6 Best Substitutes for Pecorino Cheese


Pecorino cheese is the name given to most Italian cheeses made from sheep’s milk.

Pecorinos cheese is traditional, creamy, drum-shaped. It comes in a variety of flavours determined by their age.

6 Best Substitutes for Pecorino Cheese

However, Pecorino cheese is not readily available in many parts of the world and is expensive; this article has listed the best substitutes for Pecorino cheese.


Piave cheese, sometimes referred to as Parmesan’s cousin is an Italian cow’s milk cheese made in Belluno, Italy, and named after the Piave river.

The young Piave cheese is white and has a slight sweetness, but with age, it gets darker, with more straw-coloured, and develops a strong flavour similar to Parmesan.


Piave cheese, when young, has a white and sweet flavor that gets darker with age. With its easy availability and use, it makes an excellent substitute for Pecorino cheese.


Parmigiano-Reggiano is an Italian hard, grainy cheese produced from cow’s milk.

It is famous for its name based on Reggio Emilia, Parma, the part of Bologna west of the Reno, and Modena, and Mantua on the right/south bank of the Po.

In the U.S., however, the name Parmesan isn’t regulated, which is why Parmesan doesn’t age for as long, doesn’t have a distinctive flavour.

Parmesan is similar to Pecorino Romanoas; both grate well and with a similarly sharp, nutty flavour.

It melts easily and can be added to pastries, pieces of bread, or baked pasta dishes.


Pecorino cheese has a high content of salt and sour than Parmesan, so substituting always tastes before adding salt to recipes.

Grana Padano

Grana Padano cheese originates in the Po River Valley in northern Italy, similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

However, Grana Padano cheese has relatively less strict regulations governing its production, unlike Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Grana Padano is an Italian cheese that can be used as a substitute in cooking and baking.

IT is a D.O.P., but it’s often less expensive than other D.O.P. cheeses due to its wider formation in the area of Italy.


Grana Padano tastes similar to Pecorino cheese and is inexpensive compare to Pecorino cheese, making it a favorite alternative for Pecorino cheese.


Asiago is an Italian cow’s milk cheese with D.O.P. status, which means that authentically Asiago can only be made in specific regions of Northern Italy.

Asiago is a popular Italian cheese; its texture can vary from medium to hard based on how long the cheese is aged.

With age, it forms a harder, firmer, crystallized texture and sharp, savoury flavour.

Asiago is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and has a sharper, nuttier flavour.


Asiago cheese is widely used in grating in various dishes and is commonly sliced and used for making hot or cold sandwiches.

Spanish Manchego

Spanish Manchego Younger cheese, called “semi curado,” is soft with a fruity, grassy flavor. With age, it becomes flaky with a sharp and slightly sweet taste.

Spanish Manchego is cheese products in the La Mancha region of Spain, made from the sheep of the Manchega breed.

Manchego cheese is varied between 60 days and two years.

Manchego has a thick and compact consistency and a buttery texture, often with small, unevenly distributed air pockets.

Spanish Manchego is often paired with salmon or lamb and is usually eaten with dulce de (quince paste).


Spanish Manchego Younger cheese is softer and fruity in flavor, makes an excellent substitute for Pecorino cheese.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a unique vegetarian food that has a pleasantly cheesy flavour and powerful nutritional benefits.

Nutritional yeast has a cheesy, savoury flavour and contains protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Nutritional yeast is available as flakes, powder, or granules and has a rich, strong flavour.


Nutritional yeasts are a great source of amino acids, single-cell proteins, several bioavailable minerals and make an excellent substitute for Pecorino cheese.


Is Pecorino cheese Keto-friendly?

Pecorino cheese is an exclusive Italian cheese that contains very low carbs and high in nutritional properties such as antioxidants making it an effective keto-friendly cheese.

How do you eat pecorino cheese?

Fresh Pecorino cheese works as a table cheese and is used itself with a slice of fresh bread. Pecorino cheese can also be eaten as an appetizer and cold cuts; also, it is used in grated or flaked as an ingredient to enrich the taste of many traditional Italian dishes such as pasta, soups, sauces, salads, risottos, and pizza.

Bottom Line

Pecorino Cheese’s distinctive flavor is one of the most versatile cheeses in the world for cooking.

There are, however, many substitutes available in place of Pecorino cheese with similar use and taste.

I hope this list helps find you your suitable replacement for Pecorino. Also, do share your experience and recipes in the comments section.

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