Can You Freeze Buttercream Frosting? How?


Quick Answer: Can You Freeze Buttercream Frosting?

Yes, you can freeze buttercream frosting for up to three months. Ideally, smaller quantities can be frozen in air-tight containers, and bigger batches can be stored in Ziploc bags. You could also freeze cake decorations or flowers made from buttercream frosting.

Here is the *BEST* guide on how to freeze buttercream frosting, whether it is leftovers or huge prep batches.

These methods have worked marvelously for me, and are quite easy to do.

So, here is the first one on the list.

Can You Freeze the Buttercream Frosting in an Airtight Container?

Can You Freeze the Buttercream Frosting in an Airtight Container?

Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

This is a quick and easy way to store leftover buttercream frosting, and it can last in the freezer for up to three months. All you'll need is a trusty freezer-safe air-tight container.


  • Buttercream frosting
  • Parchment Paper
  • Air-tight freezer-safe container


  • No special tools needed


    1. Portion and Transfer - Portion out the buttercream frosting into servings you would normally consume at a time.

      This way, you can reduce wastage once it thaws.

      Then transfer the portions of buttercream frosting into an air-tight freezer-safe container and smoothen it out.
    2. Cover with Parchment - Cut out a piece of parchment paper that fits the container and cover the buttercream frosting with it.

      Don't press down too hard and gently place it on the frosting.

      This stops the frosting from freezer burns.
    3. Seal, Label, and Freeze - Cover the container with a lid, making sure it is air-tight.

      Then add a label with the date, and then you can pop it in the freezer till you are ready to use it.

Freezing Buttercream Frosting in a Ziploc Bag

Time Taken: 10 – 15 minutes

What You Need:

  • Buttercream frosting
  • Ziploc bags
  • Cling wrap

If you have a huge batch of buttercream frosting to freeze or if you want to save space in the freezer, the Ziploc bags can save the day.

Portion and Transfer

Portion the buttercream frosting into servings you would most likely be able to consume at a time.

Then transfer the portions into a Ziploc bag.

Seal and Flatten

After making you have gotten out as much air as you can, seal the Ziploc bag.

Then flatten it out. Laying the Ziploc bags flattened out helps save space and also helps to thaw the frosting evenly.

Wrap the Bag

Wrap the Ziploc bag in cling wrap to avoid it from getting freezer burns.

Label and Freeze

Label the Ziploc bag with the date, and you are all set to freeze the buttercream frosting.

How Long Can You Freeze Buttercream Frosting?

You can freeze buttercream frosting for up to three months.

But it is best advised to consume it sooner than later if you are looking for that perfect texture.

If your buttercream frosting recipe does not use egg or only uses egg white, you can stretch the life of the buttercream frosting longer than if you have used egg yolk in the recipe.

How to Store Frozen Buttercream Frosting?

You can store buttercream frosting in an air-tight freezer-safe container.

Be it a batch of buttercream frosting or buttercream frosting cake decorations or flowers, and you can store them quite well in an air-tight container after covering them with parchment paper.

You could also store it in a Ziploc bag.

If you have big batches of frosting to freeze then Ziploc bags are the better alternative as it helps you save space in the freezer.

The Ziploc bag can also double up as a piping bag later on.

How to Defrost Buttercream Frosting?

To defrost buttercream frosting, you can take out the portion you need, leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight, and let it thaw.

If you would like to quicken the process, you could leave the container of frosting on the kitchen counter for an hour or so.

But it is best advised to let it thaw in the refrigerator.

The texture and consistency of the buttercream frosting might change once it thaws.

To fix this, you could whisk it together or use a mixer if you are looking for a fluffier consistency.

Can You Refreeze Buttercream Frosting?

No, it is advised not to refreeze buttercream frosting.

The texture and consistency of the frosting can change.

This process will only get worse over time and increases the chance of the frosting spoiling faster.

Once it thaws, the buttercream frosting must be consumed as soon as possible.

Does Buttercream Frosting Freeze Well?

Yes, buttercream frosting freezes well, and it can last you for a couple of months.

As long as the container is air-tight and you have taken precautions against freezer burns, you are good to go.

The texture of the buttercream frosting may change once it thaws, but that can be fixed by a whisk or hand mixer to beat it all together to the desired texture and consistency.


Can you freeze cakes with buttercream frosting on them?

Yes, you can freeze cakes or cupcakes with buttercream frosting on them. But it is best advised to freeze the cake and the frosting separately.

You can remove the frosting and the decoration off the top, place them in an air-tight container, and then freeze them.

Bottom Line

We hope this article helped you save your buttercream frosting for a little longer in the freezer.

If you think we have missed out on any cooler ways to freeze buttercream frosting, do let us know.

Feel free to share this article with all your friends who love a sweet treat and could use a few tips on saving the frosting.


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