15 Best Rum Substitutes (Alcoholic or Otherwise)


In this post, I am going to discuss the best Substitutes of Rum (alcoholic & otherwise) you can get at the comfort of your home.

In fact, the following are the exact Substitutes that I use whenever I am out of Rum (alcoholic & otherwise) at home, and trust me, they work magic.

Keep reading to know how you can find a perfect substitute for Rum (alcoholic & otherwise) at your home too.

Fifteen Best Substitutes for Rum (Alcoholic & Otherwise)

The best substitute for Rum (Alcoholic & Otherwise) are – Brandy, Gin, Cognac, Tequila, Sherry liquor, Rum extract, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, White Grape Juice, Apple cider vinegar, Amaretto – Almond extract, Water, Orange Liquor, Whiskey, Pineapple Juice.

They are discussed in detail here –


Rum is a kind of brandy, so it just bodes well that brandy is a great substitute. While it signifies ‘Burnt wine,’ it is a fragile, matured soul.

When filled with a mixed drink, cooked off in a sauce, or sprinkled into a pastry for additional flavor, nobody will see you have exchanged the fixing.

However, please make sure to check the label and ensure it is anything but a seasoned assortment like bourbon or rum, as this may taste strange in your recipe.

Brandy is magnificent for deglazing and flambéing. Check the label to guarantee that the container you are purchasing is 80-proof liquor.

How to Substitute

For proper measurements, one teaspoon of Brandy equals two little spoons of Rum. Contingent upon the measure of food, you can compare the necessary Rum with the perfect measure of brandy.

Watch “Steve the barman” to know how to prepare some easy, delicious Brandy cocktails to make at home:-


It is a refined cocktail that gets its overwhelming flavor from juniper berries.

If you need it more sweet-smelling, you can add different spices to help the fragrance.

It adds a more unobtrusive fragrance, and in some cases, it is not even observable.

When utilizing gin, note that cooking will dispose of a large portion of the liquor.

In this way, there is no need to be worried about gin giving your cooked dishes a boozy taste.

With its fresh, homegrown notes, it is another choice –ensure it will work with your recipe before you add it.

It is particularly acceptable to use with meats.

How to Substitute

One teaspoon of rum is equal to two teaspoons of gin, one teaspoon of brandy, and half a teaspoon of cognac. Make sure to check the taste, as the ratio might depend on the kind of dish you are preparing.

Confused about how to make gin for any recipe? Check out this video by “Craft gin club” showing how to make your own tasty gin at home, here:-


Cognac is a particular sort of brandy created from refined white wine.

It should be refined twice, utilizing copper pot stills, and matured in French oak barrels for at least two years.

The soul is produced using grapes, and each jug should contain a liquor substance of at least 40%.

This soul has a lower liquor content than Rum; nonetheless, it will have a more intricate flavor and is drier in taste.

In cooking, it is good utilizing an expensive rum, and a significant part of the flavor gets lost during cooking.

However, for drinking, pick Cognac for its robust flavor.

How to Substitute

Use 1 tbsp of cognac to substitute 1 tbsp of regular rum. Too much of the cognac can overpower the whole meal because it is high in acid.

Want to know how Cognac can be consumed with a meal? Watch “Manchester’s Finest” step by step showing us how to drink cognac properly, here:-


Tequila is broadly produced using the blue agave plant, which develops close to Guadalajara in Mexico.

Tequila is another fair alcoholic trade for rum in cooking. Tequila goes best with fish.

The tequila flavor can be unique, contingent upon the brand, yet typically it is nothing but has a gentle, sweet taste.

Today, it is perhaps the most famous mixer on the planet; however, it is the most normal burned-through in Mexico and the U.S.

While tequila is the fundamental fixing in margaritas and tequila shots are well known, there are numerous other mixed drink recipes wherein it very well may be blended.

How to Substitute

Use 1 tbsp of tequila to substitute 1 tbsp of rum. For another quick substitute, use the tequila, which you are likely to have on hand (to make one tablespoon); combine two 3/4 teaspoons of tequila with 1/4 teaspoon of rum.

Want to know how you can make Homemade tequila for different recipes? Watch “Bearded and Bored” telling us about how to make tequila with agave syrup at home that can be easily made:-

Sherry liquor

Sherry is a fortified wine produced using white grapes developed close to the city of Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, Spain.

It displays dried leafy food’s flavor. Sherry is a decent alternative for adding to your next coq au vin or meat stroganoff.

To help imitate rum’s flavor, forget to remember the precious items marked “cream sherry” and search for a superior quality dry assortment.

When moderately cooked, the liquor cooks off, and the flavor lessens, leaving tasty food.

Dry sherry can supplant regular rum instantly; however, something too sweet can ruin the dish’s flavor.

How to Substitute

To use in the dishes, add the liquor likewise while observing the taste until it reaches your preferred levels. In many cases, one to two spoons of sherry liquor is sufficient to replace one spoon of regular rum. You can shake the liquor and supplement it as a whole or lower the liquor content prior to eating the food.

