35 Best Instant Pot & Air Fryer Indian Recipes


Quick Answer: Best Instant Pot & Air Fryer Indian Recipes

Some of the best Indian instant pot & air fryer recipes are— starters/snacks like Onion Pakoras, Chicken Tikka, Chana Dal Fritters, Tandoori Fish Tikka, and Tandoori Aloo; main dishes like Chana Masala, Mushroom Masala, Jeera Rice, Vegetable Korma, Mushroom Biryani, Lamb Rogan Josh, Rajma Masala, Matar Pulao, Matar Paneer, and Paneer Butter Masala; and desserts like Kheer, Gajar Halwa, and Badam Halwa.

Here are 35 appetizing Indian recipes that can be made easily at home with an air fryer and instant pot.

Each of these recipes is chosen based on the Indian theme, its distinctive flavors, gorgeous texture, and the ease with which it can be prepared in the said appliances.

One of my Indian friends says, If her house catches on fire, the two things she will rescue first will be her air fryer and instant pot.

Fortunately, she lives alone and loves cooking Indian meals every week. With her experience (and mine), I bring you this list of the best instant pot air fryer Indian recipes.

So, let’s get to it!

Quick Table: 35 Best Instant Pot Air Fryer Recipes Indian

Name Prep Time (mins)
Pav Bhaji
Chana Masala
Onion Pakora
Chicken Tikka
Paneer Butter Masala
Kurkuri Bhindi
Jeera Rice 25
Mushroom Masala
Chana Dal Fritters
Vegetable Korma
Badam Halwa
Tandoori Aloo
Matar Paneer
Palak Paneer
Aloo Gobhi
Moong Daal
Mushroom Biryani
Bombay Aloo
Chicken Jalfrezi
Cauliflower Curry
Lamb Rogan Josh
Tandoori Fish Tikka
Dal Bati
Vegetable Manchurian
Chicken Tandoori
Bharwan Baigan
Gajar Halwa
Paneer Tikka
Rajma Masala
Bread Rolls
Chicken Curry
Matar Pulao
Daal Makhani

1. Pav Bhaji

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

If you ever visit Mumbai in India, it would be just catastrophic to not indulge in a plate of its infamous Pav Bhaji.

An amalgamation of almost all veggies, the Bhaji is a spicy vegetable dish that is served with butter-laced Pavs (dinner rolls).

Interestingly, this dish can be made quickly in an instant pot!

Here is an easy recipe by Instapottin’ With Poonam

2. Chana Masala

Total preparation time: 55 minutes

Chana Masala is an Indian chickpea curry that is routinely had in Indian households.

The chickpeas delightfully thrive in a delectable and lip-smacking spicy curry.

It’s a vegan and gluten-free recipe that can be enjoyed as a side dish with rice or pooris; plus, it gets ready in no time in an air fryer.

Check out this delicious recipe by Rainbow Plant Life

3. Onion Pakora

Total preparation time: 55 minutes

When it rains heavily outside, Onion Pakora and Chai are the ultimate mood setting combination.

The onions are sliced and dipped in spiced batter and fried till they turn beautifully golden-brown.

Served with spicy-tangy chutney— the air fryer version of this delicacy cuts down on oil and calories for enjoyment without the worry of health.

Here is a quick recipe by Fabtreats 45

4. Chicken Tikka

Total preparation time: 55 minutes

Chicken Tikka is the appetizer that gets the food fest started!

The enjoyment of biting into a delicious piece of tender chicken, that has been draped in spicy marinade and air-fried, is supreme!

These bite-sized chicken pieces, covered in Indian spices, get ready easily in an air fryer and will be your feast’s showstopper!

Check out this quick recipe by Easy Steps

5. Paneer Butter Masala

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

This recipe is quintessential during any special occasion buffet or even during special meals in India.

Soft and succulent pieces of fresh paneer are fried and then cooked in a scrumptious and creamy base.

Immensely flavorful and smooth, this dish gets done quickly in an instant pot and is ready to serve with warm Rotis.

Here is a quick recipe by Instapottin’ with Poonam

6. Kurkuri Bhindi

Total preparation time: 32 minutes

Delightfully crispy and light— Kurkuri Bhindi is an epic recipe that can be had as an appetizer or side dish.

