9 Best Substitutes For Diced Tomatoes


In this blog, We have got the tips and tricks to help you find the best Diced Tomatoes substitution with ease.

The following substitutes are shortlisted after extensive research and testing of more than 25 food items.

Let us kick things off with unraveling of the substitutes available for Diced Tomatoes.

Nine Best Substitutes For Diced Tomatoes

The Best Substitutes for Diced Tomatoes are – Fresh Tomatoes, Whole Peeled Tomatoes, Tomato Puree, Tomato Paste, Tomato Juice, Tomato soup, Canned Tomatoes, Crushed Tomatoes, and Tomato sauce.

They are discussed in detail here – 

Fresh Tomatoes

Since fresh is in every case better, if you’ve got a significant clump of tomatoes, it’s an excellent thought to make them into Diced tomatoes.

Slash the tomatoes, throw them in a huge pot, carry them to a boil, and afterward stew for 10-15 minutes.

Allow them to chill off and later beat the combination through a blender until it is smooth.

Roma tomatoes are a brilliant choice; however, you can utilize whichever tomatoes you have accessible.

It is useful for Asian pan-fries that call for Diced tomatoes. You get a more inconspicuous flavor with the reward of fresh succulence.

How to substitute

For proper replacement, utilize four cups of fresh tomatoes to substitute one cup of Diced tomatoes in a recipe. Fresh tomatoes are quite strong; too much of their contents might hurt your tastebuds.

Confused about where to use fresh tomatoes? Look no further and check this video by “Tarla Dalal” talking about how to make fresh tomato pulp to make any recipe delicious:-

Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Plum tomatoes are whole tomatoes pressed in the juice inside a can. They are stripped; however, they have their seeds intact.

Numerous individuals utilize whole tomatoes in their pasta sauces, soups, and so forth and squash them all alone before tossing them in.

You can add the juices to the recipes if you need more mass and tomato flavor.

Whole tomatoes give you more choices, and you can prepare them according to what you like.

If you need to substitute Diced tomatoes with whole tomatoes, you need somewhat more work given the additional flavoring.

It’s nothing but a far superior, fresher flavor than canned Diced tomatoes.

How to substitute

Use 1 tbsp whole Peeled tomatoes to substitute 1 tbsp of Diced tomatoes. For another quick substitute, use the Peeled whole tomatoes, which you are likely to have on hand (to make one tablespoon); combine two 3/4 teaspoons of Peeled whole tomatoes with 1/4 teaspoon crushed tomatoes.

Confused about how to use Peeled whole tomatoes in a recipe? Check out this video by “Special fork videos” showing how to peel and seed a whole fresh tomato, here:-

Tomato Puree

Tomato purée is a smooth, thick fluid made by cooking, liberated from the skin, and straining tomatoes.

If your recipe benefits from a viscous tomatoey liquid, then a tomato puree can be utilized.

Tomato puree is a fixing regularly utilized in pasta sauce and tomato-based soup recipes.

A puree will not have as much flavor power as Diced tomatoes, and you will add a ton of additional fluid to the dish.

Consider this if the recipe calls for water or stock.

Utilize a tomato puree in any dish that requires tomato flavor without the surface requirement from whole tomatoes.

How to substitute

Combine four parts of tomato puree with one part tomato paste for an easy substitute when you are in a hurry. This ratio will create a very nice flavor for whatever dish you are whipping up. It is also easy to make whatever quantity of Diced tomatoes you need using this ratio.

Want to know how you can make tomato puree for different recipes? Watch “Cooking Shooking” telling us about a Basic tomato puree recipe with three months shelf life that can be easily made:-

Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste is a thick paste prepared by cooking tomatoes for a few hours to decrease the moisture content, straining out the seeds and skins, and cooking the fluid again to lessen the base to a thick, rich concentrate.

Tomato paste is a decent counterpart for surface and taste. Try not to add any flavors or spices to the Recipe when utilizing tomato paste.

The tomato paste will give you around a similar surface and thickness as the Diced tomato.

A natural item, tomato paste not just improves the flavor of soups and marinades, lecho, and sauces yet additionally make them denser.

How to substitute

You can use one-third of a cup of tomato paste and two-third of the cup of water as a trade for Diced tomatoes. If you continue gradually adding your tomato paste and tasting your dish as you add it, you can ensure that the flavor of this tomato paste does not overpower your finished dish.

Watch “Creative People” to know how to prepare a delicious tomato paste at home easily:-

Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is a juice produced using tomatoes, generally utilized as a refreshment, either plain or drinks.

Just put the slashed tomatoes in a blender, and you will have delectable tomato juice.

Inside, the juices will mix until the entire surface is smooth. You can eliminate the seeds and mash them if you like.

You can utilize tomato juice in recipes that incorporate meat, poultry, or fish.

It very well may be utilized instead of adding water or stock to stew or braise meat. Tomato juice has more acid, so it assists with breaking the sturdiness of the meat.

How to substitute

You can use the one tablespoon of tomato juice to substitute for a tablespoon of fresh diced tomato. If you cook it for a dinner, make a point to cook through the dish.

