter.

Pair it close to Blue, Gouda, and Cheddar for a heavenly flavor mix. Asian pear is likewise incredibly cut into a salad. Like the nashi, it has white tissue, so a light sprinkle of lemon juice will stop the fruit from becoming brown.

Baking and dessert recipes that call for Asian pear will likewise function admirably with the expansion of bosc.

How to Substitute

One piece of Asian pear is equal to one piece of Bosc Pear, half a piece of fuji apple, and half a piece of soda. Make sure to check the taste, as the ratio might depend on the kind of dish you are baking.

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Numerous Korean recipes for dinners like bulgogi utilize Asian pear to add flavor, yet maybe more critically, they further develop meat surface.

To impersonate these advantages, you can likewise utilize a kiwifruit. Calpain in the fruit goes about as a meat tenderizer.

The harder filaments in meat are mollified, squid absorbs the milk, and kiwifruit is simpler to bite. Kiwis can over-soften if you leave it excessively long.

Marinate the meat in kiwifruit for a fraction of time if utilizing Asian pear.

It merits calling attention to that kiwifruit will carry an alternate flavor to the meat. Notwithstanding, in the wake of cooking, the thing that matters is scarcely recognizable.

How to Substitute

Use one piece of kiwi to substitute one piece of Asian pear. For another quick substitute, use the kiwi, which you are likely to have on hand (to make one bowl); combine two 3/4 plates of kiwi with 1/4 plate of bosc pear.


They’re bubbly circulated air through drinks that have a few uses.

Notwithstanding, they’re most usually utilized as mocktails giving your beverage the bubble that it needs.

If you’ve no Asian pear in the bowl, another wonderful alternative for marinating meat is soda.

Have you got sprite in the ice chest? Absorb your meat a shower of soda, and it’ll relax while adding a subtle sweetness to the marinade.

Sodas contain carbonated water, sugar, caramel tone, caffeine, phosphoric acid, normal flavors, carbon dioxide, natural diol, and Brominated vegetable oil, and many others.

How to Substitute

To use in the recipes, add the drink likewise while observing the taste until it reaches your preferred levels. In many cases, one to two spoons of soft drink is sufficient to replace one piece of fresh Asian pear. You can shake the soda and supplement it as a whole or lower the carbon dioxide content prior to eating the food.

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A.1. Classic Marinade

Customary Korean culinary chefs might need to skirt past this choice. We’re quickly moving away from more good natively home-crafted marinades.

However, if you’re in a rush and don’t have any Asian pear in the kitchen, a packaged item like A.1. or even HP Sauce will function admirably.

It’s a cooking combination at its best! Make a Korean bulgogi dish utilizing a sauce from out of the U.K. when you need your steak to possess a flavor like past steak you used to enjoy in your youth, pick A.1.

Classic Marinade to treat your meat before barbecuing it.

How to Substitute

Add half a piece of fuji apple + half a piece of bosc pear to substitute one piece of fresh Asian pear. Ensure it is in the new form with the goal that your recipe will not be a long way from its unique flavor.

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Fuji Apple

If you can’t discover Asian pears, you can substitute a Fuji Apple. The flavor of Fuji is to some degree like that of Red Delectable. It has the tart crunchiness of a Ralls Janet. Nonetheless, they’ve marginally more flavor intricacy than both of their parent apples.

The tissue is fresh and brimming with dampness, with a decent crunch that loans itself well to surface cordial dishes. Since Fuji has a more gentle flavor, they’re better for upgrading a recipe, as opposed to playing the featured job.

They function admirably baked, sauteed, and added to biscuits.

How to Substitute

A piece of fresh fuji apple can substitute 2-3 pieces of fresh Asian pear for each dish. If you do not care for the texture, press the apple instead and add a portion of the juice for around 1-2 pieces. Fuji Apple will give the equivalent sweet flavor and smell that you are focusing on.

Did you think you cut the Fuji Apple correctly in your kitchen? Watch this video by “Cut Dat” showing how to cut a Fuji Apple in the correct way, here:-

Forelle Pear

It’s not difficult to recognize because of its small size, ovalish shape, smooth skin, and striking yellowish-green freckled skin, which turns an excellent Red as it ages. Sweet and sensitive, Forelles are an old European assortment.

On account of their pleasantness and size, Forelles are a decent fruit decision for little youngsters’ bites. Its tissue is thick and coarse than other pear assortments, and it has a sweet, cinnamon-zest flavor that’s very remarkable.

The kind of Forelle is upgraded when you pair it with sharp cheddar. It’s fine for cooking; however, it takes more time to strip and center.

How to Substitute

Forelle Pear will be as flavorful as an Asian pear is intended to season baked goods and different treats. So, you will not get a huge Asian pear flavor by utilizing it as a 1:1 Forelle pear substitute. Also, you might need to use it to replace all or some of the liquid ingredients in your recipe.

