13 Great Substitutes For Pancetta


In this blog, I am going to talk about the best Substitutes of Pancetta you can get at the comfort of your home.

In fact, the following are the exact Substitutes that I use whenever I am out of Pancetta at home, and trust me, they work magic.

Keep reading to know how you can find a perfect substitute for Pancetta at your home too.

Thirteen Best Substitutes For Pancetta

The best substitutes For Pancetta are – Canadian/American Bacon, Salted Pork, Prosciutto, Full-flavored Olives, Salami, Vegan Salami, Smoked Ham, Smoked Turkey, Smoked Sausage, Turkey Bacon, Tofu, Tempeh, and Porcini Mushrooms.

They are discussed in detail here:-

Canadian/American Bacon

Cured meat that can be included in place of pancetta is bacon.

Pancetta varies from American bacon in the meat flavoring and curing techniques.

Bacon is made by smoking salted pork stomach.

Pancetta, on the other hand, is unsmoked; however, dried pork stomach is treated with salt, pepper, nutmeg, and different flavors.

While utilizing bacon as a pancetta elective, you can consider boiling meat for 2-3 minutes.

It diminishes the smoky taste of bacon and will make it taste more like pancetta.

Whitened bacon is not pretty much as greasy as pancetta; you may have to add additional oil to the recipe.

How to Substitute

For proper measurements, one gram of fresh raw Canadian/American Bacon equals a little more than one gram of fresh, tasty pancetta. Contingent upon the amount of food, you can compare the necessary fresh, tasty pancetta with the perfect measure of raw Canadian/American Bacon.

Want to know how you can make Canadian/American Bacon for different recipes? Watch “Rockin Robin Cooks” telling us about how to cook bacon in a pan perfectly, here:-

Salted Pork

Salted Pork is another viable meat option in contrast to pancetta.

Pork is not difficult to track down and can serve a huge gathering of individuals.

Pork shoulder is useful for moderate cooking, pork flank is best broiled, and pork ribs are best marinated and barbecued or smoked.

Salted Pork is presumably the most like pancetta.

It likewise has a lean side and a greasy side. It tends to be set up as pancetta by applying a rub and putting it in a smoker.

Pork is tougher to cut, however, tastes delectable.

How to substitute

If you choose to utilize it, add one piece of salted pork roast for each one piece of fresh pancetta. Remember, salted pork roast or fresh salt pork is not the same as fresh pancetta, so you might not get the exact taste even after adding 2 or 3 pieces.

Confused about how to cook pork in your kitchen? Look no further and check this video by “Taste Show” talking about how to make Chef’s favorite BBQ Roast pork (Char Siu):-


The best pancetta substitute is prosciutto, another top Italian choice.

It does not have a smoky taste like bacon. This cured hog jowl is ready from salted ham.

In the wake of tenderizing, ham is air-dried for a while to make prosciutto.

It is packaged as slight cuts of meat that are almost transparent.

While utilizing as a substitute for pancetta, gently cook it and afterward toss with pasta directly.

You can even add uncooked prosciutto to add rich pork flavor to the pasta.

You can appreciate it all alone with your number one charcuterie spread and a glass of red or white wine.

How to Substitute

One gram of fresh, tasty pancetta is equal to one gram of fresh prosciutto, half-gram smoked ham, and a small slice of bacon. Ensure to eliminate the dirt and unwanted pieces beforehand to utilize the fresh, clean, and tasty prosciutto.

Confused about how to cook prosciutto? Look no further and watch this tutorial by “Glen and friends cooking” talking about how to make prosciutto at home from scratch easily, here:-

Full-flavored Olives

Full-flavored Green olives are olives that are collected before they are completely ripped.

Their unmistakable flavor is because of the way that they absorbed lye before being tenderized in oil.

Full-flavored olives have got a novel flavor profile.

They have got a brighter taste contrasted with ordinary black olives.

Full-flavored Green olives are acidic, with mild nutty and tart flavor notes.

Not every person likes green olives. But if you do, you can indeed hack a few and use them as a substitute for pancetta.

They are an extraordinary expansion to salads and dips.

You can add some into your sandwiches and wraps for added flavor.

How to Substitute

If you have green olives, substitute one piece of fresh, tasty pancetta with more than one piece of fresh green olives. If you have some fresh raw olives, utilize the 1:1 proportion. They are quite strong; too much of their contents might hurt your tastebuds.

Watch this video by “Cooking guide” to find out healthy recipes of how to make Full-flavored, spicy olives at home easily, here:-


Salami is a famous pork wiener in Europe that generally assisted them with enduring the unforgiving winter season.