Confused about how to make tomato juice for any recipe? Check out this video by “Rada Cutlery” showing how to make a healthy and simple tomato juice from fresh tomatoes:-

Tomato soup

Tomato soup is a soup with tomatoes as the essential fixing.

It very well may be served hot or cold and might be made in an assortment of ways.

Tomato soup has a comparative flavor to Diced tomato, yet it is better and contains more fluid.

That can make your recipe turn out runny.

If it is your only alternative, go for it; however, you should lessen the other fluid fixings in the recipe.

Utilize this trade for recipes already cooked with a ton of wet fixings, similar to Garden Vegetable Beef Soup or Mushroom Tracker’s Sauce.

How to substitute

Add one 10.75-ounce jar of tomato soup to your recipe, decreasing the other fluid fixings by 1/4 to 1/2 cup. Remember, they are not the same, so you might not get the exact taste even after adding 2 or 3 teaspoons.

Want to know how tomato soup can be made for any recipe? Watch “Flavours of food” step by step, showing us how to make an easy and healthy bowl of creamy tomato soup at home, here:-

Canned Tomatoes

Canned tomatoes are tomatoes, typically sealed, fixed into a can after having been prepared by heat.

Another great substitute that will do the work right is canned tomatoes.

It is quite possibly the most functional alternative and something that can be effectively found in stores.

You can generally mix them and eliminate an overabundance of fluid. Try not to add any seasonings, spices, or salt since Diced

Tomato is regularly unseasoned. Utilize equivalent adds up to substitute.

The disadvantage is you need to utilize the can’s whole substance when you open it, or it will probably get ruined.

How to substitute

When cooking with Canned tomatoes, we suggest that you utilize 1/2 tablespoon of canned tomatoes per Diced tomatoes for roughly a similar taste level.

Confused about how to use Canned tomatoes in a recipe? Check out this video by “Tastemade” showing three ways to put canned tomatoes to good use:-

Crushed Tomatoes

Crushed tomatoes are another handcrafted substitute.

This one is the same as utilizing different alternatives that have already been shared.

You’ll need to mix these or utilize a food processor to puree them a bit.

Keep in mind and you would prefer not to transform them into pureed tomatoes.

Crushed tomatoes have a surface between diced tomatoes and smoothly pureed tomatoes.

It’s normally a blend of fresh crushed tomatoes and tomato purée or paste, and it’s, for the most part, pourable yet has a thicker consistency with little pieces of tomatoes.

It’s saucier than both tomato puree as well as tomato juice.

How to substitute

Measure out an equal proportion of these crushed tomatoes to the number of Diced tomatoes your recipe calls for, but add it gradually. If you continue gradually adding your crushed tomatoes and tasting your dish as you add them, you can ensure that the flavor of these crushed tomatoes does not overpower your finished dish.

Confused about how to make crushed tomatoes for a recipe? Check out this video by “Cooking Conspiracy” showing how to peel and crush Tomatoes in the right manner:-

Tomato sauce

Tomato Sauce can generally be utilized as a substitute for Diced Tomato.

Please put it in a container and cook it to diminish the volume or to thicken it into a piece.

Thickening will make up for its thin consistency.

Additionally, remember that most Tomato Sauce is prepared and spiced, which can be somewhat of an issue since the Diced Tomatoes are plain.

You can substitute equivalent measures of sauce for the Diced Tomatoes.

Ensure when subbing to diminish the flavoring levels to hold them back from dominating different fixings.

Tomato sauce will make the consistency ideal for meatballs or stews.

How to substitute

For appropriate substitution, you can use one-third of a cup of tomato sauce and two-third of the cup of tomato puree as a trade for diced tomatoes. You can omit the use of tomato puree if the dish is already full of liquid.

Want to eat nutritious tomato sauce? Know how to make easy and healthy tomato sauce at home, by “The Cooking foodie”:-


What is the difference between Diced tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, and diced tomatoes?

Diced tomatoes are, for the most part, tomato lumps stuffed in tomato juice. Meanwhile, Crushed tomatoes are a combination of diced tomatoes and tomato puree or paste. Unlike crushed tomatoes, Diced tomatoes are cooked and afterward canned, normally with different flavors and sugar added.

What is the difference between diced tomatoes and tomato sauce?

Diced Tomatoes are the exemplary canned tomato item, and diced tomatoes are utilized where you would regularly utilize new diced tomatoes. Diced tomatoes are called for in stews, lasagna, pasta dishes, and soups. While Tomato sauce is more slender than tomato puree and regularly has flavors added. Tomato sauce is utilized as a base for some different sauces.

Are Peeled whole tomatoes the same as diced tomatoes?

Whole peeled tomatoes are by and large sold stripped, in one or the other squeeze or puree. It is one of the greatest tomato item. In the event that your formula calls for squashed, basically split the tomatoes up with your hands or clench your hand as they go into the pot. Diced tomatoes are, for the most part, tomato lumps pressed in tomato juice

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