The okra is cut into long slices, covered in Indian spices, and then fried. The outcome is crunchy okra with spicy-tangy flavors.

Traditionally deep-fried, it can also be made in an air fryer.

Check out this tasty recipe by Healthy Kadai

7. Jeera Rice

Total preparation time: 25 minutes

Apart from Pooris, it is this dish that is a must at Indian feasts!

Jeera Rice is made with long-grained basmati rice that is flavored with cumin and whole spices. It has a beautiful aroma that’ll entice everyone at the table.

Made in an instant pot, this recipe can be paired with any gravy-based dish.

Here is a quick recipe by SubbuCooks

8. Mushroom Masala

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

Flushed with flavors of aromatic spices, Mushroom Masala has a beautiful unification of earthy mushrooms, tangy tomato, and smooth cashew cream!

Naturally gluten-free, this recipe would bag immense appreciation for you and will cost you no time if you make it in an instant pot!

Serve it with Rotis or Jeera rice.

9. Chana Dal Fritters

Total preparation time: 40 minutes

A crispy and delightful partner of a sweet and comforting milk tea— Chana Dal Fritters is a specialty of southern regions of India.

Made with Chana Dal, these fritters are flavored with green chilis, onions, and ginger.

These can be made in an air fryer for a crispier and healthier version. It’d definitely be a must-try!

10. Vegetable Korma

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

Vegetable Korma is one of the most popular vegetable curry dishes which leave one in utter bliss.

This recipe incorporates a variety of veggies in a delicious coconut sauce that has a smooth, creamy texture.

Prepare it in an instant pot and serve it with Butter Naan or steamed rice— these would make for a charming pair!

11. Badam Halwa

Total preparation time: 15 minutes

Badam Halwa is an Indian dessert that is made with almond flour, sugar, milk, and a generous dollop of ghee.

Cook it in an instant pot and top it with chopped almond and saffron.

DIY recipe—

12. Kheer

Total preparation time: 35 minutes

Also known as Payasam, this Indian dessert is served on special occasions as a symbol of a good omen.

It is prepared with milk, sugar, cardamom, and dry fruits and can be made easily in an instant pot!

DIY recipe—

13. Tandoori Aloo

Total preparation time: 45 minutes

Potatoes are dressed in a mouth-watering marinade of yogurt, Indian spices, and a special tandoori masala and then cooked in an air fryer till they get ready.

These can be served on the side or as an appetizer.

DIY recipe—

14. Matar Paneer

Total preparation time: 15 minutes

A beloved companion of Naan, Matar Paneer is yet another delectable instant pot recipe that will invade your daily menu.

It has tender pieces of paneer and green peas, floating in a creamy, spice-filled curry.

15. Palak Paneer

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

Instant Pot Palak Paneer is a gorgeous union of soft cottage cheese and spinach. It mainly derives its flavors from garlic, onion, ginger, and Indian aromatic spices.

Serve it with hot Pulka Rotis or steamed rice.

DIY recipe—

16. Aloo Gobhi

Total preparation time: 20 minutes

Aloo Gobhi is a staple Indian side dish made by roasting potatoes and cauliflower florets with basic Indian-home style powdered spices.

It gets done quickly in an air fryer and can be had for any meal.

17. Moong Daal

Total preparation time: 20 minutes

In India, steamed rice is generally accompanied by daal (lentil soup)— the most popular being the moong daal.

The daal is prepared in an instant pot and then tempered with a tadka to add a tasty appeal.

DIY recipe—

18. Mushroom Biryani

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

Mushroom Biryani is a one-instant pot destination for all spice lovers. It is made with mushrooms, basmati rice, biryani masala, and fresh herbs!

This dish is a whole meal in itself when served with Raita.

19. Bombay Aloo

Total preparation time: 25 minutes

Bombay Aloo is a finger-licking-worthy potato recipe.

It is prepared in an air fryer with baby potatoes which are first covered in several Indian spices and then fried till they are crispy and golden.

20. Chicken Jalfrezi

Total preparation time: 25 minutes

This recipe is all about chicken being cooked in a spicy tomato curry with stir-fried onions and bell peppers.

Though, it is supposed to be spicy— you can adjust the heat by tweaking the recipe.