Even though salami is generally pork, you can discover it with other meat fillings like hamburger and veal, contingent upon the area.

Salami is protected via air-drying to age the pork and protract its period of usability.

It’s exceptionally simple to store, and you can leave it at room temperature for as long as 40 days.

Enjoy your number one Italian dish with salami, including pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, etc.

Pair it up with cheese and rolls and wash it with an extravagant glass of wine.

How to Substitute

Take out an equal proportion of fresh salami to the amount of fresh, tasty pancetta your recipe calls for, but add it gradually. If you continue gradually adding your raw salami and tasting your dish as you add it, you can ensure that the flavor of fresh salami does not overpower your finished dish.

Confused about how to cook Salami for a recipe? Check out this video by “Scoff” showing how to make a healthy, delicious Salami at home easily, here:-

Vegan salami

Is it accurate to think that you are a vegetarian or vegan? On account of our persevering and inventive food producers, we have something for you as well.

You would now be able to discover vegetarian salamis or vegan cured items to use as a substitute for pancetta.

You would now be able to appreciate signature pasta and pizzas without avoiding that cured, tasty goodness.

If you can’t discover a vegetarian salami, smoked vegetables like chili and tomato will do fine and dandy.

It’ll offer that umami and smoky taste, yet expect that it will be less substantial than other meat substitutes.

In any case, this is a perfect decision when you’re attempting to make your dish vegan.

How to Substitute

For the replacement, utilize a large portion of a plate of fresh vegan salami to substitute more than two plates of fresh and tasty pancetta. Vegan salami is very healthy, so adding too much would not affect your health.

Want to know how to make your Vegan Salami? Check out this video by “Yda Jun’s Plant-based Kitchen” and enjoy preparing an easy, and tasty vegan salami at home, here:-

Smoked ham

Since pancetta is fundamentally smoked ham, why not get your enormous section of smoked ham? If you get a thin slicer that you can use at home, you can cut it very much like pancetta.

There are a ton of variations, and it’s quite normal, particularly during the Christmas season.

Smoked ham is likewise a less expensive option since it is not cut, unlike pancetta and prosciutto. Equivalent to pancetta, hams can likewise be eaten uncooked and have a more drawn-out period of usability.

You can make your homemade ham, which allows you to prepare it as indicated by your inclination.

How to Substitute

To use in the recipes, add the smoked ham while observing the taste until it reaches your preferred levels. In many cases, For one gram of fresh, raw, and tasty pancetta, using a gram of tasty and healthy smoked ham. You can chop the Smoked ham or supplement them in a different way and eliminate the undesirable pieces before cooking the food.

Want to know how Smoked ham can be made for any recipe? Watch “The Dawgfatha’s BBQ” step by step showing us how to cook a tasty and easy smoked ham, here:-

Smoked turkey

If you are not a fanatic of pork or can not have it for strict reasons, smoked turkey is just about your ideal decision.

Smoked turkey resembles what might be compared to ham.

It is flavorful, delicate, and has that incredible smoky flavor and fragrance that you expect in your favorite Italian dishes.

Nonetheless, smoked turkey can be elusive in certain areas.

If there is no smoked turkey, you can choose other bird choices like chicken, duck, and goose.

You can request that the butcher cut it for you or cut it yourself at home.

How to Substitute

When subbing, utilize 1½ cups of finely chopped smoked turkey for the same amount of the fresh, tasty pancetta. If you are making a huge batch, modify the substance and taste before adding more to it.

Want to know how you can make Smoked Turkey for different recipes? Watch “How to BBQ right” telling us about how to smoke a whole turkey that can be easily made:-

Smoked sausage

Another meat elective for pancetta is the smoked sausage.

Salami falls into this class and is viewed as smoked sausage. By picking this course, you will have heaps of choices to look over.

There is beef Sausage, veal, sheep, goat, chicken, pork, etc.

Sausages go through similar marination, relieving, and maturation cycles to accomplish that smoky flavor that we as a whole love.

Likewise, you do not have to request that the butcher cut it for you since you can do it effectively at home.

Utilize this in all your favorite dishes that call for pancetta.

How to Substitute

One gram of smoked sausage is equal to one gram of fresh, tasty pancetta. Chop and mix two grams of smoked sausage and one gram of bacon to substitute two grams of fresh, tasty pancetta.

Did you know you can make smoked sausage in your kitchen? Watch this video by “The Warriors Race” showing how easily we can cook Smoked Sausage at home fast and delicious, here:-

Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon is a great option for individuals who would prefer not to devour pork.

It’s additionally a great choice for those that need something with a lower fat substance, as it’s much more slender and will not raise cholesterol levels so a lot.

