10 Best Cremini Mushroom Substitutes


The Cremini Mushroom is a mature form of mushroom.

Their marginally more developed state implies that they have a browner tone, firmer surface, and preferable flavor over the younger white mushrooms.

They’re utilized now and again in stews and soups since they hold up better in the fluid.

10 Best Cremini Mushroom Substitutes

If you can not get hold of any Cremini Mushrooms, are there any potential options that you can utilize? Here are the ten best substitutes of Cremini Mushrooms for you.

White Button Mushrooms

White Button Mushrooms are otherwise called regular mushrooms or champignons, and you can undoubtedly discover them in any neighborhood market.

White button Mushrooms are typically radiant white and what makes them extraordinary is their fragile, gentle flavor and fine surface.

Likewise, they are a similar size to cremini mushrooms. When you analyze these two kinds, you can see the comparability and simultaneously the things that make them a decent substitute for one another.

If the recipe asks for cremini mushrooms, you can generally utilize white button ones in grills, pasta dishes, and sautés.


White Button mushrooms are the most promptly accessible kind of mushrooms in the stores that are accessible throughout the entire year. They have a fragile flavor and a fine surface.

Portobello Mushrooms

The Portobello mushrooms are otherwise called field or Giant Cremini Mushrooms. Portobellos are only the mature adaptation of cremini Mushrooms.

These mushrooms are another appropriate substitution from cremini mushrooms as they are bigger and completely developed mushrooms.

Portobello mushrooms have a beefy surface and exceptionally substantial taste. These kinds of mushrooms can be utilized when you are roasting, grilling, or baking.

Portobello Mushrooms are accessible in all seasons. They carry profundity to sauces and pasta and are phenomenal when utilized in meat burgers or on grills. You can discover them in the local markets.


In recipes that require Cremini Mushrooms, a Portobello mushroom can be utilized as the best substitution since it is a more extensive, thoroughly developed rendition of the Cremini.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are an exceptionally famous mushroom around Asian cooking. Likewise, you can discover them under black forest, or Chinese mushrooms can be an excellent substitute for Cremini Mushrooms.

These earthy-colored, delicate, springy mushrooms have a meatier surface than the Cremini Mushrooms.

They can be somewhat chewy for specific individuals, so be cautious when subbing since they probably won’t appreciate it.

Shiitake mushrooms are ideal for stews, pasta sauces, risotto, or grill as they will add a rich taste. They can be tracked down everywhere in the world, and you will love utilizing them. Additionally, these are therapeutically valuable.


Shiitakes are brown and have a delicate, supple quality delivering a woodsy, marginally meatier surface similar to Creminis; their shape and size are comparative as well.


Are you allergic to mushrooms? If you do not enjoy mushrooms much or need to utilize something other than expected, eggplants are a truly reasonable substitute for individuals who can’t endure mushrooms.

They’ve substantial taste and surface. This vegetable is an entirely affordable option in numerous recipes.

Vegetarians can consume eggplants, and you can quickly discover them in local markets and your nearby store.

They are huge, so you can generally cut them and utilize the amount you need and store the rest for additional utilization. Use in whichever recipe requires mushrooms.


Eggplants have the essential flavor and substantial consistency, like that of Cremini, making them an ideal meat substitute as well, on the off chance that you’re a vegan.

Ground Chickpeas

Another item that’s a legitimate option for Cremini Mushroom is the ground Chickpeas.

A tasteful beanie copy item that has a nutty flavor can supplant Cremini mushrooms in numerous recipes. Utilize the ground chickpeas as items that can be minced.

At that point, you can add extra spices to add more flavor and fry them so you’ll get the ideal surface and the specific taste that you’re searching for.

There would be no adjustments in your dish as well, so don’t worry, your word will be stunning. Use in recipes that require Cremini mushrooms and adjust as you would prefer.


Ground chickpeas minced in flavors and afterward southern style can turn into a good substitute for cremini mushrooms, for they are little in size and give the crucial bite to the dish.


If you don’t care for mushrooms’ flavor, these mild-flavored Zucchinis will give you a blend of sweet and severe rich taste.

When you think about the two items, you’ll discover similitudes in their nourishment esteems, just as the two items add extravagance to the dish.

