17 Best Parsley Substitutes


This is a detailed guide to some great substitutes for Parsley you can use in your kitchen.

Let’s find out right away what they are!

17 Best Parsley Substitutes

Here are my top picks for substituting Parsley

1. Cilantro

Best as Garnish

A close cousin of Parsley is the equally green and leafy Cilantro, making it the best and most easily available substitute.

The strong and bright flavors of Cilantro are great as a garnish when replacing Parsley.

Cilantro is believed to be slightly more acidic and citric compared to Parsley, and thus, a squeeze of fresh lime juice would give it the flavor you desire.

How To Substitute?

Being similar in shape and size, about 4 grams or 1/4th cup of chopped cilantro should effectively replace the same quantity of parsley.

Here’s delicious Chicken with Cilantro. 

2. Celery Leaves 

Yet another visually similar and effective substitute for Parsley would be Celery leaves that are mild-flavored and low in calories.

It is difficult to differentiate between chopped parsley and celery leaves, making it perfect as a garnish replacement. 

However, Celery leaves would not produce the same flavor as parsley if used in dishes that have heavy parsley flavor and aroma.

How To Substitute?

The same amount of chopped Celery leaves can be efficiently used as a substitute for Parsley.

Tasty pesto with Celery leaves! 

3. Basil

When looking for another bright green herb to substitute Parsley, Basil is one of the most commonly found ones.

It is a fine substitute for dried parsley, used most often in garish Italian dishes. 

Basil is known for its bold flavor and color and would not be the best substitute for fresh parsley.

How To Substitute?

Dried Basil can be used in a 1:1 proportion to produce the same flavor as Dried Parsley as dried basic has a much milder taste than the fresh leaves.

A special Thai Basil chicken recipe!  

4. Oregano

Oregano is a fragrant and savory Mediterranean herb that can be used to substitute for garnishing Parsley, both dried and fresh perfectly. 

It is important to note that oregano has a much bolder savory flavor than parsley and must be used in smaller amounts when replacing parsley.

How To Substitute ?

Since Oregano has a more prominent flavor and aroma, ½ tablespoon of it should be used to replace every 1 tablespoon of parsley.

Make this relishing grilled garlic chicken with Oregano.

5. Chives

Chives are a bright green and equally healthy substitute for Parsley as garnish.

The mild flavor of chives does not alter the taste of the dish they are added to, like parsley. 

Chives should, however, be added gradually and slowly to the dish as they have hints of garlic and onions than parsley.

How To Substitute?

Both Parsley and Chives being mild herbs can be substituted for the same amount of each other, in a 1:1 proportion.

Simple and tasty Chive pancake recipe! 

6. Chervil

Best for culinary use

Chervil is yet another type of leafy green herb, helpful in substituting fresh and dried Parsley in French cuisine. 

Chervil looks and smells nearly the same as Parsley and can be an undistinguished substitute for the later leafy green.

How To Substitute ?

The comparatively light and delicate flavor of Chervil requires it to be added in slightly more amount than Parsley, which has a slightly stronger flavor.

Here’s some healthy and tasty Chervil soup.

7. Carrot Greens

A small snip from the leafy parts of your carrots can act as the most pocket-friendly and delicious substitute for Parsley. 

Some carrot greens can be bitter and may even contain harmful chemicals and are not always the safest substitute.

How To Substitute ?

Due to the slightly bitter and acidic taste of Carrot greens, it is recommended to use half the quantity of them to replace the required amount of parsley.

Here’s how to make Carrot Green Pesto! 

8. Arugula 

These leafy salad greens make the perfect and flavorful substitute for parsley.

Arugula has a slightly bitter and peppery taste, making it very similar in taste to parsley. 

Arugula leaves tend to be slightly bigger in shape and size than regular parsley leaves, and therefore, they need to be chopped finely when used for edible garnish.  

How To Substitute ?

Large amounts of chopped Arugula leaves can make the dish bitter. It is suggested to use half the amount of arugula leaves when replacing parsley to prevent the bitter taste.

Try these different Arugula salads! 

9. Tarragon

Tarragon is a regular in most French meals and can be an efficient swap.

Although the two herbs have little similarities in taste, when dried, they can well replace each other.

Tarragon is known to be an adaptive herb, like parsley, and can be added to several dishes without worrying about it altering the flavor immensely.

How To Substitute ?

The most important aspect of substituting Tarragon with Parsley is using fresh leaves, in equal amounts as you would have used parsley.

Quick and creamy Tarragon chicken for you!

