8 Best Substitutes For Short Rib


This blog is the ultimate guide on what are the Substitutes of short ribs and how you can replace them with ease and safety at your home.

I have personally tried this myself numerous times, and it always works like a charm. You can totally rely on these substitutes as they are Chef’s choices.

It is time for the first step, which is getting to know all kinds of substitutes of short rib that are available.

Eight Best Substitutes For Short Rib

The Best Substitutes for Short Rib are – Beef Chuck roast, Beef plate short ribs, beef back ribs, Beef shank, Beef flanken ribs, Lamb legs and shank, Veal, and Pork, .

They are discussed in detail here – 

Beef Chuck roast

A smoked chuck roast is another chance. Like a short rib, chuck roast is exceptionally marbled meat.

During the cooking procedure, the fat will assimilate into the meat.

It’s more modest than short rib yet enormous enough to take care of a family or little gathering. It isn’t normally boneless.

If you choose to attempt chuck, make sure to pick a piece with great marbling.

Season it liberally with rub and smoke it like you would a short rib for a few hours over indirect heat.

It is ideal if you cook a chuck at a lower temperature than a short rib, at about 225°F.

How to substitute

Because it is almost the same as Short ribs, you can substitute it in an equal quantity. Remember to taste the meal after adding a very small quantity. You can add more if required.

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Beef plate short ribs

The beef plate short rib is perhaps the best trade for short rib and gives you the absolute juiciest choices that you can discover around.

In the first place, you need to broil all of the plate ribs that you’ve in a container.

At that point, in a cast iron pot, add flavors, chopped onions, apple juice vinegar, margarine, ketchup, brown sugar, and water.

Blend them all in that cast iron pot and cook in a broiler for 350°F for 3 hours or until delicate.

The outcome is near meat short rib and is an extraordinary food to eat all alone.

How to substitute

To use in the dishes, add the beef plate short ribs likewise while observing the taste until it reaches your preferred levels. Utilize equivalent amounts when subbing beef plate short ribs for short ribs. A lot of the beef plate short ribs can overwhelm the entire dish since it has a higher fixation.

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Beef back ribs

Various names are given to beef back ribs, and they could change according to butcher.

It tends to be called by the accompanying names, for example, meat riblets, dinosaur ribs, finger ribs, rib bones, or simply beef ribs.

It’s likewise quite possibly the most sought-after beef cut in the market because of its fame in taste, fragrance, surface, and quality.

This cut is situated under the animal’s front space of its spine.

These cuts produce quality meat that isn’t new to us with any semblance of prime rib broil and, obviously, the ribeye steak.

It’s an ideal supper for any event.

How to substitute

The replacement for these meats is additionally very basic. Simply follow the proportion of 1:1. That is it. Yet, consider that the back ribs slice are bigger contrasted with short ribs. Likewise, the meat is not as greasy contrasted with short plate ribs, and you need not change your oil for any dish you need to do with this meat.

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Beef shank

If for any reason, you can’t utilize short rib, yet you need to utilize meat, Beef shanks can be a decent other option.

The beef shanks are the leg part of the beef, and, similar to short rib, as a result of the muscle’s consistent use, it will, in general, be somewhat tough and dry.

The ideal approach to set up this slice of meat is to cook it for quite a while in a wet climate, making it a decent decision for soups and stews.

Beef shanks are normally sold sliced and have a less high price than short ribs.

How to substitute

Utilize beef shanks as a 1:1 substitute for short ribs. Contingent upon the measure of food, you can compare the necessary short rib with the perfect measure of beef shanks.

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Beef flanken ribs

Flanken ribs are the meat that can be found just around the short ribs.

It’s meagerly cut for, in any event, ½ inch thick that goes through the steers’ bones and with hints of the rib bones when cut.

This cut is normally utilized in Korea for grills and kalbi-style cooking.

If you don’t want to incorporate the bones from the short ribs, go for the flanken ribs.

It contains little fat and lean meat, an ideal blend for appetizing and substantiality.

Beef flanken ribs are not difficult to cook since the meat is soft and tender.