If you have never used or tasted Sherry liquor at home, then watch the following video by “Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)” to know all about sherry, its origin as well as its uses:-

Rum extract

Rum is an alcohol made by maturing and refining sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice.

The distillate, a clear fluid, is generally developed in oak barrels. Rum extract is an excellent rum substitution.

Rum extract is potent, so utilizing it a little at a time will give you the best outcomes.

You should use 33% of rum extract instead of Rum. Rum extract will, in general, be a touch better than rum, so ensure to discover some harmony between flavors.

Matured and dark are ideal when cooking dishes with intense flavors like hamburger stews or pork, while rum extracts are regularly utilized for cooking fish or poultry.

How to Substitute

For the replacement, utilize a large portion of a teaspoon of regular Rum for more than two sips of rum extract. Rum extract is itself a fantastic drink to replace.

Did you know how you can make rum extract in your kitchen? Watch this video by “SamoesA” showing how easily and quickly we can make DIY Rum at home, here:-

Apple Juice

Extracted from apples, apple juice should be the most comparable regular rum substitute.

Apple juice is made by blending apples in with sugar and chilling it in the fridge.

Henceforth, apple juice gives a comparative citrusy taste to rum.

However, the juice is more acidic than the rum since rum contains sugars and molasses.

Due to its fluid surface, apple juice can be generally utilized in practically any rum recipe.

It can mix in the blend, season to the fixings, fill in as sauce, and fix the dish.

The ease of use is comprehensive, making it so generally utilized.

How to Substitute

Add 1/2 tbsp apple juice + 1/2 tbsp vinegar to substitute 1 tbsp of regular rum. Ensure it is the unsweetened form with the goal that your recipe will not be a long way from its unique flavor.

Did you know you can make apple juice in your kitchen? Watch this video by “Dine n shine with Naaz” showing how easily we can make apple juice at home:-

Orange Juice

The easiest substitute that you can find would be orange juice.

Whether you obtain it in a pack or make your own at home, it will do fine and dandy.

However, lean toward fresh orange juice to increase that available fragrance and flavor.

Orange juice can be used for various mocktail recipes.

You can utilize it with your special orange chicken, meat marinade, coating, and sauces.

As it caramelizes, it adjusts the tasty and intense kind of meat.

For baked dishes, you can substitute them with orange juice.

It does some great things for frozen yogurt, pies, cakes, etc.

How to Substitute

A teaspoon of orange juice can substitute 2-3 drops of Rum for each Mocktail. If you do not care for the juice, press the orange instead and add a portion of the juice for around 1-2 teaspoons. Orange Juice will give the equivalent citrusy flavor and smell that you are focusing on.

Confused about how to make Orange juice for a recipe? Check out this video by “Street food” showing us how to make fresh orange juice at home easily, here:-

White Grape Juice

Grape juice is regularly made from green-skinned grapes.

Niagara grapes, a cousin of the Concord, are utilized for their flavor, and juice from wine grapes is a cheaper filler in specific brands.

Another juice that will do the work right is the white grape juice.

It is a universally handy substitute in numerous recipes, particularly the ones that include pork or poultry.

Always utilize 100% juices not to add sugars to your dish, as this will sweeten it.

Grape Juice is a non-alcoholic beverage substitute for Rum.

It can substitute Rum for beef, chicken, or mushroom broth or stock. For original flavor, do not add sugar.

How to Substitute

Use half or a full one tablespoon instead of white grape juice for substitution of Rum. Likewise, try to add one tablespoon of water to the combination if you need more dilution for taste.

Never made tasty and healthy White Grape Juice at your home? Check out this recipe by “Bhuvana Sekhar’s Kitchen” showing how to prepare a glass of grape juice easily and quickly:-

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an unfiltered, unsweetened, non-cocktail produced using apples.

It offers a sweet, fresh taste that sets impeccably with the breeze of harvest time.

Its utilization includes cleaning, washing hair, and safeguarding food to be a kitchen fundamental in recipes like salads, dressings, soups, sauces, etc.

Apple cider vinegar is delivered from aged apple juice and is gentle with an inconspicuous trace of apple flavor.

It’s the most flexible of the sort vinegar and makes a decent substitute. It might give a few medical advantages.

These include weight reduction, lower glucose, etc.

How to Substitute

For proper measurements, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar equals two little spoons of regular rum. Contingent upon the measure of food, you can compare the necessary regular rum with the perfect measure of apple cider vinegar.

Want to know how you can make apple cider vinegar for different recipes? Watch “Oh, the things we will make” telling us about homemade Apple Cider Vinegar recipe with the Mother that can be easily made:-

Amaretto – Almond extract

One way to get the extract flavor is with Amaretto.

Amaretto or Almond extract, like rum, is ordinarily utilized in baking.

Amaretto will pleasantly blend in with different fixings, yet it may cause a slight change in the flavor of the final dish.

As Amaretto itself is an extract, just a little measure is huge compared to different substitutions. It is best for cakes and brownies.

Even though Amaretto/Almond extract acts indistinguishably from the viewpoint of being an extract, you can not help but see that it causes a slight change in the flavor of the result.