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Bartlett Pear

It comes in both yellow and red; red Bartletts are normal all through the U.S. Other than a distinction in shading, the two assortments share numerous characteristics: light-sensitive skin, a sweet taste, and a delicious and delicate nibble.

It’s one of the more established pear assortments, first created in the last part of the 1700s in the US.

Bartletts used to make up the greater part of America’s pear creation (since the offered approach to Anjou and Boscs); they’re as yet the most mainstream assortment in the country.

Generally, canned and handled pears are produced using Bartletts. Utilize the Bartlett when baking.

How to Substitute

Measure out an equal ratio of this Bartlett Pear to the amount of Asian pear your recipe calls for, but add it gradually. If you continue gradually adding your Bartlett Pear and tasting your food as you mix it, you can ensure that the taste of this Bartlett Pear does not overpower your finished dish.

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Taylor’s Gold Pear

Taylor’s Gold Comice pear is a wonderful fruit not to be missed by pear lovers. Identified with the Comice pear, this huge New Zealand pear is practically round and has glowing brown skin.

Taylor’s Gold Pear additionally passes by the name Gold Pear and Taylor’s Brilliant. Its sweet, succulent tissue is smooth to such an extent that it nearly dissolves in your mouth.

It’s a decent pear for making jams, jellies, and sauces. It has russeted cinnamon-shaded skin and a delicious fragrant flavor.

While choosing Gold Pears, pick those that are not wounded and have, to some degree, firm feel as opposed to excessively delicate.

How to Substitute

Use half or a full one piece instead of Asian pear for substitution by Taylor’s Gold Pear. Likewise, try to add one piece of bosc pear to the combination if you need more quantity for taste.

If you don’t know how to prepare Taylor’s Gold Pear at home in a quick and easy way, this is how you can prepare it with ease. Watch the following video by “Infinity girls”:-

Comice Pear

Comice pears come in both green and red assortments. Comice red pears, nonetheless, are still moderately new, having been first found in the plantation during the 1970s.

Both red and green Comice pears have skin that breaks effectively, and they’re exceptionally sweet, rich, finished, and delicious.

It’s famous on occasion to present fruit bins, so it has gotten known as the “Christmas pear.”

These pears aren’t ideal for poaching due to their moderately sensitive nature and deliciousness; however, they’re extraordinary for baking and eating with cheddar.

Profoundly valued by the French, appreciate this pear with a decent French Brie or another soft, smooth Fromage.

How to Substitute

For the replacement, utilize a large portion of a piece of Asian pear for more than two small pieces of comice pears. Comice pear is itself a fantastic pear to replace.

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The pineapple is a tropical plant with consumable foods grown from the most financially huge plant in the family, Bromeliaceae. Pineapple’s dietary benefit is somewhat like an Asian pear.

Pineapple is a famous base for smoothies and mixed drinks, and an individual can even utilize it to soften meat.

Pineapple has a usually sweet yet tart flavor. It’s generally beneficial to pick pineapple that does not contain added sugar.

How to Substitute

Combine four parts of Pineapple in place of one part of Asian pear for an easy replacement when you are in a rush. This ratio will create a very nice taste for whatever dish you are mixing up. It is likewise easy to make whatever quantity of pineapple you need using this ratio.

Want to know how to prepare your pineapple for any recipe? Check out this video by “Clean and delicious” to know how to clean and cut a pineapple, and enjoy preparing an easy and tasty pineapple at home:-


What is the distinction between an Asian pear and a regular pear?

Asian pears are uniform in shading (yellowish-tan) and molded more like apples, with a totally extraordinary surface and taste. Asian pears do not change the tone in the wake of being reaped, while some European ones do.

What can you substitute for Asian pear in kimchi?

At the point when Asian pear is not present (for making marinade), you can substitute it with kiwi or pineapple also. Yet, it is favored utilizing pear as it is safer. Kiwi and pineapple can over soften in the event that you use them to an extreme or marinate with them for a long time. Another viable substitute is Bosc pear.

Are apple pears and Asian pears the same thing?

Asian pears involve an enormous gathering of pears that are fresh on the surface and when developed, are a great idea to eat when reaped or for a while in the wake of picking whenever held in cool stockpiling. Frequently Asian pears are called apple pears since they are fresh and succulent like apples yet with an alternate and particular surface.

Bottom Line

I hope this list assisted you in discovering various suitable substitutes for Asian Pear.

Please share your experience with these. Do you think we missed out on any possible substitute? Comment below your substitute for Asian Pear to be included in our inventory.

Share this list with all your family and friends, and let them know about these amazing substitutes they can use if needed.

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