9 Best Pernod Substitutes


Pernod is alcohol from France with a solid anise flavor, utilized for rinsing and in a wide range of recipes or beverages all alone.

Its taste can be a stunning expansion to a dish, particularly when combined with fish, yet Pernod isn’t in every case simple to discover.

9 Best Pernod Substitutes

Possibly you ran out of this alcohol, or perhaps you didn’t discover it. Here are a couple of Pernod substitutes you can use on the off chance that you need it.


Pastis is a French anise-enhanced soul that has a place with a similar family as Pernod. It contains a different kind of licorice and is packaged at least 40% liquor by volume.

The name of this alcohol comes from the French word passion (combination), as the beverage is a blend of various fragrances and tastes. The essential flavor comes from star anise or the seeds of the Mediterranean anise plant.

Being crucial for a similar family as Pernod, Pastis can be an ideal Pernod substitute when cooking. The high level of liquor can be diminished to more readily suit your formula.


Pastis is an anise-seasoned soul, and apéritif is giving the same flavor. Different fixings that add to the season are licorice, melissa, sage, and other Mediterranean spices.


Absinthe is a profoundly fragrant, refined soul that is gotten from a blend of various plants: the blossoms and leaves of wormwood are the primary fixings, along with anise, angelica root, fennel, etc.

The shade of this soul changes in various packaging styles, and it can go from clear to a genuinely dazzling green. Absinthe is packaged at significant degrees of liquor by volume.

Subsequently, it’s by and large weakened with water before its utilization.

Absinthe can be a decent Pernod substitute for cooking since it has a very much like taste and because the solid liquor content dissipates while cooking.


It’s a decent substitute giving almost the same taste as Pernod. It can be successfully used in various cooking recipes as it is also available in different colors and with similar solid content.

White Wine

White wine is delivered by the alcoholic aging of the green or yellow grapes’ pulps with more obscure skin and has been a most loved fixing in cooking for quite a while.

It tends to be a decent substitute when cooking with Pernod since it combines honestly well with fish and, more by and large, with most cooked dishes.

In case you’re searching for something with a similar careful flavor as Pernod. However, white wine isn’t the ideal decision.

Dry wine, smooth wine, and sweet wine are, on the whole, great substitutes for Pernod when cooking. Remember that the acidity of the wine becomes stronger.


There is a wide assortment of white wines, with various tones and various tastes. With almost similar strong flavor as Pernod, it can go well with cooked dishes, especially fish.


Ouzo is dry anise-seasoned alcohol delivered from grape must and generally devoured in Greece. It has a place with a similar family as the other anise mixers like Pernod and Pastis.

The formula fluctuates from one organization to another.

However, ouzo is typically refined in copper stills of 96% liquor by volume and afterward enhanced with anise seeds and different fixings like cardamom, mint, clove, coriander, fennel, and cardamom.

Ouzo is another acceptable Pernod elective when cooking since it adds a similar particular anise flavor to fish dishes and every other formula you should attempt.


Ouzo tastes highly similar to Pastis and Pernod. Therefore it can be regarded as one of the most reliable substitutes. It enhances the flavor of various cooked dishes and recipes.


Sambuca is anise-seasoned alcohol that starts from Italy. The most well-known assortment is by and large vapid.

It’s regularly alluded to as white Sambuca when different varieties with various tones are called dark Sambuca or red Sambuca.

Sambuca in Italy is generally utilized as a digestif drink, usually alcoholic, straight after a significant dinner. However, it can likewise be used in a wide range of mixed drinks and plans.

Sambuca is essential for a similar family as Ouzo and Pastis, so it very well may be an ideal Pernod substitute in cooking, particularly in case you’re searching for something with a similar flavor as the other alcohol.


This alcohol is very similar to Ouzo and Pastis, with fundamental oils from anise giving similar flavor, and it can be used as a drink after a meal or used in recipes.


It’s a refined cocktail produced using various kinds of matured grain pounds.

There are various kinds of bourbon, yet pretty much all of them can be utilized as a substitute. The taste will not be precisely the same since bourbon comes up short on the exact anise kind of Pernod.

However, it tends to be a decent decision if you need a more exceptional flavor and a sweet yet smoky taste in your dish.

You can add the alcohol initially and let the liquor dissipate, or add it towards the end if you need the drink’s flavor to be somewhat more grounded.


Whiskey is a solid liquor — like Pernod — however, bourbon has a unique flavor, mainly when evolved for quite a while. It is used as a drink alongside a smoky dish.

Citrus Fruits

If you are searching for a non-alcoholic replacement, lemon or lime can be a significant other option.

The drawback of this specific option is that lemon doesn’t offer similar anise and licorice flavor.

If you genuinely need to have the chance to taste the light option that Pernod gives to the flavor of a dish, you can generally add lemon and afterward check-in your zest rack.

You can attempt various blends with spices and flavors like fennel or star anise: blend them, try it, and change your taste.


Citrus fruits have been utilized for pastries, exquisite dishes, marinades, and beverages. So you can pick this power-fruit substitute rather than the alcoholic other options.


Vodka is a refined cocktail that begins in Poland, Russia, and Sweden. It is generally made by refining the fluid from aged grains or potatoes and is made basically out of water and ethanol.

Vodka is perhaps the most well-known alcohol, and it’s accessible around the world, so it makes for a modest and straightforward to-discover Pernod substitute.

Very much like bourbon, vodka can be a fantastic element for fish dishes.

It does not have the particular anise flavor that Pernod has. However, it functions admirably with shrimp and fish, and you can generally blend in different spices and flavors to arrive at the flavor you’re searching for.


Vodka is an unmistakable refined cocktail. When blended with different spices, it gives a similar flavor. Vodka can, again, be used successfully with fish, shrimps, and other seafood.


Anisette is another anise-seasoned cocktail with a similar family as Pastis, Ouzo, and Sambuca. It’s typically dismal.

Anisette is delivered by refining anise seeds, similar to Sambuca, and will, in general, be better than the other anise-based mixers.

The high sugar substance in Anisette makes it practically sweet, so while Anisette can be an excellent substitute for Pernod, remember the additional pleasantness.

A decent dependable guideline is to consistently taste the dish you’re cooking to change the flavor and control the preferences’ equilibrium.


Anisette is a sweet flavored substitute for Pernod. It is used as a drink while having dinner, goes with any dish, and contains sugar, which is better than dry and enhanced spirits.


Is Pastis genuine absinthe like Pernod?

Though their plans are comparative, Pernod and Ricard are significantly unique in profile. Pernod is a vibrant, nearly neon yellow. Pastis is, for the most part, served over ice: when it mixes with water, oils in the beverage got from its anise become shady. It can pleasantly sub for absinthe.

Is there a different way to drink Pernod’s substitutes?

Same as Pernod, Pour them (or Ouzo, Pastis, or something like that) into a little Collins glass. Present with a bit of pitcher or cup of chilled mineral water (the level kind) as an afterthought for weakening. Pour in a couple of drops and watch it cloud up.

How long do Pernod’s substitutes last?

The response to that question involves quality, not wellbeing, expecting legitimate capacity conditions. When appropriately put away, a jug of anise alcohol has an inconclusive timeframe of realistic usability, even after it has been opened.

Bottom Line

I hope this list assisted you in discovering one suitable replacement for Pernod. Please share your experience with these. Comment below your substitute for this to be included in our inventory.

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