13 Best Substitutes for Orange Juice


Orange juice is a great go-to product used in every form of cooking, in every recipe, ranging across all meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to general consumption for a healthy diet.

However, some recipes may seem incomplete or impossible when you’re out of orange juice because you can’t figure out what to use as a substitute.

13 Great Substitutes for Orange Juice

Don’t fret, for in each aspect of cooking, be it baking, general cooking, or even just as a citrus beverage for your Vitamin C needs, here are 13 amazing substitutes you can use to achieve a near-identical effect that regular OJ can.

Fresh Oranges

The most practical and perhaps healthiest alternative to orange juice is fresh oranges.

If your recipe calls for a liquid orange juice, go ahead and fresh juice oranges, strain the pulp, seeds, and pith, and use your own fresh, sugar-free orange juice!

Moreover, as a daily supplement, orange juice is more fattening than consuming whole oranges, given that whole fruits are naturally high in fiber and contain more antioxidants and no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.


This is perhaps the best alternative to using bottled orange juice since it is healthier, cheaper, and can control the quantity of sugar you are consuming.

Citrus Fruit Juices

A great alternative to using in place of orange juice if you can’t find it in your recipes can be the juice of any citrus fruit; limes, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, sweet limes, or any local variant of citrus fruit.

All citrus fruits may not have the iconic flavor of orange, but it is the next best alternative.

Belonging to the same plant family, citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C, gut-health promoting soluble fibers, and cancer-fighting flavonoids.

Citrus fruit juices work very well in baked goods, flame-cooked recipes as well as beverages. These are versatile and allow you to use several different varieties and pick the best kind for your requirement.

Be sure to pick an option with low sugar.


The next best alternative to using orange juice is to use citrus fruit juices from any other citrus fruit. This is a versatile alternative that works in different recipes. It is also packed with nutrients.


Marmalade is a premade orange pulp-based jam made using orange pulp, orange peels, and sugar.

Marmalade can replace orange juice in several recipes, particularly in orange-flavored desserts, beverages, and baked goods.

Marmalade is rich in sugar; you may want to recheck the quantity of sugar that goes into your recipes.

To compensate for the missing liquid from orange juice, you can hydrate recipes by adding extra water.


Marmalade is a preserve containing oranges that can substitute orange juice in many recipes. It works very well, especially in desserts, beverages, and baked goods. It can contain high quantities of sugar and should be used with caution.

Orange Extract

A good alternative for using orange juice as a flavoring agent in baked goods, desserts, and beverages, is orange and water. Orange extract is very intense and can overpower recipes easily; use with caution.

The water can compensate for the liquid content of orange juice. The extract can add the flavor of orange.

This is a good alternative to use if you look for a completely sugar-free alternative to using bottled orange juice.


A good sugar-free substitute for using bottled orange juice uses orange juice and water as a replacement. It works well in baked goods, desserts, and beverages and should be used carefully due to its intensity.

Orange Liqueur

This is an excellent alternative to use in place of orange juice in beverages if you want to add an orange flavor to it.

Additionally, this alternative has also been known to work well in desserts and some baked goods.

The orange liqueur has a mild orange flavor, just enough to hint at its presence in your recipes, and may not provide an intense taste of orange.

Orange liqueur does contain alcohol and may be unsuitable for children and those who refrain from consuming alcohol, making it a limiting alternative to using in your recipes.


Orange liqueur is an alcoholic alternative to using orange juice that works especially well in adding a mild orange taste to desserts and beverages. It may work in baked goods too.

Orange/citrus Peels

A great way to add orange juice in recipes without using fresh orange juice is to use orange peels. Peels work in every form, dry bottled zest, sugar-based preserves, and even regular orange peels from fresh oranges.

You can use fresh peels by removing the bitter white bits and using the vibrant orange or green zest in your recipes. The aroma of citrus peels is its most unique feature, setting it apart from other alternatives.

You can compensate for missing liquid from the orange juice by adding extra water or buttermilk.

Citrus peels also don’t contain any acid or sugars; this need can be fulfilled using lemon juice or vinegar and some sugar or honey along with the peels.


Citrus peels are an excellent alternative for flavor and aroma. They can be used in virtually any recipe. You can use them with secondary ingredients like lemon juice, sugar, water, vinegar, et cetera to emulate the effect of orange juice in your recipes.

Orange Juice Concentrate

If you have orange juice concentrates in your pantry, dilute it with some water and use it in place of orange juice in virtually any recipe.

Try to pick a sugar-free concentrate to achieve near identical results to that of using fresh orange juice.

This alternative is almost like the real thing, given the fact that it essentially contains the same components as orange juice. Concentrates are extremely thick and must be diluted before use.


