15 Best Substitutes for Smoked Paprika


Smoked paprika, usually known as smoked Spanish paprika or pimenton, is prepared from peppers smoked and dried over wooden fires.

This method provides the red powder a rich, smoky taste. It is produced from a mix of dried peppers. You can discover this smoked variety in mild, hot, and medium-hot.

15 Best Substitutes for Smoked Paprika

Regardless of whether we have been looking for an option in contrast to the bright verdant flavor of the Paprika or you are prepared to investigate peppers with somewhat more oomph, here are the best substitutes for Smoked Paprika for you.

Chipotle Chili Powder

Chipotle powder is made up of dried and ground chipotle chiles, instead of standard “Chili powder,” a blend of ground chiles with a few flavors like oregano, garlic powder, and cumin.

It has a moderate warmth level with fruity suggestions. The maximum usage of chipotle has made it the best flavor for adding warmth to a dish.

Because of its smoky beat, this is perfect for corn cake, grill rubs, enchilada sauces, stews, bean stew, or flavor rubs.

It is produced using only one fixing: dried, smoked jalapeno peppers. They are then crushed into powder structure in unadulterated, shortsighted flavor wonder.

How to Substitute

Because it is almost the same as Smoked paprika, you can substitute it in an equal quantity. Remember to taste the meal after adding a very small quantity. You can add more if required.

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Tomato Powder

Like smoked paprika, Tomato powder is likewise fabricated from Concentrated tomatoes, which have been finely ground, so those components have a variety of similarities in taste, color, and texture.

Tomato powder may be a good opportunity in any dish that calls for Paprika in sauce or powder form.

Tomato powder is a unique element for including punchy tomato taste with no liquid or texture. Sprinkle it into soups, sauces, stews, and baked goods.

You will need to sprinkle a tad more significant than the standard quantity to feel its flavor on your dish. It is also to be had withinside the off-season.

How to Substitute

Combine four parts of tomato powder with one part chili powder for an easy substitute when you are in a hurry. This ratio will create a very nice flavor for whatever dish you are whipping up. It is also easy to make whatever quantity of spice you need using this ratio. 


Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste is a thick paste prepared by cooking tomatoes for a few hours to decrease the moisture content, straining out the seeds and skins, and cooking the fluid again to lessen the base to a thick, rich concentrate.

It is a decent counterpart for surface and taste. Try not to add any flavors or spices to the recipe when utilizing tomato paste.

A Paste will not have as much flavor as smoked paprika, and you will add a ton of extra fluid to the dish.

The tomato paste will give you around a similar surface and thickness as the smoked paprika.

How to Substitute

For appropriate substitution, you can use one-third of a cup of tomato paste and two-third of the cup of water as a trade for smoked paprika. You can omit the use of water if the dish is already full of liquid.

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Spice Mixture

Spice mixes are blended spices or herbs.

If you run out of smoked paprika and do not have any of the previously mentioned substitutes, a specific mix of spices containing smoked paprika may turn into a replacement.

Read through the name.

If you discover smoked paprika in the fixing list and the flavor needed by your dish is like the flavor offered by the blend, you may feel free to utilize it as the smoked paprika substitute.

Besides, you may get an extraordinary taste of the dish when utilizing a spice mixture as the smoked paprika substitute.

How to Substitute

You can use the spice mixture one tablespoon to substitute for a tablespoon of fresh smoked paprika. If you cook it in a soup, make a point to cook through the dish.

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Cayenne Pepper Powder

If you do not have any pepper in the kitchen and add some speedy warmth to a feast, the cayenne powder will get the job done.

Since you are subbing smoked paprika with powdered cayenne pepper, you will pass up the firm, fresh pepper taste.

Bell peppers can be incorporated to give your recipe a fresh pepper taste.

Nonetheless, if your recipe calls for simply the paprika warmth, powdered cayenne pepper is a great substitution.

Cayenne Pepper Powder has been utilized for millennia to treat numerous medical conditions.

They are additionally incredible for cooking and contain a few gainful supplements.

How to Substitute

When cooking with dried cayenne pepper powder, we suggest that you utilize 1/2 tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder per smoked paprika for roughly a similar warmth level.

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Chili Powder

Perhaps the best pepper on our rundown of reasonable substitutions is the chili peppers.

Chili Pepper is likewise very gentle, and on the scale, they shift from 100-600 Scoville Heat Units, which is not exactly smoked paprika.

Ordinarily, Chili Pepper is utilized in the United States; however, they are otherwise called Tuscan Peppers and utilized in Italian cooking.

