10 Best Substitutes for Apple Jelly


Apple Jelly has been for some time utilized in the culinary world as a moderate exquisite flavoring.

It’s a much-adored added substance to numerous dishes, and it’s a family favorite globally. From delicious puddings to savory sauces, its flexibility and remarkable flavor make it a hot thing in stores.

10 Best Substitutes for Apple Jelly

However, there are times where we ran out of kitchen fixings, and Apple Jelly is no exemption.

If you do run out, here are the ten best substitutes of Apple Jelly for you.

Pear Jelly

Apples and pears resemble cousins having a similar family, Rosaceae. Since both are sweet with a slight poignancy, giving practically a similar flavor.

Pears likewise have an extremely high pectin content which makes the jelly inconceivably thick – practically like pectin – when spread on bread.

This fills in as the ideal substitute as it wouldn’t change your dish’s flavor or consistency.

Jellied pears are not that famous, and it is elusive business brands conveying this variation. However, many home cooks make this when the fruit is in the season, so feel free to load it up.


Pear resembles apples in a way. There’s a crucial distinction for the shape; however, it has that same crunch and pleasantness. It can be blended in with different jams like marmalades.

Peaches – Jelly, Jam, Canned or Fresh

Peaches are also under the Rose family. More people are inclined toward Peach flavor, making it a superior substitute when your container of jellied apples is vacant.

Gently sweet, fragrant, and with the perfect – practically unnoticeable – acridity, peaches will function just as apples in delectable dishes and pastries.

Jellied peach has a somewhat brilliant hint that contrasts with the more neutral shade of the highlighted fruit.

Take a stab at watering down the jam form and afterward blitzing it for a smoother surface. You can utilize new or canned peaches. Puree this at that point stew until thickened.


It has less gelatin and high water content, so the measure of twofold peach jelly replaces its more extravagant tone and flavor. Fresh, canned, and jammed peaches work well!

Apricot Jam

Apricots have a tart flavor, lower gelatin, and the capacity to give gleaming sparkle and pleasantness to fruit tarts and different pastries.

You would have to add pectin to your fixings when making it without any preparation.

Apricot jams work out positively for cream cheddar or ricotta cheese when matched with bread and espresso. Other than a morning meal rockstar, apricot jam is lovely to use for exquisite dishes.

If there’s no apple jam, cook the instant meatballs in a ½ cup apricot jam and ¼ cup grill sauce on the stove. That would add contrast to your ordinary meatball.


Apricot jam is very much like Apple Jelly in that both have articulated flavors. The high measure of pectin in apricots gives this jam a very much like consistency to apple jelly.

Guava Jelly

Named the ‘poor man’s apple,’ this tropical fruit is perhaps the best food that nature has offered to us.

Crammed with flavor, this has a sharp tang when unripe however gets overly sweet, sweet-smelling yet with traces of tang when developed.

Guava has a liberal measure of pectin, so it will give you a thick jelly, similarly as apples would. There are various sorts of guava, going from those with cream-hued substance to striking pink ones.

Yet, regardless of whether you get the rosiest guava jelly in the walkway, it will not extraordinarily change the shade of your dish.


If disregarding the velvety surface of guava’s substance, it is somewhat like the featured fruit. Take care while adding this to sweets as a substitute since it has a particular flavor.

Orange Marmalade

Unlike plain Jellies or jams, marmalades contain oranges’ zing, so anticipate that it should have a touch of sharpness and a marginally harsh delayed flavor impression.

If you don’t care for that in your dish, stress the strips a shot, then re-stew it with a smidgen more sugar.

If the strips and the essences are an issue for you, eliminate them. You can place this in the food processor for a speedy barrage.

It has that striking orange tone which will not be not difficult to dispose of. But, don’t stress, this will not wreck your feast.


For some people, oranges have the most elevated pectin measure out of all fruits; that is why this makes an ideal jelly. High in Vitamin C, this can ward the specialist off.

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry jam is utilized for breakfast spreads, pie fillings, and dessert garnishes. It’s not challenging to rummage them in the wilds during summers and pick those fresh and ready raspberries.

When making pies, it’s an ideal weapon. Like Apple Jelly, it holds well inside the pie when cooked.

When making the jam, you needn’t bother with the pectin since it typically makes its jelly substance. That clarifies why the surface is less watery than different jams.