21. Cauliflower Curry

Total preparation time: 15 minutes

Running low on patience? Make this creamy and spicy curry in an instant pot and be done in no time.

The tender cauliflower florets are cooked in coconut-based curry with basic Indian spices.

22. Lamb Rogan Josh

Total preparation time: 35 minutes

A popular dish of Kashmiri cuisine, Lamb Rogan Josh has a nice flavor scheme of smoky and sweet with a touch of spicy.

It is a wonder how easily it’s made in an instant pot.

23. Tandoori Fish Tikka

Total preparation time: 28 minutes

Tandoori Fish Tikka is made with cubed fish fillets which are covered in tandoori marinade and then cooked in an air fryer.

Packed with flavors and immensely crispy— this recipe will become your go-to party appetizer.

24. Dal Bati

Total preparation time: 80 minutes

Dal Bati is a traditional dessert from Rajasthan. It consists of whole wheat baked Indian rotund bread, spicy lentil mix, and lots of ghee.

These components are eaten by combining each of them.

25. Idli

Total preparation time: 20 minutes

Idli is a healthy breakfast item that is served with coconut chutney and sambhar.

Fluffy and soft, the idlis are steamed cakes of rice and lentil batter and can be made easily in an instant pot!

DIY recipe—

26. Vegetable Manchurian

Total preparation time: 10 minutes

A fine example of Indo-Chinese cuisine— Vegetable Manchurian is quite loved by kids and adults alike!

The vegetable balls are cooked in a tangy-spicy gravy that obtains its flavors from ginger, garlic, and soy sauce.

27. Chicken Tandoori

Total preparation time: 85 minutes

Chicken Tandoori is a diet-friendly dish.

A delightful party starter— this recipe is traditionally made by cooking the tandoori-mix marinated chicken in a clay oven. But it can also be prepared in an air fryer.

DIY recipe—

28. Bharwan Baigan

Total preparation time: 20 minutes

Bharwan Baigan is an Indian dish fashioned out of baby eggplants and aromatic spices.

The eggplants are slit from the bottom and stuffed with spices before being air-fried. Serve it with Rice and Daal!

DIY recipe—

29. Gajar Halwa

Total preparation time: 50 minutes

A jeweled item on every Indian dessert menu— Gajar Halwa is a sweet dish made from carrots, milk, sugar, and dry fruits.

It can be prepared with no-fuss in an instant pot!

DIY recipe—

30. Paneer Tikka

Total preparation time: 47 minutes

Tikka and Tandoori goodies are the main players of any successful Indian feast.

Paneer Tikka is created with soft cottage cheese and crunchy veggies which are dressed in a tandoori-spice mix before air frying.

DIY recipe—

31. Rajma Masala

Total preparation time: 55 minutes

Rajma Chawal is the most popular comfort food in India.

Rajma Masala is a spicy, tomato-based curry made of red kidney beans which endorses the authentic North-Indian flavors and is incredibly yummy!

DIY recipe—

32. Bread Rolls

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

Indian Bread Rolls are a quick evening snack. It is prepared by stuffing the bread with spicy potato filling and then air frying it.

Served with ketchup or spicy chutney, this recipe is quick and tummy-satisfying.

DIY recipe—

33. Chicken Curry

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

Instant pot Chicken Curry is a Sunday special dish. Tender chicken pieces are cooked in onion gravy flavored with Indian whole spices.

It has a mouth-watering aroma and is typically had with Rotis or rice.

DIY recipe—

34. Matar Pulao

Total preparation time: 15 minutes

Enjoy this heavenly rice dish which attains its flavors from aromatic spices, ghee, cashews, and sweet Matar (peas)!

Try its instant pot recipe which is much easier and quicker, if you’re running low on time.

DIY recipe—

35. Daal Makhani

Total preparation time: 55 minutes

The flavors of this dish are contributed by two components— Daal (lentils) and Makkhan (cream).

Apart from these, a number of Indian spices, ghee, and kastoori methi are the backbone of this dish.

DIY recipe—

The Bottom Line

I hope this wholesome guide took you to the delicious land of Indian cuisine that can be visited frequently with just an instant pot or an air fryer.

If you have any tips or suggestions, please let me know below.

Do share this guide with your friends, family, and even extended family!

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