Can You Freeze Broccoli? How?


Quick Answer: Can You Freeze Broccoli?

Yes, you can freeze broccoli, and they can last in the freezer for 6 – 8 months. The key is to blanch them beforehand to preserve their vibrant color and nutrients. Then freeze them in air-tight freezer-safe containers or Ziploc bags.

Here is the ultimate guide on how to freeze and store all the goodness of broccoli.

I have found these methods and tips to work like a charm.

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How to Freeze Broccoli?

How to Freeze Broccoli?

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Blanching the broccoli before freezing it, locks in the vibrant color and nutritional value of the broccoli for a long time. 


  • Broccoli
  • Boiling Water
  • Ice Bath


  • Paper Towel
  • Ziploc Bag


    Wash and Prep: Thoroughly wash the broccoli to get rid of any dirt or insects. Then cut them up into florets or pieces that you prefer to use in your recipes.

    Blanch: Add the florets of broccoli into the pot of boiling water and let it blanch for 3 minutes or so. Then transfer them into an ice bath to stop the cooking.

    Dry and Pack: Thoroughly dry the broccoli using a paper towel and then pack them into Ziploc bags. Seal the bags after making sure to squeeze out all the excess air in them.

    Label and Freeze: Once you add a label with the best before date, you are all set to freeze the broccoli.

    Here is a tutorial by “Scoff” on YouTube -

Freezing Broccoli after Flash Freezing Them

The additional step of flash freezing can help avoid having to meticulously portion a big batch of broccoli. This is the best-recommended way of going about freezing broccoli.

Time Taken: 10 – 15 minutes

What you will need:

  • Broccoli
  • Boiling Water
  • Ice Bath
  • Baking Sheet
  • Parchment Paper
  • Ziploc Bag

Wash and Prep

Wash the broccoli thoroughly and prep them for freezing by separating them into florets or cutting them into even shapes.


Put the broccoli in a pot of boiling water and blanch them for 3 minutes or so. Then transfer the broccoli into an ice bath to stop the cooking.

Dry and Lay Out

Dry the broccoli so that water crystals don’t form when you freeze them. Then lay out the broccoli on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and make sure that they are evenly spaced.

Flash Freeze

Leave the tray of broccoli in the freezer for a couple of hours to let it freeze solid.

Pack and Seal

transfer the frozen broccoli into a Ziploc bag and seal it shut after removing all the excess air.

Label and Freeze

Add a label with the best before date, and you can freeze the broccoli for the long term.

Check out this video by “Jerry James Stone” on YouTube to see how it’s done

How Long Can You Freeze Broccoli?

You can freeze broccoli for 6 to 8 months , and if done right it can last for a year or so.

Though you can freeze broccoli for so long, it is best advised to use them as soon as possible.

The longer it stays in the freezer, the more dehydrated it gets and changes in its texture and quality.

Another important thing to note when freezing broccoli is to make sure that it is thoroughly dried before freezing.

The water on the broccoli can lead to freezer burns and can spoil the broccoli as it stays in the freezer.

If you would like to keep the broccoli fresh for long, make sure not to skip the blanching step.

Blanching helps stop the enzymes from breaking it down and keep its nutritional value intact.

How to Store Frozen Broccoli?

You can store frozen broccoli in a Ziploc bag or even in freezer-safe air-tight containers.

The key is to make sure that the broccoli is thoroughly covered and not exposed to air. The choice comes down to how much space you can afford in your freezer.

If you are pressed for freezer space, the Ziploc bags are your best bet. You can lay several bags down flat and store the chunky broccolis more compactly.

How to Defrost Broccoli?

The best way to defrost broccoli is to leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours, or even overnight, to let it thaw gradually .

If there is any liquid collecting at the bottom, make sure to drain it out before using the broccoli for cooking.

If you are in a hurry, a quick way to thaw the broccoli is to leave it in a bowl of lukewarm water for a couple of minutes.

Or you could keep it under running water and let it defrost quickly. You could also microwave the broccoli to defrost it faster.

You could also add broccoli to your dish without thawing it. For soups, stews, or even casseroles, they work just as fine as fresh broccoli without thawing.

Can You Refreeze Broccoli?

No, it is recommended not to refreeze broccoli. Once the broccoli thaws, it can get soggy and mushy.

Refreezing it will only worsen this condition as it will get more dehydrated. The change in texture and taste will be unappealing though safe to eat.

The best way to avoid having to refreeze the broccoli once it thaws is to portion them beforehand. You could also flash freeze them before freezing for the long term.

This way, you can grab just the right amount of broccoli for your recipe instead of having to thaw a big batch for a small measure.

Does Broccoli Freeze Well?

Yes, broccoli freezes well and is one of the most commonly frozen vegetables. It can easily last for a year in the freezer.

If it has been blanched before freezing, it will retain its vibrant color as well as its nutritional benefits.

Although you can freeze broccoli without blanching beforehand, they don’t freeze just as well as those that are blanched.

It can become dry and grey, losing most of its rich nutrients and vitamins once frozen.


Can you freeze broccoli sprouts?

Yes, you can freeze broccoli sprouts, and they can last well in the freezer for a couple of weeks.

Though it does not lose its nutritional value when frozen, it can get mushy and less nourishing once it thaws. They are best used in soups, stews, or other cooked recipes.

Can you freeze broccoli without blanching?

Yes, you can freeze broccoli without blanching, but they are best used within a couple of weeks.

Without blanching, the broccoli can change in texture, color, and nutritional quality the longer it stays in the freeze. So, it is best advised to blanch the broccoli beforehand.

Bottom Line

I hope this article helped you freeze and store broccoli.

If you have any doubts or would like to share a few freezing tips and tricks of your own, it would be great to hear from you.

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