How to substitute

When subbing short ribs over flanken ribs, it is as yet an unchanged proportion of 1:1. It has practically similar attributes, less the enormous bones, so it is anything but as difficult to supplant from each other. Beef flanken ribs can be cooked quickly and simply.

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Lamb legs and shank

Lamb’s leg is acceptable broiled or boiled. A whole lamb leg is ideal for serving up to 5 individuals, as long as you have many side dishes and will serve dessert a while later.

Lamb tops you off quite well, so don’t disparage it.

Simple to cut and extremely delightful, it’s both lean and tasty. Spread garlic blend over it equally, rubbing on completely into the scored cuts.

Spot into the oven and roast until it arrives at an interior temperature of 135°F for medium, around 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes, or until required doneness.

Let rest 15 minutes before cutting.

How to substitute

If you have lamb legs and shanks, substitute one piece of short rib with more than one piece of fresh lamb legs or shanks. If you have the new raw lamb leg or shank, utilize the 1:1 proportion. Lamb legs and shanks are quite strong; too much of its contents might hurt your tastebuds.

Confused about how to use roast leg in a recipe? Check out this video by “manskils” showing how to make a healthy and the best roast lamb:-


Veal cut from the shoulder and round make an empowering substitute for short ribs.

Three ounces of normally lean veal has just 165 calories and 6 grams of fat, yet it’s nothing but a decent wellspring of niacin, zinc, and vitamin B12 and B6.

Veal blocks cut from the shoulder can replace short ribs in a good stew.

Simmer gently carmelized blocks and new artichokes in water and white wine until delicate if you incline toward veal leg cutlets, just delicately brown cutlets on each side in cooking spray and present with a gremolata sauce.

How to substitute

Combine four parts of the veal roast with one part of any other beef roast for an easy substitute when you are in a hurry. This ratio will make a very nice flavor for whichever dish you are whipping up. It is also easy to make whatever quantity of veal roast you need using this ratio.

Did you know how you can prepare veal in your kitchen? Watch this video by “Glen and friends cooking” showing how to choose and cook veal chops easily at home:-


Pork is another viable non-meat option in contrast to short rib.

Pork is not difficult to track down and can serve a huge gathering of individuals.

Pork shoulder is useful for moderate cooking, pork flank is best broiled, and pork ribs are best marinated and barbecued or smoked.

Pork short rib is presumably the most like meat short rib.

It likewise has a lean side and a greasy side. It tends to be set up as a meat short rib by applying a rub and putting it in a smoker.

Pork short rib is tougher to cut, however, tastes delectable.

How to substitute

If you choose to utilize it, add one piece of pork roast for each one piece of short rib. Remember, pork roast or pork short rib is not the same as short rib, so you might not get the exact taste even after adding 2 or 3 pieces.

Confused about how to cook pork in your kitchen? Look no further and watch this video by “Taste Show” talking about how to make Chef’s favorite BBQ Roast pork (Char Siu):-


Are beef ribs and short ribs the same?

Beef spare ribs are all the more precisely known as beef back ribs. Short ribs, in any case, are beef ribs taken from the plate cut. The two require distinctive cooking techniques. While back ribs can be braised, broiled, or barbecued, short ribs are best braised; they can be barbecued, however, solely after an underlying braising.

Are country style ribs the same as short ribs?

“Boneless” short ribs are cut from either the throw or plate and consist of rib meat isolated from the bone. “Boneless country style short ribs,” nonetheless, are false, short ribs. Country style ribs are discovered essentially in the US and are cut from the toss eye roll (filling in as a more affordable choice to rib steak).

Are spare beef ribs and short ribs the same thing?

Flanken, Beef Short Ribs, and Spare beef Ribs are largely really a similar piece of meat. The thing that matters is essentially by the way it is cut. At the point when cut across the bone around 3 inches thick and afterward cut again between each bone, we call this “Short Ribs” displayed underneath focus.

Bottom Line

I hope this list assisted you in discovering various suitable substitutes for short ribs.

Please share your experience with these. Do you think we missed out on any possible substitute? Comment below your substitute for the short rib to be included in our inventory.

Share this list with your friends and family, and let them know about these amazing substitutes so that they can use them if needed.

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