10 Best Substitutes for Daikon Radish


This is the ultimate guide to substituting daikon radish without you having to compromise on the flavor.

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10 Best Substitutes for Daikon Radish

1. White Turnips

White turnips are your best bet in terms of flavor and texture and are easily accessible. They substitute well in soups and stews.

They may also help control blood sugar levels.

They have a milder flavor compared to daikon radishes. 

How to Substitute

If you want a strong flavor, substitute 1.5 times the amount of daikon radish.

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2. Jicama

Jicama is a fibrous substitute that is a good choice if you want to eat healthily. It has a similar crunchy texture and is best eaten raw in salads and pickles.

It is also rich in potassium which may boost heart health.

Jicama may be scarce in a few regions, but you can find pickled ones in your local grocery store.

How to Substitute

Substitute in a 1:1 ratio.

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3. Parsnips

Parsnips are nutritious and easily accessible. They taste best in salads and soups and make a good filling option for vegans.

They have high amounts of Vitamin C that help with immune function.

In terms of taste, parsnips are mild. You can add other ingredients to increase the spice. 

How to Substitute

Double the amount of parsnips to substitute.

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4. Cabbage Hearts

Cabbage hearts are very nutritious, but most people throw them out because they don’t know what to do with them.

They are an excellent substitute for cooked dishes. They are high in dietary fiber, which may relieve constipation. 

Use them thinly sliced in stir-fries or slow-cooked dishes. 

How to Substitute

Substitute in equal amounts of daikon radish.

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5. Red Radish

Red Radish is available in every region and has a similar peppery flavor.

It has the same crunchy texture as daikon radish and substitutes well in almost every dish.

According to research, they contain certain chemical compounds that help regulate blood sugar levels.

The flavor is two times stronger than the flavor of daikon radish.

How to Substitute

Use half of the quantity mentioned in the recipe.

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6. Horseradish

Horseradish is known for its pungent odor and spicy flavor. It is easy to cook with and a good substitute for several dishes.

On slicing horseradish, certain oils release that have antibacterial properties.

Although the leaves aren’t usually eaten, they are edible and flavorful. 

How to Substitute

Substitute slightly lesser than the quantity mentioned. 

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7. Korean Radish

Korean radishes are similar to daikon radishes in terms of flavor and appearance. They make an excellent substitute for stir-fries, salads, and sauces.

They contain certain enzymes that help promote digestion.

You can get them in Asian grocery stores.

How to Substitute

Substitute in a 1:1 ratio. 

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8. Beetroots

This colorful root vegetable is delicious as well as nutritious. You can use it raw in salads, or boil, steam, or stir-fry in other dishes.

It is rich in nitrates that lower the risk of heart disease. 

They are often used as a coloring agent due to their pigmented juice. 

How to Substitute

Substitute the same quantity as daikon radish with a little bit of horseradish to achieve a similar flavor.

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9. Carrots

Carrots are a common vegetable packed with nutrition.

They go well in salads, smoothies, and cooked dishes and have a similar texture to daikon radishes.

They contain Vitamin K, which helps in maintaining bone health.

They have a slightly sweeter flavor that may work with a lot of dishes.

How to Substitute

Substitute in a 1:1 ratio and add a few peppers as per taste. 

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10. Water Chestnuts

Water chestnuts are very healthy and are a good choice for weight-watchers.

Freshwater chestnuts have a nutty flavor and crunchy texture that tastes good in soups and stuffing.

They could reduce the risk of oxidative stress and help fight cancer growth. 

You can either buy fresh water chestnuts or canned water chestnuts. 

How to Substitute

Substitute in a 1:1 ratio. You can add red radish as per taste for a similar flavor.

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Is daikon radish the same as white radish?

Yes, daikon radish and white radish are the same. Other common names are Japanese radish, mooli, winter radish, etc.

Is daikon radish the same as turnip?

No, they are different vegetables. Although they belong to the same brassica family, they differ in terms of color and properties. 

Is Korean radish and daikon radish the same?

No, they are not the same. Korean radishes are shorter and fatter than daikon radishes. 

What can I substitute daikon radish with in salads?

Many of the options mentioned above like parsnips, jicama, beetroot, etc can be substituted in salads.

Which daikon radish substitutes can I use for making kimchi?

The best option would be to use Korean radish. But if even that isn’t available, you can use red radishes, parsnips, or carrots.

Bottom Line

Daikon Radishes are very delicious. But if you run out of it, you don’t need to worry anymore as these substitutes work just as well. 

I hope this post was helpful to you!

Do share any suggestions or tips you have in the comment section below. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries. 

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