23 Best Pork Belly Air Fryer Recipes


Quick Answer: Best Pork Belly Air Fryer Recipes

Some of the best air fryer pork belly recipes are— Pork Belly Bites, Pork Belly Roast, Pork Belly with Herbs, Spicy Maple Pork Belly, Five Spices Pork Belly, Crispy Pork Belly, Korean Pork Belly, Lechon Kawali, Sio Bak, BBQ Hoisin Pork Belly and others. Read to know more!  

Here are 23 scrumptious pork belly recipes that can be prepared with perfection in an air fryer.

Each of these delectable recipes is chosen based on how well it cooks in an air fryer, its unique tasty point, and the whole experience of devouring it.

I wasn’t a great fan of pork belly as it has a high amount of fat. But with the advent of the air fryer in my kitchen, I have learned various recipes for it as air frying lowers the unhealthy content.

Let’s jump right into it!

Best Pork Belly Air Fryer Recipes: Quick Table

RecipePreparation Time
Pork Belly Bites25 min
Pork Belly Roast90 min
Pork Belly With Herbs70 min
Spicy Maple Pork Belly13 min
Five Spice Pork Belly70 min
Crispy Pork Belly75 min
Korean Pork Belly35 min
Lechon Kawali100 min
Sio Bak (Chinese-Style Pork BellY)40 min
Mini Pork Belly Cubes45 min
Asian Pork Belly25 min
Spicy Pork Belly with Kabocha Squash65 min
Sesame Pork Belly17 min
Cajun Pork Belly Bites18 min
Salt and Pepper Pork Belly Crack20 min
Sweet and Salty Pork Belly26 min
Pork Belly Strips45 min
BBQ Hoisin Pork Belly30 min
Sticky Char Siu25 min
Pork Belly Chips80 min
Pork Belly Taco25 min
Latin Style Pork Belly35 min
Beer-Based Pork Belly50 min

1. Pork Belly Bites

Total preparation time: 25 minutes

One of the simplest and most popular pork belly air fryer recipes has to be Pork Belly Bites. 

Made with pork belly (which is cut into bite-size) and black pepper, this delicacy comes out of the air fryer with a crispy outer texture and juicy interior. 

This perfectly pairs with plain rice or noodle recipe. 

2. Pork Belly Roast

Total preparation time: 90 minutes

Another delightful pork belly dish is Pork Belly Roast. 

When made in an air fryer, this dish pops out of it with the beautiful contrasting texture of a crispy crackling and tender meat. 

Choose simple skin rub and meat rub for one insanely yummy roast. Pair it with jasmine rice to make it a meal. 

3. Pork Belly with Herbs

Total preparation time: 70 minutes

Air frying pork belly is a great idea as it lowers the amount of fats in it. 

This recipe produces a nicely done crispy pork belly with tender meat, laden with the flavors of dried sage, thyme, and rosemary. 

Top it with some cinnamon applesauce or pair it with some veggies as your serve. 

4. Spicy Maple Pork Belly

Total preparation time: 13 minutes

This Keto air fryer recipe will become your favorite in no time. 

The pork belly is cut into small cubes, dressed in a coat of spicy seasonings, and then air-fried till they turn crispy and juicy. 

Then the finished product is serenaded by maple syrup, creating a delectable alliance of sweet and spicy flavors.

5. Five Spices Pork Belly

Total preparation time: 70 minutes

The texture contrast of crispy skin and soft meat is evident in this recipe of pork belly as well. 

And the whole experience of devouring this dish is accentuated by the use of the famous Chinese five spices, along with a little Shaoxing wine or dry sherry. 

Showcase your culinary excellence by air-frying this recipe. 

6. Crispy Pork Belly

Total preparation time: 75 minutes

This is another Chinese recipe loved for its crunchy texture. 

With the tender meat packed with flavors of salt, pepper, oyster sauce, and garlic— it gets an enticingly crispy golden brown skin when it is made in an air fryer. 

Serve this delicacy alongside some rice dish or salads for a wholesome meal experience. 

7. Korean Pork Belly

Total preparation time: 35 minutes

Traditionally known as ‘Samgyeopsal’, this Korean-style pork belly is usually served at BBQs. 

It is mostly flavored with mustard sauce and salt before it is air-fried. Once done it is sliced and served with a Korean BBQ dipping sauce and rice. 

Put your air fryer to use and try this authentic Korean dish. 

8. Lechon Kawali 

Total preparation time: 100 minutes

Lechon Kawali is a Filipino-style pork belly recipe. 