It doesn’t break the mixture or make it soaked. For a shortbread tart, supplant ¾ cup of apple jelly to ¾ cup of strawberry jam.


If you’re lucky to have a bounty of raspberries in your area, exploit it! Raspberries are one of the least expensive and sweetest substitutes on the lookout of the multitude of berries.

Cranberry Jam

Cranberry jams are amazingly red, so these can loan that tone to the dishes. Some have attempted it as a sub and swore it worked.

Unlike cranberry sauces that can be pungent and acrid, the jam rendition is sweet, yet with a touch of tang to conceal the harsh delayed flavor impression.

If you’re solely after that fruity, sweet flavor, feel free to trade this with apple jelly.

Like oranges and lemons, the Bitter cranberry has heaps of pectin, so it can genuinely be thick. If you don’t care for the berry pieces, puree them and afterward strain.


Fresh cranberry, usually very acrid to the place of sharpness, is perhaps the most unpalatable substitute. When improved, this is reviving as a beverage and very tasty as a jam.

Canned Fruits Cocktails

Fruit Cocktails contain an assortment of slashed-up fruits like pears, peaches, pineapples, grapes, and cherries swimming in super improved syrup.

It might appear to be outlandish; however, you can cook that meat dish slathered with jellied apples regardless of whether this is the only thing in your cabinet.

You can’t savor the particular kinds of fruits any longer. It’s to a greater degree a blend of these leafy foods high fructose corn syrup that you’ll taste.

While the flavor is difficult to decide, it’ll be sweet, fruity, and adequate to blend in dressings and sauces. It’ll look like a peach jam.


Slight gold and thick, however not gelatinous, canned fruit cocktail will not influence the tone or consistency of the dish you’re getting ready. This makes it one of the ideal substitutes.

Apple’s Butter, Sauce, Juice, Pie!

If you’ve any of these items with apples, your recipe can be saved! As of now, the butter and applesauce are mushed, so you can dump it in your sauce like you would the jelly.

Take the rounding out and heat it over the container with a touch of water.

After it has thickened, barrage it into a puree and add it to your recipe. You’ll have to put in a touch of work when you’ve just got the juice.

Boil 4-5 cups of the juice with sugar and pectin for a couple of moments. Allow it to cool to get your jelly.


They are loaded with flavor, so you need to relax while adding this to the recipe. You can utilize the cut fruits inside the prepared cake for those recipes that call for jellied apples.

Concentrated Apple Juice

Extracted from apples, apple juice should be the most comparable apple jelly substitute.

Apple jelly is made by blending apple juice in with honey and freezing it in the fridge. Henceforth, apple juice gives a comparative citrusy taste to apple jelly.

However, the juice is more acidic than the jelly since jelly contains sugars.

Due to fluid surface, apple juice can be generally utilized in practically any apple jelly recipe. It can mix in the blend, season to the fixings, fill in as sauce, and fix for the dish.

The ease of use is comprehensive, making it so generally utilized.


If you liquefy apple jelly, you get a fluid similar to concentrated apple juice. Apple juice will usually give you the nearest flavor conceivable to apple jelly. Try to change the ratios.


Is Apple Butter the same as apple jelly?

If it is being utilized to add apple flavor to a dish, it might taste comparative. Yet, Apple Butter also contains flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, so it’ll not be quite the same for the spotless, sweet taste of apples. It’ll not be terrible, basically, yet not equivalent to Apple Jelly.

Is Apple Butter a jam or jelly?

The solitary thing apple butter shares with ordinary butter is its spreadability. Yet, it’s more equivalent to preserves or jam than it is Butter; it’s genuinely a concentrated fruit, perhaps a touch of sugar, with not a single dairy to be found. Like jelly, apple butter is quite damn flavorful.

Can I use Apple jam instead of Apple jelly?

Utilizing Apple Jam or Apple Jelly relies upon what you’re attempting to do. For sandwiches, Apple jam or jelly is liked as they spread simpler. For Recipes, Apple preserves would convey more organic product flavor; however, jam could likewise be utilized.

Bottom Line

I hope this list helped you to know about the substitutes for Apple Jelly.

Share your experience with these. Do you think we missed any replacement? Please share with us in the comments. We’ll make sure to test it out.

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