Remember, however, that turkey bacon is high in sodium, so you ought to consider this when you use it.

You can utilize it basically as you would pancetta; however, you might need to add more flavoring as the flavor is milder.

Utilize this choice when you cook pasta, eggs, mixed greens, and soups. It’s sold everywhere nowadays, and it’s economical.

How to Substitute

It will be as delicious as a slice of bacon is intended to taste in any recipe and different dishes. So, you will definitely get a huge fresh, tasty pancetta flavor by utilizing it as a 1:1 turkey bacon substitute. Also, you might need to use it to replace all or some of the liquid ingredients in your recipe.

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A nutritious and delectable option is Tofu. Tofu is an elective that is functionally the same as pancetta and fits entirely well.

You can join the Tofu with any recipe to copy the pancetta’s hearty and creamy kind.

It’ll not be equivalent to if you utilized pancetta, yet you’ll unquestionably draw out the best of the Tofu in your recipe.

Tofu has an acrid taste and can retain different flavors when it’s consolidated.

It needs excellent preparation to free the pleasantness once again from it. You can utilize it in singed dishes or soups.

How to substitute

You can use the tofu one piece as a substitute for a small piece of fresh pancetta. If you cook it in a curry or barbeque, make a point to cook through the dish.

Watch “Mary’s Test Kitchen” to know how to prepare a quick and easy silken tofu at home without wasting much time, here:-


Tempeh also makes a great alternative for those who don’t like pancetta’s texture.

Tempeh additionally makes a great option for individuals who don’t care for pancetta’s surface. Tempeh is the best non-meat substitution.

It’s nothing but an ideal decision since it likewise possesses a flavor like meat, regardless of containing no meat.

Furthermore, tempeh is overflowing with umami, which gives it a concrete surface and flavor.

It fits well in dishes, and it is apt for those with meat allergies.

Even though it is not known as any other alternative, it is similarly pretty much viable as a pancetta substitute.

How to substitute

Combine four parts of tempeh with one part of fresh pancetta for an easy substitute when you are in a rush. This ratio will make a very nice flavor for whatever dish you are mixing up. It is also easy to make whatever quantity of tempeh you need using this ratio.

Want to know how to make a bowl of tempeh? Check out this video by “Veganlovlie – Vegan Fusion – Mauritian Recipes” and enjoy preparing an easy and tasty tempeh at home:-

Porcini mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms are brown-caped, normal in European food.

These mushrooms are round, meaty, delicate, and smooth, considered a decent substitute for pancetta.

With their nutty and strongly rich flavor, it draws out a great desire for your dish.

In European cooking, these mushrooms are a mainstream fixing.

Likewise, another utilization is in the brown sauces, and they can likewise give out a solid flavor in barbecued steaks.

Also, porcini mushrooms fit well with meat burgers, pasta, and risotto.

You can settle on porcini mushrooms for your recipe when pancetta is inaccessible.

How to substitute

One gram of fresh, tasty pancetta is equal to one gram of porcini Mushrooms, half-gram of American bacon, and a little of tempeh. A significant hint which you need to realize is that prior to cooking, you need to eliminate the stems and the vertical tubes cooking.

Confused about how to use Porcini Mushrooms? Look no further and check this video by “Giallo Zafferano Italian recipes” talking about how to clean Porcini Mushrooms prior to cooking it for any dish, here:-


What is the distinction between bacon and pancetta?

The greatest contrast between pancetta and bacon is that bacon is smoked, and pancetta is salt-relieved and dried. As far as cooking, this implies that bacon is as yet raw and ought to be cooked while pancetta can be eaten both uncooked or cooked.

Are pancetta and prosciutto the same?

Pancetta comes from the Stomach of the pig, though prosciutto comes from the rear leg. Since pancetta is just relieved, it should be cooked prior to being eaten. On the other hand, prosciutto is salt-restored and air-dried for quite a long time, making it protected to eat without cooking.

What is the difference between Pancetta and Guanciale?

The greatest contrast between the two is in the cut of pork and the flavors used to fix every meat. With pancetta, pork stomach is restored in salt and pepper. The meat can be sold cut flimsy or cubed. Guanciale, on the other hand, is pork cheek, which is restored in salt and flavors like pepper, sage, rosemary, and garlic, as per Extraordinary Italian Culinary experts.

Bottom Line

I hope this detailed guide helped you in finding substitutes for Pancetta with ease.

Attempt these Pancetta substitutes and let us know the outcomes in the remark area beneath.

Which one replacement worked out to be the awesome you? If you think about some other unimaginable substitute, do impart to us.

If you think these substitutes would be helpful for your family and friends, do share them with them.

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