11 Best Substitutes For Bell Pepper


Bell Peppers, or capsicums, are a sweet kind of bell-shaped pepper that spring up in dishes all over.

However, the unripe form is green; however, they steadily change into different shadings like yellow, red, and orange.

They’re utilized in vegetarian recipes for a nutritious lift.

11 Best Substitutes For Bell Pepper

Regardless of whether you’re searching for an option in contrast to the bright verdant flavor of the Bell or you’re prepared to investigate peppers with somewhat more oomph, here are the eleven best substitutes of Bell Pepper for you.

Poblanos Peppers

The poblano is a gentle chili pepper beginning in the province of Puebla, Mexico. When dried, it is called chile ancho or ancho, from the Spanish word ancho.

Poblanos peppers have a rich and natural flavor that makes them an ideal substitute for bell peppers.

Unlike bell peppers, poblanos are marginally zesty, yet the warmth a great many people can deal with, as it’s not precisely as a jalapeno.

They have thick, substantial walls and enormous cavities, making them great for stuffing. They are acquiring ubiquity, making it simpler to discover them in grocery stores, ordinarily close to bell peppers.


Poblano peppers are viewed as the best choice for bell peppers. They resemble a vast bell pepper in both viewpoint and taste, with minor changes, and are utilized for stuffing.

Anaheim Peppers

Anaheim peppers give a somewhat fruity, peppery flavor to dishes and have a delectable crunchy consistency when raw.

When cooked, their pleasantness escalates, and they build up a smoky, tart feeling. Like the poblano pepper, they have thick walls, which makes them ideal for stuffing.

Albeit these peppers are spicier than a bell, they are as yet gentle, and the vast majority will endure their warmth.

At their most sweltering, an Anaheim pepper thinks about a jalapeno on the milder finish of the scale. You will acquire pretty much similar outcomes you would get when utilizing bell peppers.


Anaheim has thick walls that make it ideal for stuffing, yet simmering, as they’re crunchy, actually like bell peppers. However, they have a marginally fruity flavor.


Jalapeño peppers fall into the low-finish of medium warmth chilies. They have thick walls that make it incredible for stuffed pepper recipes.

Also, the flavor shares a similar grassy splendor when the jalapeño is green in color.

It’s a superb substitute in case you’re searching for something with more spice without the sweetness. You could stuff an enormous jalapeno; still, the bell pepper is more prominent and more appropriate.

Many people can’t deal with the warmth of jalapenos that well, so if you need to restrain the zestiness, make sure to eliminate pith and ribs before cooking them.


Jalapenos are used to get genuinely zesty; indeed, they can be viewed as medium warmth chilies. The chance of stuffing, only if you have a vast enough jalapeno, is also there.

Sichuan Peppers

Some people experience bell pepper’s ill-effects, so they get queasy or a mild stomach throb after eating bell peppers, while others may be susceptible to most peppers.

If you have one of these and can deal with the warmth, Sichuan pepper is the best for you. This Chinese pepper is depicted as a blend of black pepper and chili pepper, yet neither is.

Its name implies flower pepper, and without a doubt, this zest appears as though bloom seeds. It was utilized as a clinical solution for stomach torment.


Sichuan pepper has a citrus-like flavor and incites a shivering sensation because of its zestiness. It’s an intriguing expansion to our supper as it’s ensured to make it loaded with flavor.


Pimiento (aka pimento) peppers are heart-molded sweet in flavor and have a comparable shade of red to ripe bell peppers.

They are more modest than a bell pepper and will not be ideal for stuffing; they are great when cut up and added for shading and flavor to pan-sears, chili-beans, dishes, or elsewhere you would utilize bell pepper.

They’re effectively found in containers, while they might be more challenging to discover fresh.

Those sold in containers will not have the equivalent crunchy surface as the fresh ones, so when you can, do incline toward fresh Pimiento peppers.


Pimientos are huge heart-formed peppers that take after red bell peppers in their sweet flavor, despite being more sweet-smelling and not in any state zesty. They’re not ideal for stuffing.


Cubanelle peppers are somewhat sweet, crunchy, and have an exceptionally gentle warmth. They will make a great substitution in dishes, servings of mixed greens, or a garnish on pizza.

Cubanelles held their shading and firm design, while the green bell peppers changed olive dull and somewhat delicate.

Albeit the cubanelle walls are more slender than a bell pepper, they are valuable for stuffing with meat, flavors, and different vegetables.

We suggest utilizing a cubanelle if you’re keeping away from the solid grassy taste of green bell pepper or the sweetness of red bell pepper.


