Can You Freeze Applesauce? How?


Quick Answer: Can You Freeze Applesauce?

Yes, you can freeze applesauce for up to a year with the right recipe. All you’ll need are Ziplock bags and ice cube trays, and with a few simple steps, you can have this ingredient stocked and ready to use.

When the apple season begins, making a big batch of applesauce and freezing it is the best way to have the staple ingredient at the ready all year long.

While it is a fairly simple process, a few handy tips can help you keep your batch of homemade goodness goes a long way.

I have put my experience and hours of research, to find the perfect way to freeze applesauce so that you can get started right away.

So, here’s how it’s done.

Things to Note Before Freezing Applesauce

Before you get started on freezing applesauce, here are some things to keep in mind so that you can make the most out of your frozen batch.

Don’t Add Spice Before Freezing

When making your batch of applesauce to freeze, leave the spices out, as the flavor is lost once you freeze it. Instead, add the spices to the applesauce after you defrost it.

Don’t Use Butter in your Recipe

Some applesauce recipes ask to add butter into the mix.

But butter or other milk ingredients can make the applesauce spoil much faster.

Let it Cool Before Freezing

If you freeze the applesauce when it’s still warm, it could affect the taste later.

So, let the applesauce cool down to room temperature before you freeze it.

Freeze Small Portions

It’s best advised to freeze the applesauce in serving-size portions, especially if you are freezing it in bulk and will only use small amounts at a time.

Because once thawed, you cannot refreeze applesauce.

Now that we have covered some basic dos and don’ts let’s dive right into how to freeze applesauce.

Can You Freeze Applesauce in Ziploc Bags?

Can You Freeze Applesauce in Ziploc Bags?

Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

All you need for this quick and simple method of freezing applesauce are freezer-safe Ziploc bags or any other airtight container you can find.


  • Homemade Applesauce
  • Ziploc Bags / Freezer safe airtight containers


  • No special tools needed


    1. Cool and Portion - Let the applesauce cool down to room temperature and then portion them into amounts you would normally consume at a time.
    2. Ziploc Bag It - Fill the Ziploc bags with the portioned-out applesauce.

      Lay it down flat and squeeze out as much air as you can, then seal it.
    3. Freeze - Lay the Ziploc bags out flat in the freezer, and voila, you're good to go.

Freezing Applesauce in Ice Cube Trays

Time Taken: 5 – 10 minutes

What You Need:

  • Homemade Applesauce
  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Cling Wrap

Freezing applesauce in ice cube trays is a great way to portion it out, especially if you plan to use it as baby food.

Cool and Spoon

After letting the applesauce cool down to room temperature, spoon the applesauce into ice cube trays.

Warp it Up

Warp the ice cube tray with some cling wrap.

Flash Freeze

Pop the tray in the freezer and let it freeze for a couple of hours or overnight.

Bag it and Freeze

Remove the frozen cubes of applesauce and put them in a Ziploc bag.

Label the bag and freeze it till you need it.

Fun Tip – You could also freeze it in popsicle trays instead for a fun summer delight.

How Long Can You Freeze Applesauce?

You can freeze homemade applesauce for three to six months, depending on the recipe.

If you haven’t added any spice or additional ingredients, you can deep freeze it for a year or so.

If you add butter in your applesauce recipe there are more chances of it going bad.

This is because butter or any other milk ingredient can spoil easily, especially once it thaws.

So, it is better to use recipes that don’t call for butter.

Also, make sure that your container is air-tight.

Air in the container can be room for bacteria to grow and consequently spoil the applesauce.

It can also lead to a change in odor.

How to Store Frozen Applesauce?

Store the frozen applesauce in a Ziploc bag or any other airtight freezer-safe container.

If you have smaller portions of applesauce to store then a freezer safe container would do just fine.

Just leave a little space at the top of the expansion of the applesauce when it freezes and you are good to go.

But if you have made a big batch to freeze, Ziploc bags are the better alternative.

Freezing applesauce in Ziploc bags and laying them flat in the freezer can save you a lot of space.

How to Defrost Applesauce?

To defrost frozen applesauce, leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight and let it thaw.

Though the water may separate, you can just stir it, and it should be good to go.

Once it thaws a little you could also stick it in the microwave for a few minutes to get it heated quickly.

But it is best advised to let it thaw in the refrigerator overnight rather than thawing it in the microwave or on a saucepan.

Can You Refreeze Applesauce?

No, it is advised not to refreeze applesauce.

Once it thaws, you need to use it right away, though it may last a couple of days in the fridge.

But if you have microwaved it, you need to consume it immediately.

The water separates from the applesauce once it thaws and it can change the overall texture of the sauce.

While it tastes the same once you mix it well, keeping it out for too long or refreezing it can ruin the texture and taste of the applesauce further.

Does Applesauce Freeze Well?

Yes, applesauce freezes well.

If the recipe is right and if you portion it out, it can last well in the freezer for a year.

If your applesauce recipe does not have butter or other milk ingredients in it, the applesauce freezes extremely well.

If you are fond of spices in your applesauce then we advise you to add it after you take it out of the freezer.

This is because the spices don’t freeze well and lose their punch once it thaws.

This is why bland batches of applesauce freeze the best.


Can you freeze applesauce in a Mason jar?

Yes, you can freeze the applesauce in a Mason jar. Just make sure to leave some space at the top in case of expansion.

If your mason jar or any other glass container is freezer safe then you can go right ahead and freeze your applesauce in it. The room at the top saves the glass from cracking and spilling the applesauce once it freezes.

Can you freeze store-bought applesauce?

Yes, you can freeze store-bought applesauce. But it is best advised to stick to the instructions on its label.

Store-bought applesauce usually has expiry dates and storage instructions on its labels which is the best guide to follow. But if you plan to freeze it just portion it out and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Can you give frozen applesauce to babies?

Yes, you can give frozen applesauce to babies. Let the sauce thaw to room temperature before mixing with other ingredients.

Frozen applesauce is just as good as a fresh made batch. As long as you have not left it out for too long after it thaws there is no harm in giving it to a baby. You can mix it with any other ingredient as you like.

Bottom Line

Be it as an add-on, sauce, or a frozen delight; we hope our article helped you make the most out of your applesauce by freezing it.

Share this with your buddies who could use a little more applesauce in their life, and feel free to let us know if you have other exciting ways to freeze it.


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