Cremini has a somewhat plump flavor, yet there’re times when fused in dishes that don’t request many flavors, however, only for the mass and surface.

In such cases, Zucchini can be utilized. They’ve spongy characteristics like Creminis, thus can wipe different seasonings and flavors added in the recipes.


In numerous dishes that require Cremini Mushrooms, Zucchini can assume the ideal part as an item substitution. It is vegetarian; it has a gentle flavor and all the more accessible.


A nutritious and delectable option is Tofu. This is an elective that isn’t fundamentally the same as mushrooms however fit entirely well.

You can join the Tofu with soy sauce to copy the Cremini Mushrooms’ hearty and nutty kind. It will not be equivalent to if you utilized mushrooms, yet you’ll unquestionably draw out the best of the Tofu in your recipe.

Tofu has an acrid taste and can retain different flavors when it’s consolidated. It needs excellent preparation to free the pleasantness once again from it. You can utilize it in singed dishes or soups.


Cubed Tofu can be utilized as a substitution to Cremini Mushrooms if it should be marinated in vegetable stock, giving it the mushroom-Esque flavor. It has a sour taste.


Something that can be effortlessly found, and we frequently have it in our kitchens, is the cauliflower. This kind of vegetable can be handily utilized as a swap for cremini mushrooms in pretty much every recipe.

Cauliflower has a thick, substantial surface with a crunchy and nutty taste. It can take on various flavors. Thus, to make up for the absence of mushroom flavor, you may add additional flavors and marinades.

With its thickness in surface and slight tissue flavor, cauliflower can consolidate with flavors and marinades to make an excellent substitute for kinds of mushrooms.


Cauliflower’s crunchy surface and nutty flavor will fit very well in your supper. They do not have the mushroom taste, but they will add an extra extraordinary taste to your recipe.

Russet Potatoes

Potatoes are vegetables that can be effortlessly found everywhere in the world. Russet Potatoes is considered as an option for Cremini Mushrooms in numerous recipes.

This potato is long and has highly thick and intense skin, which is exceptionally difficult to strip.

As one of the potato’s upsides, they can ingest the fluids and be joined with numerous recipes that require mushrooms.

Use them for the most part in preparing and fricasseeing Recipes, because in soups and salads they may get saturated, and the recipes will not turn out how you would have preferred.


If you have got a difficult time finding a substitute in dishes where mushrooms aren’t the headliner but figure conspicuously in the talk, Russet Potatoes can play an ideal substitute.

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Something unique that can be a decent counterpart for your recipes rather than Cremini Mushrooms is Sun-dried Tomatoes.

They’re exceptionally mainstream and not extremely elusive fixings that are sold in stores in containers and jars. Sun-dried Tomatoes have a sweet-tart taste and chewy surface.

Before utilizing them, it’s better not to use the fluid. They’re cut into cuts, sauteed in olive oil. You can join this fixing in recipes with spices, parsley, or different sorts of flavors, particularly in salads.

Continuously watch out for the recipe. They will not fit in each supper due to their taste.


They’re ripe tomatoes that lose the more significant part of their water content by spending most of their drying time under the sun. It may be used in salads, pasta, and so on.


What is the difference between Cremini and Portobello Mushrooms?

Portobello mushrooms are essentially the mature variant of Cremini Mushrooms reaped when they’re entirely developed. Aside from the distinction in measurement, Portobello mushrooms are not as watery as Cremini and have a marginally more articulated mushroom flavor.

What’s the difference between Cremini and white mushrooms?

Organically talking, Cremini mushrooms are just the earthy colored form of the usual white-developed mushroom. The more modest, white button mushroom is the youngest assortment, and the more giant, portobello mushrooms are more seasoned. So the Cremini fall in the middle.

Are cremini mushrooms the same as Shiitake?

No, Cremini Mushrooms are simply baby Portobellos. They’re like earthy-colored button mushrooms; however, they have a more rounded flavor and a meatier surface. Shiitakes have a solid taste that stands up well to tasty sautéed foods like hamburgers Shiitake and snow pea recipes.

Bottom Line

I hope this list helped you to know about the substitutes for Cremini Mushroom.

Share your experience with these. Do you have a substitution that isn’t mentioned here?

Please share with us in the comments. We’ll make sure to test it out.

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