13 Best Substitutes For Yogurt


In this post, I am going to discuss the best Substitutes for Yogurt you can get in the comfort of your home.

In fact, the following are the exact Substitutes that I use whenever I am out of yogurt at home, and trust me, they work magic.

Keep reading to know how you can find a perfect substitute for yogurt at your home too.

Thirteen Best Substitutes For Yogurt

The Best Substitutes For Yogurt are – Sour cream, Cottage cheese or Paneer, Buttermilk, Cream cheese, Avocado, Mayonnaise, Greek Yogurt, Pureed Silken Tofu, Coconut cream/milk, Agar-Agar powder, Gelatin, Probiotic Capsules, and Soy milk.

They are discussed in detail here – 

Sour cream

Sour cream is a generally useful yogurt substitute. Sour cream will give you a comparative surface and tartness.

Where it gets precarious is if that you are utilizing a fat-free assortment, in which case, the replacement works for cold recipes, similar to dips.

Otherwise, the surface of sour cream will be off.

You can utilize sour cream in practically any recipe that calls for plain yogurt; however, it functions admirably in salad dressings and sauces.

Sour cream will add a more liberal chomp to any dish, yet the dish’s surface will continue as before.

How to substitute

You can utilize exactly the same measure of sour cream as you would of yogurt (1:1 ratio). To guarantee ideal flavor, a more sour cream amount should be utilized when subbing plain yogurt. For example, in the event that you needed to add one tablespoon of plain yogurt, you should add two tablespoons of sour cream.

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Cottage cheese or Paneer

Cottage cheese or Paneer is a fresh cheese with characteristics and tastes like yogurt, exceptionally famous in Indian cooking for its taste and flexibility.

Cottage cheese is made by turning sour milk (generally cow milk or buffalo milk) with an acid component, and it is ideal for frying as, not much like yogurt, cottage cheese or paneer has a high softening point.

Cottage cheese or Paneer does not dissolve when warmed, and the comparable gentle, smooth flavor makes it an ideal yogurt substitute.

We can grill it or fry it and use cottage cheese as a substitute in practically any recipe that calls for yogurt.

How to Substitute

Roughly one small Square piece of cottage cheese or paneer is equal to one tablespoon of Yogurt. A lot of the cottage cheese can overwhelm the entire dish since it has a higher fixation.

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Buttermilk is a fermented dairy beverage. Buttermilk came as a result of making butter.

At the point when the cream is beaten, the fat isolates from the fluid.

The fluid released afterward is the thing that was called buttermilk. It is a typical fix in rolls, biscuits, etc.

The taste of buttermilk is reminiscent of yogurt, and most individuals like it perfectly chilled. It gives a different tang to baked goods and pancakes.

It can likewise be utilized in fried food sources or a velvety base in soups, potato serving of mixed greens, or mixed greens dressings.

How to substitute

Utilize one cup buttermilk to supplant 1 cup milk and 2 tbsp plain yogurt in baked goods. Utilize 2 tbsp buttermilk to replace 1 tbsp of plain yogurt in different recipes.

Did you know you can make buttermilk in your kitchen? Watch this video by “Preppy kitchen” showing how easily we can make buttermilk at home:- https://youtu.be/qKU4nynlIgo

Cream cheese

Cream cheese is a delicate, generally gentle tasting fresh cheese produced using milk and cream.

Stabilizers, for example, carob bean gum and carrageenan, are frequently included in mechanical production.

Cream Cheese is high in fat and contains a modest quantity of carbs and protein.

Cream cheese is a decent wellspring of Vitamin A and contributes some riboflavin (vitamin B2).

Whipped cream cheese contains less fat and fewer calories per serving ( 6 ).

Cream cheese is high in fat and a decent wellspring of vitamin A and riboflavin.

Past its conventional uses, cream cheese can upgrade the kind of numerous sound recipes.

How to substitute

It is critical to note down that cream cheese will have a higher flavor fixation, which implies you should utilize less cream cheese amount. That being said, possibly add a large portion of a tablespoon of cream cheese when you need to substitute one tablespoon of plain yogurt.

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Perhaps the best option in contrast to yogurt is Avocado.