You can undoubtedly discover Chili Pepper fresh in the local markets or pickled in containers (which will last more than the Fresh peppers).

Chili Pepper is the best substitute for smoked paprika when you are not searching for too much heat.

How to Substitute

Measure out an equal proportion of this spice blend to the amount of smoked paprika your recipe calls for, but add it gradually. If you continue gradually adding your chili powder and tasting your dish as you add it, you can ensure that the flavor of this spice blend does not overpower your finished dish.

Watch “FoodLoveMusic” to know how to prepare a delicious, hot and spicy Chili Cayenne pepper Hot Sauce at home:-


Hot Sauce

Hot sauce, prominently known as Tabasco sauce, is a lethal blend of acclaimed Tabasco pepper, vinegar, and salt.

It fills in as a magnificent substitute for Smoked Paprika in a few dishes where it is utilized as a wet flavor.

Bearing a similar warmth profile to Smoked Paprika, the fresh hot sauce likewise reflects the flavor of Paprika so that you can utilize them reciprocally.

Hot Sauce itself conveys zero calories. It is ideal for salsas and sinus or weight reduction.

Likewise, you can add Hot sauce to your cereal to flavor it, yet it is once in a while accessible.

How to Substitute

For the replacement, utilize a small portion of a teaspoon of the hot sauce more than two pinches of smoked paprika. Remember, they are not the same, so you might not get the exact taste even after adding 2 or 3 teaspoons.

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Sweet Paprika Powder

Sweet Paprika powder is a widespread flavoring and an omnipresent thing in the zest bureau. It is made of a mix of dried peppers.

The peppers utilized for paprika will, in general, be milder and have more lean tissue.

It tends to be sprinkled as a topping over spiced eggs or potato plates of mixed greens or utilized to enhance meat rubs. It has a sweet pepper flavor with no warmth.

Sweet Paprika has a vast flavor potential that has been exemplified in a few European and Mexican dishes. It will not frustrate you as the substitute for smoked paprika.

How to Substitute

If you have sweet paprika powder, substitute one teaspoon of smoked paprika with more than one teaspoon of sweet paprika powder. If you have the fresh paprika powder, utilize the 1:1 proportion. They are quite strong; too much of their contents might hurt your tastebuds.


Red Pepper Flakes

Red pepper flakes a typical fixing found in each family kitchen. Although the inclination in the mouth is unique, it can fill in as a satisfactory substitute.

The detriment is that no ‘academic’ measures can be ideal for adding powder.

On the grounds, the warmth levels of chili drops and chili powder fluctuates from maker to producer, brand to mark.

A touch of powder can turn into your mystery to getting more fit also. However, over-utilization can open you to a greater danger of malignancy.

You can add red pepper flakes while cooking or as a flavoring for a dish.

How to Substitute

Follow the 1:1 proportion while substituting Red pepper flakes for smoked paprika. If you are making a huge batch, change the substance and taste before adding more to it.

Check out this video by “Kanak’s kitchen” and try this versatile homemade recipe of how to make red chili flakes:-


Black Pepper

A blooming plant developed for its organic product, known as a peppercorn, is typically dried and utilized as a zest and preparing.

Black Pepper can be utilized as a Smoked Paprika substitute as it is reasonable and gives a similar flavor.

It tends to be used as a zest in different cooking recipes giving a similar taste.

It is a typical economic flavor. Tellicherry Black peppercorns stay longer on the plant and get bigger, allowing them to build their more refined smell.

It is also among a few of the ingredients added together to make spicy smoked paprika.

How to Substitute

In stews, you can put a few dried spicy smoked paprika to taste. You can place Black dried peppers in equal amounts, and it works similarly. It will give the food a pleasant flavor.


Gochugaru Powder

Gochugaru, a coarsely ground, is generally produced using sun-dried Korean red Chili peppers; Gochugaru has an unpredictable flavor profile with hot, sweet, and marginally smoky tastes.

It is made using Cheongyang chili peppers and is better and more smoking.

This is the best “accommodation” sub. Gochugaru sits more in the zest range than smoked paprika.

You will feel significantly more warmth, as well, because burnt smoked paprika frequently contains smoke where a very remarkable pepper’s heat is held.

Gochugaru, relatively, is commonly seedless when made. Smoked paprika has a generally impartial flavor though Gochugaru has a sweet, marginally smoky taste.

How to Substitute

As it is very similar to the regular smoked paprika, you can substitute it in an equal quantity. Remember to taste the dish after adding a small amount. If required, you can add more.

