Can You Freeze Peanut Butter? How?


Quick Answer: Can You Freeze Peanut Butter?

Yes, you can freeze peanut butter! Freezing and thawing do not cause any major changes in the texture, flavor, or taste of the peanut butter. However, given that the shelf life of peanut butter is quite long, whether kept in room temperature or refrigerated, it may be pertinent to think carefully about whether you actually need to freeze the peanut butter, and it at all it would be worth it.

This comprehensive guide covers everything about freezing peanut butter.

Let’s get right in!

Can You Freeze Peanut Butter in Portions in Freezer Bags?

Can You Freeze Peanut Butter in Portions in Freezer Bags?

Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

This is a very efficient method seeing how it saves space in your freezer, as well as your time and energy! By dividing the peanut butter into serving portions, what you do is make it really easy for you to use only the amount you need at a particular time, without touching or having to thaw the rest, essentially avoiding the whole hassle of re-freezing, which is strongly advised against. This method is also quite simple, only requiring multiple small airtight Ziplock freezer bags.


  • Small airtight freezer bags
  • Sturdy spoon


  • No special tools needed


    1. Pour the peanut butter into small airtight freezer bags, based on serving portions – Divide the peanut butter into serving portions (as in, roughly the amount you would need each time), and pour accordingly into small airtight freezer bags.

      Do not fill to the brim, leave at least an inch to expand.
    2. Seal and freeze – Before you seal the bags, squeeze out all the air from them possible. Then be sure to seal the bags very tightly and securely.

      Label the bags, and pop them into your freezer. They are good to be frozen for up to three months!

Freezing Peanut Butter in Original Container

Time Taken: 10-20 minutes

What You Need:

  • This method does not require any external or additional materials. Just the original container with the peanut butter inside would do.

This is a great method to go about it if, say, you have bought peanut butter in bulk.

Peanut butter can be frozen in the original container that it came in, however, with some quirks.

Read on to find out.

Check the Container/Jar

If the peanut butter you want to freeze has come in a glass jar or container, you should be aware of the risk of it cracking.

This is due to the fact that the peanut butter may expand while freezing.

Remove Seal Before Freezing if Glass Jar

The trick to avoid the risk described above is to open the glass jar or container and remove the seal.


Place the container inside the freezer, and keep a close eye on it for the next six to eight hours, depending on the size of the container.

Once Frozen, Replace the Lid

As mentioned, a full jar may take as much as six hours or more to freeze over completely and properly.

Once it has, replace the lid, and your jar of peanut butter is good to be kept in freezer storage!

Freezing Open Jar of Peanut Butter in Freezer-Friendly Container

Time Taken: 15-30 minutes

What You Need:

  • Airtight freezer-friendly container (can be Tupperware container)
  • Plastic wrap

This method is recommended if you have an open jar of peanut butter that you would like to freeze.

In this case, instead of freezing in the original container that has space left on top for air, it is better to transfer the leftover peanut butter into a separate airtight freezer container.

Empty Out the Peanut Butter into the Other Container

Few things to note here.

One, make sure to choose a container (be it Tupperware or anything else that is freezer-safe) that is more or less the same size as the amount of peanut butter you are freezing.

This is to ensure as little excess air staying in the container as possible when freezing.

Secondly, this goes without saying, but once you have chosen your container, wash and disinfect it really well before transferring the peanut butter into it.

Place Plastic Wrap Over the Peanut Butter Before Putting the Lid on

This is not as strongly recommended if the peanut butter more or less fills up the entire container.

However, if you have a bit of space left, it is advised to place some plastic wrap over the peanut butter.

This prevents any excess air from getting to the peanut butter, preserving it from spoilage.

Put on Lid Securely and Freeze

Put on the lid carefully, making the container totally airtight and watertight.

Label the container with the storage date if needed to make sure you do not freeze the peanut butter for too long; it is ready to freeze!

Freezing Peanut Butter in Ice Cube Trays

Time Taken: 7-8 hours

What You Need:

  • Ice cube trays
  • Aluminum foil
  • Airtight resealable freezer bags

This is a very widely recommended method to freeze liquid food items!

It helps preserve your peanut butter really well, and also saves storage space, and allows you to freeze and use in portions!

Divide the Peanut Butter into Single-Serving Portions

This is important as it makes your storing process much easier and more hassle-free, as well as the later processes like thawing.

Pour the Peanut Butter According to Serving Portions into the Ice Cube Trays

Do this carefully, and be sure to not fill the cubes to the brim with the butter as it will expand while freezing.

Cover the Ice Trays with Aluminum Foil and Flash-freeze

Once the ice trays have been covered securely with aluminum foil, stick them in the freezer and let the peanut butter flash-freeze for at least 5 to 6 hours.

To be safe, you can even flash freeze overnight.

Remember that the top of the cube may have frozen, but not the entire cube of peanut butter.

So be generous with the amount of time you keep them in the freezer.

Transfer the Cubes to Airtight Freezer Bags

Once they have frozen properly into cubes, take the trays out, pop out the cubes and transfer them into airtight freezer bags.

Do this process as fast as possible so that the frozen peanut butter cubes do not start to thaw.

Seal Securely, Label and Freeze

Squeeze out as much excess air as possible from the freezer bags after putting the peanut butter cubes inside.

Once the bags are sealed securely and labeled, they are ready to freeze!

How to Freeze Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Time Taken: 15-30 minutes

What You Need:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Airtight resealable freezer bags or container

PB&J sandwiches are among the most popular options for breakfast, or for packed lunches.

Whatever be the reason, worry not, you can also make and freeze them from beforehand, saving lots of precious time, effort, and energy!