Orange juice concentrate that has been diluted can emulate any orange juice in virtually any recipe. You must pick a sugar-free concentrate and dilute it correctly for the best results.

Orange Soda

While it sounds peculiar, this unique replacement for orange juice may work for some recipes. The soda present in it can make baked goods light, fluffy and moist.

This is good for adding an orange flavor as well.

Orange soda should be used with a lot of caution, though, since it contains very high quantities of sugar, several additives, colors, chemical preservatives, and flavoring agents too.

Orange soda works well in beverages and desserts. It should ideally be used only if you are in a pinch. Add sugar in your recipes with caution if using this alternative.


Orange soda is an adequate alternative to orange juice in some recipes, particularly beverages and desserts. Orange soda is very high in sugar and other additives and thus must be used with caution.


Yet another peculiar alternative to traditional orange juice, especially for beverages, desserts, and some baked goods, is cola.

It has a distinct flavor and may not deliver a similar flavor to that of orange juice. But coke has high quantities of soda, which can add fluff, moisture, and a smooth texture to batters and cookies.

Sweeten your recipes carefully; coke is very high in sugar and must be used with caution. In addition, it also has a lot of artificial flavors, and color added, making it a less healthy alternative.


Coke is a less healthy yet effective alternative to use in place of orange juice. It can make baked goods better but is very high in sugar and other additives.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This miracle vinegar does more than add a sour flavor; apple cider vinegar is an excellent alternative to use in place of orange juice. It is highly concentrated and must be diluted before consumption.

Apple cider vinegar is sweeter than other types of vinegar but will not emulate the sweetness of orange juice. Some extra added sugar and water must accompany it.


ACV is also a very healthy alternative to use due to its long list of nutritional benefits. It works very well in substituting orange juice in baked recipes.

White Vinegar

White non-fruit vinegar can also work as a great acidic addition to your recipes instead of orange juice. You can add some orange extract for flavor and some sugar to emulate orange juice exactly.

It is highly concentrated and should be used with caution. It is a pocket-friendly and easy access alternative to using and works best in dressings and baked goods.


White vinegar is a good substitute for using accompanied secondary ingredients like sugar and orange extract to achieve a similar result. It is also easy to access and affordable.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is excellent easy access, and light on the pocket substitute for orange juice. The citrus flavor of lemon juice is a great addition to most recipes.

While it lacks the distinct orange flavor, the citrus fruit comes closer than most other replacements.

Lemon juice can be used in half the quantity since it is extremely sour on its own. You might have to water it down a little to replicate the water content in orange juice.

It is also a very healthy alternative, rich in vitamin C and anticarcinogens.


Lemon juice is a cheap and easy-to-find, naturally sourced alternative. It is very sour and should be diluted before use. It works well in almost any recipe and has several health benefits.

Citric Acid Crystals

When you are in an absolute pinch and need a sour kick and have no natural options available to you, this can work as a great alternative.

Citric acid crystals are generally used in many baked goods as an acidic ingredient to counteract sodium bicarbonate to produce carbon dioxide bubbles that make baked goods light, airy and fluffy.

Citric acid crystals, therefore, are best to use in place of orange juice in baked goods and some dressings and that too after carefully hydrating and diluting it.

This is usually chemically produced and incredibly concentrated. Use this substitute carefully.


This alternative is a chemically produced common baking product that works very well in baked goods. It should be used with caution since it is very dense and concentrated.


What can I use instead of orange juice in baking?

There are many alternatives available to use instead of orange juice. You can use other citrus juices, diluted apple cider vinegar, or regular vinegar with orange extract, lemon juice, and more. You can use coke or orange soda, but you have to sweeten your recipes according to their pre-existing sugar content. They all contain acidic content that can replace orange juice.

Can I use Apple cider vinegar in dressings instead of orange juice?

Yes. Apple cider vinegar can work well in place of orange juice. It needs to be diluted, and you can add some extra sugar to emulate the sweetness of orange juice.

What fruit juices can replace orange juice?

Virtually any citrus fruit juice can replace orange juice easily. You can also replace it with a number of juicy and sour fruit cranberries, pomegranates, even apple juice.

What does orange juice do in baking?

Orange juice has a very distinct bright flavor along with great acidic content. This can replace other acidic components like dairy in reacting with soda to create CO2 bubbles that make baked goods light, airy and fluffy.

Can I use lemon juice instead of orange juice?

Yes. Though lemon juice is more acidic, tart and has very little sugar in comparison to orange juice. You may have to compensate by adding extra water and sugar.

Bottom Line

A lack of orange juice should not be a hurdle in your cooking process.

You can use any of these thirteen excellent substitutes at every step of the way, as per your cooking requirements, be it a baked good, desserts, beverages, and many more.

Hopefully, one of these can fit the bill, and you can carry on with your creations without a pause.

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