How to Substitute

It will be as concentrated as an extract intended to season baked goods and different treats. So, you will not get a huge rum flavor by utilizing it as a 1:1 Amaretto or Almond Extract substitute. Also, you might need to use it to replace all or some of the liquid ingredients in your recipe.

Ever used Amaretto or Almond extract before? Check out this video by “minetterushingcakes” talking all about Amaretto and its uses, here:-


If a recipe requires a limited quantity of rum to deglaze the dish after it is cooked, use water instead.

If making a grilled chicken or stew that requires a lot of rum, you actually might have the option to utilize water as a substitute.

As long as the recipe you are planning involves mushrooms or meat and requires a very long cooking time, the stew will normally make its water as it heats up.

Since rum normally likewise contains flavors and sweetness, plan on adding some extra flavors to increase the taste of the completed recipe.

How to Substitute

For proper measurements, one medium-sized glass of normal water equals two cups of regular rum. Contingent upon the measure of food, you can compare the necessary regular rum with the perfect measure of normal water.

Orange Liquor

To get a copycat of Rum’s unpleasant oranges, your most innovative option is to pick orange-flavored Liqueur like orange flower water, all things being equal.

It is non-alcoholic water imbued with Bitter orange flowers.

So it’s not the organic product itself, but still, you get the taste of oranges as its own.

Its irrefutable perfect scent and inconspicuous flavor make an ideal mocktail drink alone or mixed in with other juices.

You’ll possibly gain by the smell of heating if that is something you’re trying to accomplish.

You won’t get a major part of the taste since it’s excessively mild.

How to Substitute

For a quick substitute, use the orange-flavored liqueur like orange flower water, which you are likely to have on hand (to make one tablespoon); combine two 3/4 teaspoons of orange flower water with 1/4 teaspoon orange extract.

Confused about how to make Orange Liqueur? Look no further and check this video by “8pi brewing” talking about how to make orange Liqueur just like Rum at home:-


Whisky is malt whisky or grain whisky, developed in Scotland.

An alcoholic substitute that is the same as Rum is Whiskey.

Whiskey’s surface and kind are somewhat not the same as Rum; however, it will fit very well in your recipe.

Additionally, Whiskey may taste more heavy drinker, yet it will just have a slight effect, and the odds are that you will not pay attention to it.

Take a stab at utilizing equivalent sums if subbing.

Although you could use Whiskey in cooking; however, there are less expensive choices to make a comparative showing.

How to Substitute

Measure out an equal proportion of this liquor blend to the amount of regular rum your recipe calls for, but add it gradually. If you continue gradually adding your whiskey and tasting your dish as you add it, you can ensure that the flavor of this liquor blend does not overpower your finished dish.

If you have never used whiskey for cooking a recipe, this is how you can learn how to pair it with food. Watch the following video by “How cast”:-

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is a fluid produced using squeezing the regular liquid from the pineapple tropical plant’s mash.

Its dietary benefit is somewhat like regular rum.

Pineapple juice is a famous base for smoothies and mixed drinks, and an individual can even utilize it to soften meat.

It contains a wide variety of nutrients, minerals, and cell reinforcements.

Pregnant ladies ought to try not to burn through it in their supper as it contains bromelain that may bring about miscarriage.

Pineapple juice has a usually sweet yet tart flavor.

It is generally beneficial to pick pineapple juice that does not contain added sugar.

How to Substitute

Combine four parts of the Pineapple Juice with one part of regular rum for an easy substitute when you are in a hurry. This ratio will create a very nice flavor for whatever dish you are mixing up. It is also easy to make whatever quantity of juice you need using this ratio.

Want to know how to make your pineapple juice? Check out this video by “Yummieliciousz food recipes” and enjoy preparing an easy and tasty pineapple juice at home:-


What is the substitute for rum in baking?

The most exact replacement would essentially be rum concentrate. Rum extract is a concentrated rum with a big kick of flavor and considerably less liquor. A little goes far. Assuming you will stay with a solid alcohol, use whiskey; it is a comparably “sweet” alcohol that tastes great in baking. Another great choice for rum in baking would be cachaça.

What can I use instead of rum in tiramisu?

While Marsala wine is conventional in tiramisu, you can make a completely heavenly sweet without it for sure. On the off chance that you approve of utilizing liquor, you can substitute the wine for light rum, cognac or espresso seasoned alcohol. Since Marsala is less intense than something like rum, it is recommended to utilize about a large portion of the sum.

What is the difference between Rum and Whiskey?

Rum is a refined soul produced using the by-products of sugarcane, including sugarcane juice or molasses, though Whisky is a refined cocktail that is made utilizing aged food grains like grain, wheat, rye, and corn.

Bottom Line

I hope this list assisted you in discovering various suitable substitutes for Rum (alcoholic & otherwise).

Please share your experience with these. Do you think we missed out on any possible substitute? Comment below your substitute for Rum (alcoholic & otherwise) to be included in our inventory.

Share this list with your friends and family, and let them know about these amazing substitutes they can use if needed.

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