This dish is flavored with garlic, bay leaves, onions, and soy sauce and prepared with ease in an air fryer. 

It turns delectably crispy on the outside; has a tender and juicy portion of meat, and is served with a delicious spiced soy-vinegar dipping sauce. 

9. Sio Bak (Chinese-Style Pork Belly)

Total preparation time: 40 minutes

Sio Bak is a Chinese recipe for making the crispiest pork belly roast ever!

It uses special Chinese kitchen ingredients like ‘nan ru’ (red fermented bean curd), Hua Tiao Chinese wine, and white pepper to flavor the meat. 

When made in an air fryer, the meat comes out juicy and covered with light crispy skin. 

10. Mini Pork Belly Cubes

Total preparation time: 45 minutes

A mind-blowing dish to serve as finger food— Mini Pork Belly Cubes will be your showstopper. 

Made in an air fryer, this recipe cuts down the cooking time and gives the pork belly cubes a gorgeous crispy texture.  

The pork belly pieces are flavored by a dry rub; you can decide which rub to go with.

11. Asian Pork Belly

Total preparation time: 25 minutes

For this recipe, the pork belly is cut into smaller pieces and then tossed in an Asian marinade before being cooked in an air fryer.

It has a savory flavor profile and a melt-in-mouth texture. 

12. Spicy Pork Belly with Kabocha Squash

Total preparation time: 65 minutes

Just like other recipes, the pork belly is nicely crisped in an air fryer and then draped in a caramelized coating of a spicy gochujang sauce.

It is served with a slice of air-fried kabocha squash. 

13. Sesame Pork Belly

Total preparation time: 17 minutes

Flavored with garlic powder, black pepper, brown sugar, and sesame oil and then topped with sesame seeds— sesame pork belly is to die for.

You’ll just fall in love with its crispy texture and intense flavor. 

14. Cajun Pork Belly Bites

Total preparation time: 18 minutes

These make for an excellent appetizer or even snacks!

Crispy and delicious, these air-fried bites of pork belly are flavored with a dry rub made of Cajun spices which gives them a heavenly taste. 

15. Salt and Pepper Pork Belly Crack

Total preparation time: 20 minutes

Beware! This pork belly recipe is insanely addictive!

The air fryer crisps up the pork belly strips, and the flavors of salt and pepper harmonize and seep into these strips, turning them into a lip-smacking delight!

16. Sweet and Salty Pork Belly

Total preparation time: 26 minutes

An amalgamation of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, pepper, and brown sugar is used for flavoring the pork belly, which gives it a sweet+salty taste. 

The air-fried version has melt-in-mouth meat under the cover of crispy skin.

17. Pork Belly Strips

Total preparation time: 45 minutes

It is very easy to prepare Pork Belly Strip in an air fryer with crisp, crackling and flavorsome meat. 

The flavors are contributed by a pork belly spice rub and a perfect cooking time. 

18. BBQ Hoisin Pork Belly

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

This recipe thrives with flavors of seasonings and is extremely scrumptious. 

Hoisin sauce is the key ingredient that furnishes nicely caramelized pork belly and crispy skin that has hints of smokiness in it. 

19. Sticky Char Siu

Total preparation time: 25 minutes

This recipe is flavored with a number of delicious components and has an inviting red hue. Plus it turns out great in an air fryer. 

It has a sweet-salty taste and is dressed in a sticky glaze. 

20. Pork Belly Chips

Total preparation time: 80 minutes

An air fryer is great for making a batch of irresistible chips, so why not try a meaty one?

These savory chips are prepared from thinly sliced pork belly, which is fried till they turn perfectly crunchy. 

21. Pork Belly Tacos

Total preparation time: 25 minutes

Bring a new twist to your tacos nights by introducing this air fryer recipe!

Bursting with Mexican flavors, the pork belly is marinated and cooked in an air fryer and then assembled inside a warm tortilla.

22. Latin Style Pork Belly

Total preparation time: 35 minutes

This Latin pork belly recipe is another must try!

Also known as Chicharrones, the pork belly is tossed in a marinade flavored with sazon (a Latin spice mix) and then cooked in an air fryer. 

23. Beer-based Pork Belly

Total preparation time: 50 minutes

If you have a pressure cooker cum air fryer, you must try making this once. 

Amongst the other ingredients are beer and orange whiskey marmalade— put together so the latter can counter the bitterness of the former.

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We hope this wholesome guide took you to the land of the best pork belly recipes, which can be made in an air fryer.

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