It is an extraordinary decision for infants and kids yet in addition for grown-ups of any age.

It contains Vitamin K, potassium just as essential fats, vitamin B6, vitamin B5, vitamin C, folate, potassium, and vitamin E.

You would not need to utilize any heat as you set up your avocado.

You can place it in cuts and add it to your plates of mixed greens or mix it into a tasty avocado puree alongside some onion and garlic.

You can make different recipes like Avocado puree, Avocado and salmon, and Avocado salad.

How to Substitute

For each one tablespoon of plain yogurt needed in the recipe, it tends to be supplanted with one tablespoon of fresh Avocado and one teaspoon of curd.

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Mayonnaise is an exemplary sauce that we ought always to remember.

Mayonnaise, casually mayo, is a thick cold sauce or dressing usually utilized in sandwiches, cheeseburgers, formed plates of mixed greens, and French fries.

Mayonnaise likewise shapes the base for some different sauces, for example, tartar sauce, remoulade, salsa golf, and rouille.

Generally, mayonnaise is made utilizing eggs, oil, vinegar, and mustard.

However, you will likewise discover Eggless Mayonnaise on the lookout.

Eggless mayonnaise can be made utilizing milk, aquafaba, or soy milk.

It very well may be a piece of a solid eating routine when eaten in limited quantities.

How to substitute

You should utilize more Mayonnaise when subbing them for fresh plain yogurt. For instance, on the off chance that you needed to add one tablespoon of fresh plain yogurt, add around four tablespoons of mayonnaise for guaranteeing ideal flavor and fragrance.

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Greek Yogurt

Try not to avoid that sad Greek yogurt compartment toward the rear of your refrigerator.

Greek yogurt is similarly comparable to the normal stuff for baking, dips, and sauces.

Additionally, there is a huge load of advantages to eating Greek yogurt.

The cake made with Greek yogurt puffed up more than the first cake, and it is anything but somewhat extreme.

Greek yogurt has less whey, so your batter will be thicker, and it has more fat and protein essentially.

The additional fat will give you somewhat more delicacy; the additional protein will give you somewhat more design; however, these two things offset one another.

How to substitute

Similar to sour cream, fresh and healthy Greek yogurt is a 1-to-1 replacement for fresh plain yogurt. Contingent upon the measure of food, you can compare the necessary fresh plain yogurt with the perfect measure of Greek yogurt.

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Pureed Silken Tofu

A nutritious and delectable option is pureed silken Tofu.

Tofu is an elective that is functionally the same as yogurt and fits entirely well.

You can join pureed silken Tofu with any recipe to copy yogurt’s hearty and creamy kind.

Pureed silken Tofu will not be equivalent to if you utilized yogurt, yet you will unquestionably draw out the best of pureed silken Tofu in your recipe.

It has an acrid taste and can retain different flavors when it is consolidated.

It needs excellent preparation to free the pleasantness once again from it. You can utilize pureed silken tofu in singed dishes or soups.

How to Substitute

You can use the pureed silken tofu one piece as a substitute for a tablespoon of plain yogurt. If you cook it in a curry or batter, make a point to cook through the dish.

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Coconut cream/milk

Coconut cream/milk is a sans dairy wonder food. Refrigerate a container of full-fat coconut milk for a few hours or overnight.

The coconut cream will ascend to the top and can quickly be skimmed off.

Know that Coconut Cream is a lot higher in fat than the different choices listed; hence it is thicker.

Coconut cream is generally utilized in numerous Southeast Asian curries and soups, similar to Thai green curry, to adjust zest levels and smooth surfaces.

Coconut cream/milk is an extraordinary fixing to use in sans dairy or vegetarian pastries like chocolate mousse, tiramisu, or berry parfaits.

How to substitute

According to your requirements, coconut cream/milk can replace fresh plain yogurt in a 1:1 ratio. One tablespoon of the fresh plain yogurt is equal to one tablespoon of fresh coconut cream/milk. If you cook it in a batter, make a point to cook through the dish.

Check out this video by “Simple beauty n spice” and try this versatile homemade recipe for making fresh coconut cream from coconut milk, here:-

Agar-Agar powder

Agar powder comes from the normal solvent fiber in an assortment of ocean growth.