10. Endive

Endive leaves look very similar to curly and fresh green Parsley leaves and can be a great substitute for both garnishing and adding to meals.

They are slightly peppery in taste and add a nice kick when replacing parsley.

It is best to use dried endive leaves as an edible garnish and fresh leaves when adding to meals for their bright green color.

How To Substitute ?

The subtle difference in taste should be kept in mind when using endive in place of parsley. They should be used in a lesser amount, about half of the amount of parsley.

Braised Endive with ham. 

11. Sage

Sage leaves are similar in texture to Parsley leaves and can be used to substitute parsley.

Dried sage leaves, once crushed, can be used as both garnishes and for cooking in place of parsley.

Sage leaves have a mild flavor and adaptable taste, making it easier to substitute parsley.

How To Substitute ?

One teaspoon of dried and crushed sage leaves should be equivalent to one tablespoon of dried and crushed parsley leaves.

12. Mint

Mint is often known to be a stronger and more aromatic substitute. For meals that need an extra zest, the mind would be the perfect swap for the milder parsley leaves. 

Mint adds its unique fresh flavor and aroma to whatever dish it is added to, and thus, you should be careful when using large amounts to substitute.

How To Substitute ?

Since Mint has a much stronger flavor than the subtle Parsley, it is recommended to use less quantity of it when substituting. The meal should be tasted after adding small amounts.

13. Marjoram

Marjoram can be well used as a complementary garnish in savory meals if you find yourself out of fresh or dried parsley. 

The difference between dried parsley and marjoram is not very prominent when used to garnish.

How To Substitute ?

Marjoram can be used in a 1: 1 proportion as Parsley. An equal amount of one herb is used to replace the other.

14. Lovage

Lovage has a slightly citric flavor and strong green aroma, while parsley has green and earthy flavors.

However, they can substitute each other for visual garnish.

Since lovage has a prominent taste, it is best to add very little amounts of the flat leaves to replace fresh parsley.

How To Substitute ?

1/4th cup of lovage should be used to substitute a whole cup of parsley due to the intensity of lovage leaves. 

15. Dill

Parsley and Dill have similar green and fresh flavors and shapes and can substitute for each other as dried garnishes.

Dill can serve well to finish off the meal when added in appropriate amounts to replace parsley. 

How To Substitute ?

A 1 to 1 proportion or equal amounts of chopped dill can be used to replace the same amount of parsley.

16. Coriander

Coriander and Parsley do not taste anything like each other but do have the same nutritional values and appearance as each other. 

Coriander has an intense flavor that often overpowers the dish it is added to, and thus very small amounts of it should be used when replacing parsley.

How To Substitute ?

One teaspoon of finely chopped coriander should replace one tablespoon of chopped parsley. 

17. Thyme

Dried Thyme leaves can be used to substitute dried parsley as a garnish, even though they do not taste alike. 

A small amount of dried thyme should replace the woody and earthy taste of dried parsley. 

How To Substitute ?

An equal amount of dried thyme should replace the same amount of parsley in a 1:1 proportion. 


What Is The Difference Between Fresh And Dried Parsley?

Fresh Parsley has a green, bright, juicy, and strong flavor, while Dried Parsley has a milder, more subtle taste. When used in recipes, dried parsley leaves need to be used in double the quantity of fresh parsley leaves. 
Both fresh and dried parsley leaves are used to obtain different flavor profiles in dishes.

Is Parsley The Same As Cilantro?

No, Parsley and Cilantro leaves have vast differences in appearance and fragrance. Parsley leaves are flat and pointed, while cilantro leaves have a rounded edge.
Parsley leaves have a fresh, earthy, mild herbal aroma, while Cilantro leaves have an intense, almost spicy, and citric aroma.

Is Rosemary A Good Substitute For Parsley?

Rosemary has a distinct aroma and flavor that remains prominent when added to any dish, and thus, it cannot be considered an appropriate substitute for parsley. Parsley has a mild and fresh flavor compared to the strong taste of rosemary.
Other herbs like cilantro, celery leaves, basil, carrot greens, oregano, and chives can be used to efficiently substitute Parsley in your recipes.

What Is The Best Substitute Of Parsley For Pasta And Garlic Bread?

The taste of Chervil and Basil are the two herbs closest to that of Parsley and would work as the perfect substitute for it in dishes that have a prominent parsley flavor. Two generous bunches of chervil should serve well for your pasta.
A handful of basil, same as the required amount of parsley, would not dissolve into the butter when baked for garlic bread and produce its known savory aroma once it’s ready to be served.

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I hope this guide helped you learn about the many ways to substitute Parsley.

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