Confused about where to use Gochugaru powder? Don’t look further and watch this video by “Future neighbor” talking about how to make original gochugaru noodles at home easily:-


Ground Cumin and Chili Powder

Broadly utilized as a significant fixing in many Latin, Indian and Mexican dishes, ground cumin is possibly the most favorite flavor on the planet.

In correlation with chili powder, ground cumin has a fiery taste and strong fragrance, making them marginally unique regarding flavor.

How individuals utilize ground cumin in cooking is not something very similar to other spices.

At the same time, smoked paprika is normally used to season the food; while cooking, ground cumin goes about to add surface to salads, sauces, soups, tortillas, and some different dishes cooked.

It is effectively blended when utilized in powder form.

How to Substitute

For a quick substitute for smoked paprika, use the ground Cumin, which you are likely to have on hand (to make one tablespoon); combine two 3/4 teaspoons of ground cumin with 1/4 teaspoon Chili powder.


Ancho Chili Powder

The Ancho is a gentle chili pepper beginning in the province of Puebla, Mexico. When dried, it is called chile ancho or Poblano, from the Spanish word anch.

Ancho has a rich and natural flavor that makes them an ideal substitute for Smoked Paprika.

Unlike Smoked Paprika, ancho is marginally zesty, yet the warmth a great many people can deal with, as it is not precisely as a Paprika.

Add in more modest amounts, adding gradually to ensure the flavor does not overwhelm your dish.

They acquire ubiquity, making it simpler to discover them in grocery stores, ordinarily close to Smoked Paprika.

How to Substitute

For the replacement, utilize a large portion of a teaspoon of ancho chili powder more than two pinches of smoked paprika. A lot of ancho chili powder can overwhelm the entire dish since it has a higher fixation.


Guajillo Pepper Powder

Another of the most well-known Mexican hot pepper, guajillo pepper powder, has a characteristic smoky flavor that makes it a wonderful smoked paprika substitute.

Further to this, Guajillo pepper powder has a marginally sweet cranberry-like flavor, making it a fascinating elective that you may wish to utilize regardless of whether you do have paprika present.

Guajillo pepper powder is a truly famous chili by its own doing, especially in Mexico.

This pepper is frequently utilized in salsa; however, it makes a great reinforcement for paprika in stew and soup recipes and even grill meat rubs.

It would be best if you handled it with care.

How to Substitute

The flavor range of guajillo peppers can run a fair bit, somewhere close to mild to very hot, so be estimated while adding it as a paprika elective. It would be best if you started off utilizing half as much as you would paprika and afterward gradually move toward a 1:1 proportion.


Spanish Pimenton Powder

Pimentón is equivalent to Spanish paprika. Anyway, not all paprika assortments are Spanish, so it is imperative to know the difference between them.

Spanish pimentón powder, otherwise called pimetón de la vera, is a savory spice that is fully loaded with flavor and is superbly full bodied.

Still, do not be put off: It comes in a few unique assortments that should coordinate with your tastebuds.

Going from sweet to moderate to hot, it will have a sort that will suit you impeccably.

Obviously, it matches perfectly with a range of traditional Spanish dishes, including patatas bravas, salads, and soups.

How to Substitute

Be certain to watch those estimations if you settle on the hot assortment! Contingent upon the measure of food, you can compare the necessary smoked paprika with the perfect measure of Spanish Pimenton Powder.

Want to know how to use your Spanish Pimenton Powder? Check out this video by “Jamaican vibes” and enjoy preparing a Jamaican ground Pimenton allspice at home easily:-



Are bell peppers and paprika the same?

Bell pepper implies capsicum annum, an edible hot sweet organic product, starting in the new world.

However, paprika indicates powdered flavor produced using dried and ground products of sweet pepper (bell pepper) or Chilli pepper or combinations.

What is the difference between smoked paprika and Paprika?

The thing that matters is simple, yet it has a significant effect on flavor. While typical paprika is squashed dried chilies, smoked paprika utilizes chilies that are smoke-dried and afterward squashed.

They are regularly smoked with oak which prompts a solid outdoorsy flavor.

What is the difference between Smoked Paprika and Hungarian Paprika?

Hungarian sweet paprika is typically the édesnemes assortment. Smoked paprika ought to be utilized in paella and dishes where you need a deep, woodsy flavor.

In the event that we get any recipe that calls for paprika without indicating which kind, we can ordinarily get it by utilizing Hungarian sweet paprika.

Bottom Line

Attempt these smoked paprika substitutes and let us know the outcomes in the remarks area beneath.

Which one replacement worked out to be the best for you? If you know about some of the other superb substitutes, do share with us.



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