It has the advantage of not requiring as much sugar for you to get its gelling impact.

Significant contrasts to recall incorporate how a dish made with agar powder will have a higher liquefying point than one made with yogurt and can give the dish an alternate mouthfeel.

Additionally, it would be best to note that agar powder will set up a lot quicker than yogurt whenever it is broken up.

The only downside of agar powder is that there is no disadvantage.

How to substitute

One tablespoon of the fresh plain yogurt is equal to one teaspoon of agar agar powder. A lot of the agar powder can overwhelm the entire dish since it has a higher fixation.

Did you know you can make Agar agar in your kitchen? Watch this video by “Good Housekeeping UK” showing how easily we can make agar-agar at home:-


Gelatin is a feasible choice for non-veggie lovers or non-vegans.

It upgrades the tone and kind of the leafy foods you have, a brilliant, delightful dish! Unsweetened gelatin powder contains 94 calories for every bundle and is high in protein.

It’s an item produced by cooking collagen. It is derived almost entirely from protein.

There are similar texture, stability, and mouthfeel features provided by gelatin without affecting the quality of the cooked food product.

The solitary disadvantage of gelatin is that you cook out a ton of the normal supplements and wind up adding a ton of added sugar.

How to substitute

To use in the dishes, add the gelatin likewise while observing the taste until it reaches your preferred levels. In many cases, one to two teaspoons of gelatin is sufficient to replace one teaspoon of yogurt. You can slash the pieces or supplement them as a whole and eliminate the stickiness before eating the food.

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Probiotic Capsules

Probiotic Capsules can be utilized; however, ensure you manage a respected brand that has been appropriately put away.

You can purchase probiotics in powder form; however, most are sold in containers.

To utilize it is nothing but a starter for yogurt, essentially open the container and spill the powder out.

Probiotic capsules are essentially microorganisms and are taken out from the medium that they are grown on.

Regardless, where dairy is a solid concern, make a point to search for brands marked as “sans dairy” or “vegan.”

And check twice with the producer to discover their process and the medium they used to develop the microbes.

How to substitute

It should be utilized in a lesser amount because of higher sharpness. That being said, decrease the number of probiotic capsules when subbing it for plain yogurt. Remember to taste the meal after adding a very small quantity. You can add more if required.

Soy milk

Last but not least, Soy milk is another choice.

The soybean is a type of vegetable local to East Asia, generally grown for its consumable bean, which has various uses.

Conventional unfermented food uses of soybeans include soy milk, from which tofu and tofu skin are made.

A natively constructed fresh soy milk can be a great swap for yogurt.

Split a soybean and eliminate the gooey part. Take milk in a skillet and add the case and the gooey part. Stew for 15-20 minutes.

This soy-flavored milk can be utilized as a substitute for fresh plain yogurt in different recipes.

How to substitute

Utilize an equivalent measure of fresh soy milk or fresh soy cream to supplant fresh plain yogurt. However, remember that sky milk’s flavor may not be pretty much as solid as the plain yogurt.

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What is the difference between plain yogurt and famous curd?

Curd or Dahi is a dairy item which is made by turning sour milk with a palatable acidic substance like lemon juice, vinegar, and even curd itself. Meanwhile plain Yogurt, then again, is made by the bacterial aging of milk. To make plain yogurt, yogurt culture comprising Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus are utilized.

Can I substitute milk for plain yogurt in baking?

Milk can supplant plain Yogurt in both sweet and delicious dishes. Use milk in equal amounts, which adds up to the plain Yogurt that your recipe calls for—yet on the off chance that you are utilizing skim milk, and you will need to think as it is nothing but a touch of water first.

What is a non dairy substitute for yogurt?

A few sorts of yogurt, like Greek yogurt, are higher in protein, while enhanced yogurts are, for the most part, higher in carbs from added sugar. As with non-dairy kinds of milk, substitutes for plain yogurt are produced using nuts, seeds, coconut, and soy and are made by adding probiotic microbes.

Bottom Line

I hope this list helped you to know about the substitutes for Yogurt.

Share your experience with these. Do you have a substitution that is not mentioned here? Please share with us in the comments. We will make sure to test it out.

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