Not only do peanut butter and jelly sandwiches freeze for up to two to three months, they also defrost really easily: taking only around 30 minutes to thaw fully.

Make your PB&J Sandwiches as per Recipe

These sandwiches have to be among the easiest foods to prepare ever, so just brief over it and move on to prepping to freeze the sandwiches once they have been prepared.

Wrap Each Sandwich Tightly with Plastic Wrap

Cling film can also be used as a substitute for plastic wrap.

However, it is essential that you wrap each sandwich very, very tightly and securely.

No part of the sandwich should be exposed, and there should be no space for air.

Pack in the PB&J Sandwiches in Airtight Freezer Bags or Containers

Pack in the plastic-wrapped sandwiches carefully into an airtight freezer container or freezer bags.

Seal Securely, Label and Freeze

Squeeze out as much excess air as possible from the freezer bags after putting the sandwiches inside.

Once the bags are sealed securely and labeled, they are ready to freeze.

The same applies to the container.

Note that while you can freeze your PB&J sandwiches for up to two to three months, it is wise to eat them up as early as possible within freezing.

Keeping them in the freezer indefinitely may harshly affect their texture and quality over the long run.

If you are still in need of help, you can also take the help of this helpful step-by-step visual guide:

How Long Can You Freeze Peanut Butter?

If stored correctly, following the right technique and its corresponding steps meticulously, and if the temperature in the freezer is maintained consistently, peanut butter, stored in any of the given methods, should be good to freeze for up to 6 to 9 months.

However, it bears mentioning that the longer the peanut butter sits in the freezer, the greater are its chances of a deteriorating consistency and texture and even flavor.

So, it is a good idea to finish up your peanut butter at the earliest since freezing.

How to Store Frozen Peanut Butter?

As described earlier, peanut butter can be kept in freezer storage in airtight freezer bags (after making them into cubes) or directly in airtight bags or containers, in serving portions.

In some cases, as has been discussed, you can even store peanut butter in the jar or container that it came in, provided that if opened, it is not full to the brim and that you seal it carefully before putting it in the freezer.

How to Defrost Frozen Peanut Butter?

Defrosting peanut butter is quite simple: you can just take it out of the freezer and leave it on the counter to thaw.

If you are freezing larger quantities of peanut butter and would like to defrost all of it at the same time, you can also allow the peanut butter to thaw overnight by transferring it from the freezer to the refrigerator.

If you are in a hurry, you can also place the peanut butter (while still in the bag/container) in a bowl with lukewarm water.

While this should speed up the thawing process significantly, it is not too highly recommended, so go with the normal process if possible.

It is also advised to stir the frozen and thawed peanut butter vigorously before using it.

This is to make sure that it all recombines and the original consistency of the peanut butter is regained as much as possible before using.

Can You Re-freeze Frozen Peanut Butter?

It is not a good idea to re-freeze frozen peanut butter. So only take out the entire container to thaw if you are confident that you will be using up all of it.

This is why freezing peanut butter in portions is recommended so highly.

A second round of re-freezing will only degrade the quality of the peanut butter further, to a point where you might ultimately have to throw it away.

So, avoid re-freezing as much as possible.

Does Peanut Butter Freeze Well?

Whether peanut butter freezes well or not ultimately comes down to the type of peanut butter you are working with.

For example, pure or natural peanut butter made entirely from peanuts (and maybe some amount of added salt or oil) freezes quite well, with no changes in the peanut butter’s quality, flavor, taste, or texture.

Crunchy peanut butter also freezes fine, but you should stir well after thawing.

Same goes for smooth peanut butter, which freezes considerably better than the former.

No matter the kind of peanut butter, though, just also make sure that the bags or containers that the peanut butter is freezing in are sealed properly, securely and tightly, and are completely airtight; and that the temperature in the freezer remains consistent.


How can I use frozen peanut butter?

There are lots of options for what you can do with frozen peanut butter! From decorating your ice cream to adding into your smoothie, in cereal, or even in the traditional sandwiches, frozen peanut butter can be used in all the ways you would use fresh peanut butter and more.

Is frozen peanut butter still healthy?

Yes! Frozen peanut butter does not differ in any way from fresh peanut butter in terms of nutritional values or benefits. Hence, all the ways in which fresh peanut butter is healthy (high vitamins and minerals content among others), frozen and thawed peanut butter will be too.

Can I defrost frozen peanut butter in the microwave?

We strongly advise against defrosting frozen peanut butter in the microwave, as microwaving it will cause the oils in the peanut butter to burn, which may have negative health implications.

Therefore, instead of microwaving, simply follow the methods given here to safely and successfully defrost your frozen peanut butter.

What do I do if the oil in the frozen peanut butter separates once thawed?

Do not panic, this is a fairly normal thing to happen. You can fix this by simply stirring the thawed peanut butter really well; this will reconstitute all the ingredients and help regain the original texture and consistency of the peanut butter.

What do I do if I still have leftovers from my frozen and thawed peanut butter?

If you cannot finish using up all the peanut butter that you have frozen and thawed, it might be the safer bet to discard the leftovers instead of re-freezing. Re-freezing peanut butter is strongly advised against.

Bottom Line

We earnestly hope that this comprehensive, step-by-step guide covering all the best methods to freeze peanut butter, along with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, successfully at the safety and ease of your home, has helped you!

For any questions you may have regarding freezing peanut butter, please do let us know by reaching out to us; we would love to help you!

If you have any other tips and tricks up your sleeve about freezing peanut butter that you would like to add here, feel free to let us know, we will add them to the guide so they can reach and help more people!

If this has helped you, please do share it with your friends and family so that they can also use this guide!


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