7 Best Barley Malt Syrup Substitute


Barley Malt Syrup is a famous sugar produced using Barley grain.

It’s advertised as being more grounded than different sugars and gives a fantastic nutty flavor.

It fills numerous kitchen needs, from a cube of straightforward table sugar to an element for heated merchandise, with various roles in between.

This natural item has gotten extraordinarily well-known, yet it’s not generally accessible in nearby stores. At the point when a recipe requires this regular Sugar, and you don’t have it in your kitchen, you need a malt syrup substitute.

7 Best Barley Malt Syrup Substitute

Here are some great replacements of Barley Malt Syrup to consider – 


Honey is a characteristic gluten-free item that looks like Barley malt syrup in both surface and shading. It’s thick, awful, and its appearance goes from a brilliant yellow to a dull earthy colored, much like malt syrup.

It’s twice as sweet as Barley syrup, so when utilizing it in a recipe, make sure to cut the measure of malt syrup down to realize how much Honey you can use. It probably won’t be an ideal alternative for individuals influenced by diabetes since it has a higher glycemic record than malt syrup, so it ought to be consumed in moderation.


Honey is delicious. It is effectively accessible worldwide, so it is a decent gluten-free choice when you are baking or particularly searching for a barley malt syrup substitute in bagels.


Molasses is the substance that stays after the sugar crystals have been removed from the syrup when boiling sugarcane or sugar beet juice.

The crystals at that point proceed to turn into the refined Sugar we regularly use. Hundred years prior, Molasses was the most utilized Sugar in the US since it was a lot less expensive than refined Sugar.

However, after the conflict, the sugar dove cost, and it gradually replaced molasses on people’s tables. It is known for being exceptionally nutritious, yet it additionally has a high glycemic index, so it ought to be devoured with some moderation.


Molasses is an ideal malted barley syrup substitute due to its consistency, shading, and flavour, this Sugar tastes more grounded than malt syrup, so you must use it appropriately.

Brown rice syrup

Another gluten-free Barley malt syrup substitute is brown rice Syrup, which benefits Honey; it is also a vegetarian item. Brown rice syrup is one of those famous fixings in Asian meals, such as adzuki beans.

It is flexible, as it tends to be utilized as a cube of table sugar and cooking and baking.

Brown rice syrup is a characteristic item, as it’s made by cooking Brown rice and separating its starch into sugars by presenting it to common proteins. This syrup can improve your dish without adding an excessive number of calories to it.


Brown Rice Syrup is a sugar, and as such, it contains carbs, sugars, and a high glycemic index. It is half as sweet as sugar and significantly less good than Barley Malt Syrup.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is produced using the sap gathered from maple trees. This item is more mainstream in North America and Canada and is, for the most part, utilized as a fixing for Pancakes. It’s a consistent element for breakfast.

Maple syrup is well-known to such an extent that imitations can’t be labeled with the name and are typically labeled something conventional like ‘pancake syrup’.

That’s because that maple syrup is prepared following a particular cycle which leaves 33% of water and 66% of Sugar. Imitations are produced using corn syrup, artificial maple syrup, or a low level of legitimate maple extract.


Maple syrup has an unmistakable flavour that separates it from Barley Malt Syrup. It functions admirably as a syrup substitute since the two of them have a somewhat nutty taste.


Maltose is a sugar made of two glucose molecules bound together. It’s made in seeds and different pieces of plants as they break down their stored energy to grow. Consequently, food varieties like oats, certain products of the soil potatoes usually contain high measures of this Sugar.

Regardless of whether you’ve never utilized maltose, you’ve likely eaten or drunk something that contained maltose since this Sugar is a typical fixing in numerous foods and refreshments, including bread and brew.

As fructose is developing progressively disagreeable, food makers have started subbing corn syrup with maltose syrup since it doesn’t contain fructose.


Maltose is somewhat less sweet than Sugar, and it just contains glucose. Maltose usage must be restricted; however, it’s a decent malt syrup elective when you’re out of options.

Korean rice syrup

If you’re up for a bit of trial, you should attempt Korean rice syrup. Regardless of the distant root, this syrup is nearer to malt syrup than numerous substitutes since one of the fundamental fixings is Barley Malt powder.

In Korean cooking, this syrup is utilized as a characteristic sugar or a complete coating to food sources.

Korean rice syrup has an exceptionally fascinating flavor profile, as it tastes vibrant, hearty, sweet, and has a slight grainy flavor. It’s gooey, thick, and less sweet than Honey, so it makes for a pleasant malt syrup substitute.


Rice syrup is a decent barley malt syrup substitute for making bagels. Since it has no animal items, rice syrup is appropriate for vegetarians; numerous vegans keep away from Honey.


The most self-evident, the most well-known, the simplest to discover: Sugar. After all, Barley Malt Syrup is a sugar, and when you are out of extravagant sugars, Sugar is the one fixing that is ever-present in the kitchen.

Brown or white, you can utilize Sugar as a substitute for malt syrup. Sugar is a lot better than malt extricates, so decrease the measure of Sugar considerably when using it as a substitution.

For one section of white Sugar, you can trade in one in addition to 33% parts Barley Malt Syrup; however, diminish fluid in the recipe a little.


Sugar functions well as a cube of table sugar. In baking recipes that explicitly call for malt syrup it probably won’t give you similar results, so it’s wiser to look for a syrup elective.


Is barley malt extract the same as barley malt syrup?

Indeed, Barley Malt extract is equivalent to Barley Malt Syrup. As indicated by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), a concentrate of 100% malted barley can likewise be alluded to as malt syrup.

Is malt powder the same as malt syrup?

No, Malt powder is a dried variant of malt syrup. It is unquestionably a more specific item to use than malt syrup! It doesn’t add a similar tone to a recipe as the syrup, nor does it give an additional moistness to a loaf of bread. It’s used in bagel boiling fluid and the bagels themselves.

Is barley malt syrup the same as molasses?

Barley Malt Syrup is an exceptionally sticky, dull earthy coloured syrup produced using malted barley. It tastes somewhat like molasses, yet with no harsh taste. It is not about as sweet as Honey and just half as sweet as white sugar (sucrose).

Bottom Line

Attempt these Barley Malt Syrup substitutes and let us know the outcomes in the remark area beneath. Which one replacement worked out to be the awesome you? If you think about some other unimaginable substitute, do impart to us.

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