9 Best Substitute for Sriracha


Sriracha is a chili sauce produced using chili peppers, garlic, sugar, salt, and vinegar.

It has been a conventional sauce in Southeast Asia for ages.

You will regularly discover Sriracha on pasta dishes, just as a plunging sauce for fish.

9 Best Substitute for Sriracha

The best substitute for Sriracha are – Tabasco Original Hot Sauce, Tapatio Hot Sauce, Louisiana Hot Sauce Original, Korean Gochujang, Sambal Oelek, Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Sauce, Peri-Peri Sauce, El Yucateco, and Yuzu Kosho.

They are discussed in detail here –

Tabasco Original Hot Sauce

Tabasco is a hot sauce made with vinegar, salt, and tabasco peppers. It contains roughly 5,000 Scoville heat units.

Use it just for fixing your dishes like meat, soups, and phos or as a fiery component in dressings. The sauce is celebrated for its extreme warmth level.

Tabasco utilizes the quality evaluation of jalapeño peppers as the fundamental element for the sauce.

It’s an ideal substitute from the bonafide Sriracha sauce because the taste and smell are profoundly comparative. The brand additionally offers gently spiced hot sauce, similar to the sweet and fiery variation.


Tabasco offers an astounding seven variations of their hot sauces, including their very own Sriracha sauce. You can add a few drops into a dip, soup, meat, etc., imparting a spicy flavor.

Tapatio Hot Sauce

Tapatío is splendid, citrusy, and sets with Mexican food, yet additionally with Mediterranean food, Chili, eggs, and spicy tuna rolls.

It’s US-made hot sauce, made with a respectably mild red chili pepper. It is broadly utilized across North and Latin America.

The sauce bears 3,000 Scoville heat units to substitute this sauce with a 1:1 proportion to the Sriracha.

A few cafés use it as a coating for spicy chicken wings, hot ribs marinade, or simply an ordinary fixing. If you need to challenge your resilience with zesty dishes, add some Tapatio, and see the distinction.


Tapatio utilizes customary red peppers; however, the SHU of Tapatio is 3000, which is spicier than the normal Sriracha. You can use it in any vegan or non-vegan recipe.

Louisiana Hot Sauce Original

It’s made utilizing matured long cayenne peppers, which go through the maturing procedure for at least one year.

The province of Louisiana is the home of zesty peppers and hot sauces. This cajun-style hot sauce utilizes tabasco and cayenne peppers as the fundamental fixing.

Contingent upon which ones you’re picking, it is generally SHU can go from 3500 – 10000.

It’s ideal for the more daring ones who need to step up their flavor desires and think that Sriracha required an overhaul.

The Louisiana sauce will cut. Indeed, it’s generally utilized in the state for making hot buffalo wings.


Louisiana Hot Sauce Original is utilized to add flavor to food sources, as a fixing in certain dishes, and as a marinade for certain food varieties, like chicken wings.

Korean Gochujang

The Korean food brags about their fiery gochujang, possibly the most usual toppings that offer a hot and sweet taste.

It’s pre-owned all around as a sauce, preparing, and rice beating. It’s made out of cooked glutinous rice, chili powder, and salt, then aged.

However, if you’re evaluating a spicier, better variation fiery topping, this is the best substitute for Sriracha. Gochujang sauce doesn’t have a trace of sourness because of the shortfall of vinegar.

Likewise, this is the ideal decision for individuals who like a milder option than Sriracha since it just has 1000 SHU.


Gochujang is a hot Chilli paste substitute. It has a created, nuanced flavor and is famously utilized in the Korean rice dish, bibimbap. It can differ in heat level, so use it to taste.

Sambal Oelek

It’s thicker and more straightforward regarding fixings. However, it sneaks up suddenly in the warm office.

If you need even more sauce than a paste, basically mix the sambal oelek with a small amount of water to obtain the consistency you like.

The only distinction is that it doesn’t contain any sugar, so it’s less sweet. Thus if you’ll utilize sambal as another option, add a spoonful of sugar.

This fiery sauce matches well with lime juice. It simply has one disadvantage – you’ve to add garlic powder to it to draw near to a similar taste.


