5 Best Substitutes for Basmati Rice


Basmati rice is famous mainly in Asia, as it characteristically possesses a refined aroma and elegantly long grains after cooking.

Basmati rice has a long light grain that is fluffy in texture. With a unique and ‘nutty’ taste, it is gluten-free and low in fat.

Basmati is highly nutritious with eight different essential amino acids, iron, and low sodium. Basmati rice gets finer and tastier with age because of its nature for its exceptional characteristics.

However, Basmati rice is quite expensive compared to other rice varieties.

Also, often, basmati rice might not be available in your home or grocery stores, so there are various other rice substitutes you can use in place of this grain.

5 Best Substitutes for Basmati Rice

Here are some great alternatives to basmati rice.

Long Grain Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice, commonly known as Thai fragrant rice, is widely famous for its fragrant grains.

Jasmine rice is famous for its excellent soft texture and moistness when cooked.

Jasmine rice manages to retain a slightly sweet flavor that adds zest to the appetizer.

Jasmine rice is readily available in a variety of colors.

These colorful varieties of jasmine rice, such as red, purple, and blue, are nutrient powerhouses. They contain phytonutrients that help and protect body cells while improving the body’s immune system.

Jasmine rice is rich in fragrance teams with multiple appetizers such as stir-fries, grilled dishes, fried food items, braised food items, and soups, making them an excellent substitute.


Jasmine Rice is slender and very aromatic and has the same quality as basmati rice.

Jasmine Rice is good flavor and versatility to work well with most savory dishes makes it an exceptional basmati rice substitute.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is whole grain rice with an inedible outer covering removed that provides the nutrient-packed bran and germ.

Brown rice retains many vitamins, antioxidants, and protein.

Brown rice is a rich source of dietary fiber, reducing your risk of death from heart disease. Like Basmati, Brown rice does not have gluten and thus makes an excellent gluten-free choice.

Brown rice requires more time in cooking as its grains require more time to soak in water.


Brown rice is a healthy nutritional choice in place of basmati rice, as these unpolished rice contain more fiber and low calories, thus make an excellent substitute. Brown rice is the healthier option.

Long-Grain White Rice

Long-grain white rice is the most commonly known in the United States of America.

Long grain rice is elongated in texture and provides a similar taste and flavor to the food. Its grains are firm, dry surface, and are great for side dishes, pilafs, and salads.

Long grain rice is milled grains at least three to four times as long as they are wide.
They have a strong starch composition that makes them separate, light, and fluffy after cooking.

Long grain rice provides the same appearance as Basmati rice; due to their elongated grain, they are chunkier and flavor same as Jasmine rice.


Long grain rice is famous rice eaten globally due to its easy availability and inexpensive nature. Adding additional spices, herbs to the rice makes it a better substitute for Basmati rice.

Popcorn Rice

Popcorn rice, widely known as wild pecan rice, is a hybrid of Basmati with a similar rich taste of nutty, fluffy, and aromatic fragrance grown in Louisiana’s fields.

Its aroma is lighter than Basmati, making it an almost-perfect substitute because its grains are separate when cooked and fluffy like the original grain.

Popcorn rice finds its uses over Basmati in dishes, such as curries, stir-fries, rice pudding, and more. They have a milder fragrance than basmati rice.

Popcorn rice possesses a natural flavor and fragrance because of the natural biochemicals that rice farmers purposefully cultivate.

Popcorn Rice is cholesterol-free, sodium-free, contains no high trace of fat.


Popcorn rice is exceptionally versatile and uses in cooking with stir-fries, sauces, curries, or made into flour, wine, cakes, vinegar, milk, flakes, noodles, paper, and tea.

Also, they make the most excellent option for rice pudding and molded salads and thus are great substitutes for Basmati rice.

Texmati Rice

Texmati Rice, by definition, is a brand of rice that cultivate in Texas.

Texmati is a distinctive strain known as American basmati rice. A crossbred between basmati rice and long grain rice makes Texmati rice.

While it lacks fragrance similar to Basmati, it has a rich nutty flavor that goes well in various dishes, such as curries and casseroles.


Texmati rice is as versatile as Basmati rice, and its popularity in the US makes it a perfect Basmati rice substitute.



Why is basmati rice considered healthy?

Basmati rice comprises a low glycemic index, water-soluble fibers, and a high amount of nutrients such as zinc, iron, and vitamins. Basmati is also known for being low in fat gluten-free, making them accessible and nutritious to everybody.

Why is it important to rinse Basmati rice?

Rinsing the rice removes any debris present along with the rice. Also, rice is known to have rich starch in them; therefore by rinsing removes the surface starch that otherwise causes the rice to clump together or get gummy as it cooks.

Bottom Line

Basmati rice is richly famous for its fragrance and unique long grain available in varieties; it’s known for its grainy, nutty flavor and a pleasant aroma.

Basmati is a friendly partner to a whole host of recipes with its high nutritional value and versatile uses.

There are, however, many substitutes available in place of Basmati rice with similar nutritional value and taste.

I hope this list helps find you your suitable replacement for Basmati rice. Also, do share your experience and recipes in the comments section.

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