They’re a good substitute for red pepper and will cause the individuals joy who disdain the grassy taste of green bell peppers. They’re used in serving salads or as fixing for your pizza.


Onions are a decent substitution for bell peppers, particularly if you need to sear the peppers.

Fried onions will get better while simultaneously losing a portion of the ordinary ‘onion flavor,’ thus getting fundamentally the same as bell peppers.

Onions will give you that crunchy sensation of bell peppers, and they add flavor to each dish, so they’re scarcely ever an awful decision.

Since there are various sorts of onions, you ought to pick the correct onion for your dish. Like, Pearl onions can make their side dish but at the same time are astounding when added to any sauce.


Onions have a sweet flavor when uncooked and are extraordinarily adaptable: indeed, they can be Fried and broiled, which would turn them into a crunchy expansion to your dinner.

Bok Choy

Bok Choy stems have a crunchy and sweet feel like red bell peppers, so you can utilize them as a substitute for an enormous assortment of recipes that require bell peppers.

The dull green leaves are delicate and have an unpleasant taste, so you should scam them before cooking bok choy if you don’t want extravagant sharpness.

Add green onions, fresh ginger, or different sauces and aromatics to upgrade your side dish’s flavor.

Bok Choy can be cooked from various perspectives, including steaming, stewing, and braising in earth pots. It’s significant not to overcook it because the stems can get soft.


This Chinese white cabbage is available in many Asian recipes. The white stalks are the crunchy part and maybe slashed into pieces. It can be used for a sweet and crunchy flavor.


If you can’t utilize bell peppers, you don’t have to supplant them with another sort of pepper or vegetable.

It’s normal for individuals who don’t like bell peppers to maintain a strategic distance from different pepper and, surprisingly, other vegetables like onions.

When that’s the situation, you can block the bell peppers’ requirement by utilizing more flavors in your formula. Flavors that can be acceptable substitutes are Garlic, Mustard powder, Ginger, Oregano, Cumin.

The flavors will not give you the crunchy surface that vegetables can provide, yet you can generally incorporate some crunchy expansion alongside the flavors.


Spices can be a perfect substitute when you want the same taste, and the absence of crunchy flavor doesn’t bother you. The amount of spices to be added is based on your preference.


Zucchini is a mid-year squash, a herbaceous plant whose natural products are reaped when their youthful seeds and epicarp are still delicate and palatable.

It’s a fantastic decision to find a way into most recipes that require any shade of bell pepper. Add it to your cooking for a more inconspicuous flavor.

It’s a flexible fixing that can be cooked in essentially any manner. They’re flavorful when stuffed!

Rather than adding sweet, herbaceous taste to food, it assumes different kinds of fixings. Zucchini can add tone to sautés and give a surface to meals or any appetizing prepared dish.


If you are looking for an alternative to bell pepper with a completely different look and taste, Zucchini is the perfect replacement. It may be added to salads and various recipes.


Broccoli is a consumable green plant in the cabbage family whose enormous blossoming head, tail, and tiny related leaves are eaten as a vegetable.

A typical grumbling about bell peppers is that their surface becomes delicate and foul once cooked.

If you need a super-sound vegetable that holds its shape and firm chomp once cooked, broccoli might be worth considering.

Broccoli holds up well to high warmth cooking like sautéing. A dissipating of florets into prepared dishes or whitened for a side dish, broccoli will add a gritty, somewhat severe taste to a dinner.


Broccoli is a nutritious substitute for Bell Pepper. It can withstand cooking heat without losing its flavor, texture, and shape. It gives a crispy bite and can be used in baked or side dishes.


Are bell peppers and paprika the same?

Bell pepper implies capsicum annum, an edible hot sweet organic product, starting in the new world. However, paprika indicates powdered flavor produced using dried and ground products of sweet pepper (bell pepper) or Chilli pepper or combinations of these.

Would you be able to substitute a red pepper for a green pepper?

Green is the most unripe of the bell pepper tones so that they can be bitter. Yellow, orange, red, and so forth would all be able to be utilized. If the recipe requires extra improvement, think about that and cut back on the sugar. You can generally add more later.

Our sweet mini peppers the same as bell peppers?

Highly sweet and petite, Mini Sweet Peppers are better than Bell Pepper, packing an exquisite and dynamic flavor as their tones. Going from red, orange, and yellow, Small Sweet Peppers add the ideal measure of shading, flavor, crunch, and sustenance to meals.

Bottom Line

I hope this list helped you to know about the substitutes for Bell Pepper.

Share your experience with these. Do you have a substitution that isn’t mentioned here?

Please share with us in the comments. We’ll make sure to test it out.

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