Sambal oelek is the best substitute for the thick sriracha sauce loaded with heat. Sambal oelek is utilized precisely similarly to sriracha sauce. It is a flavor enhancer.

Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Sauce

The Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Sauce is incredibly zesty; Multiple times spicier than the sriracha sauce.

A raw scotch bonnet pepper has more than 445000 SHU, which is more intense than you anticipated that it should be.

This decision is for the ones who are up for the test to beat their cutoff points.

Albeit the taste is additionally exquisite and fulfilling, it probably won’t be for everybody.

It’s ideal for people with indigestion or any clinical issues to talk with a clinical master before giving the sauce a shot. Yet, for the bold ones, it’s a commendable substitute for sriracha sauce.


Hailed as one of the best ten spiciest hot sauces on the planet, the Jamaican scotch hot sauce or Caribbean red peppers is an absolute necessity. You can try it in any dish.

Peri-Peri Sauce

Peri-Peri sauce is a Portuguese hot sauce made with Piri chili peppers and regularly contains olive oil, broiled red peppers, lemon or juice vinegar, and smoked paprika. It conveys a more peppery, better flavor.

In terms of taste, it’s tart and tolerably hot.

There are mild forms of Peri-Peri sauce available. Use it for making plunges. Mix and crush garlic, hot chili peppers, and sugar to take after Sriracha. a mix of fixings – onions, sun-ripened lemons, garlic, and flavors.

This one is stuffed, loaded with flavor, and just medium in heat.


Peri-Peri sauce, or Piri-Piri, is a hot sauce of Portuguese land, made with an African kind of Bird’s eye pepper of a similar name. It goes incredibly well with fish.

El Yucateco

El Yucateco’s Red Habanero Hot Sauce is made with habanero peppers, red tomatoes, and a choice of delicate spices and seasonings.

Its exceptional consistency and blazing flavor will fulfill even the strictest sense of taste. It is ideal to go with any fish.

Enjoy a mixed shrimp drink with a couple of drops of this flavorful hot sauce, or set up a conventional Cocktail with a bend, a hot Michelada, or a Sangrita with Tequila.

It’s very acceptable on eggs – if essential, you can weaken the impact with heaps of tortillas and milk.


The El Yucateco sauces, red and green, are produced using hot and heavenly habanero peppers, which give them a decent kick. It is regularly utilized with non-vegan food varieties.

Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho is an organic citrus product developed broadly in Japan.

However, you’ll see everything over East Asia. It tastes exceptional — kind of a blend of orange, Meyer lemon, and grapefruit — and has recently been trendy in extravagant cafés.

Blend Yuzu Kosho with a couple of chilies and salt, and you get perhaps the best sauce on the planet. Give it a shot with fish, and you can save yourself the required lemon.

It’ll light up an exhausting rice bowl and is incredible for plunging gyoza in, as well. Yuzu kosho is somewhat harder to discover than others.


Yuzukoshō is a kind of Japanese paste. It is typically utilized as a fixing for nabemono dishes, miso soup, and sashimi. You can find it at a Japanese market like Marukai or Mitsuwa.


Is Sriracha the same as Tabasco?

While Tabasco sauce is more Cajun-propelled and is made out of just undiluted vinegar, red pepper, and salt, Sriracha is more ketchup-y with a list of fixings, including Chili, sugar, and garlic. It sparkles with an assortment of Asian-enlivened dishes.

Would I be able to utilize Frank’s hot sauce rather than Sriracha?

Sriracha is a lot spicier than Frank’s sauce, considerably less acidic, and has an alternate flavor profile. Sriracha has around 2,200 Scoville scales, while Frank’s about 450, so there’s a distinction in heat. A pure Sriracha would be a lot spicier than an unadulterated Frank’s.

Can I substitute Sweet Chili Sauce for Sriracha?

Sriracha and sweet chili sauce are unique. Where Sriracha packs a component of heat, sweet chili sauce is ruled with a sweet garlic taste. Sriracha sauce is special to tabasco or some other hot sauce. It’s thicker with a solid trace of garlic and sugar.

Bottom Line

Attempt these Sriracha substitutes and let us know the outcomes in the remark area beneath.

Which one replacement worked out to be the awesome you?

If you think about some other unimaginable substitute, do impart to us.

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