Can You Freeze Scones? How?


Quick Answer: Can You Freeze Scones? 

Yes, you can freeze scones, be they sweet or savory ones. You can freeze them before or after baking. The key is to use a freezer-safe air-tight container or Ziploc bag and individually wrap them in parchment paper before freezing. 

If you have baked an extra batch of scones or would like to make some beforehand and store them long-term, then this comprehensive guide on how to freeze and store scones has got you covered. 

I have tried these methods, and they have worked like a charm for me. 

So, let’s get right into it. 

How to Freeze Scones?

How to Freeze Scones?

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Whether it is savory or sweet scones, you can freeze them after baking using this hassle-free method. 


  • Scones
  • Parchment Paper


  • Freezer-Safe Air-Tight Container or Ziploc Bags


    1. Bake and Cool: After baking your favorite scone recipe, let them sit on a cooling rack and cool down to room temperature.

    2. Parchment Wrap: To avoid the scones sticking to each other when they freeze, you can wrap them in parchment paper. This is an optional step, but one that can make your life a lot easier when defrosting a few out of the big batch.

    3. Pack and Seal: Place the wrapped scones in a freezer-safe air-tight container or a Ziploc bag and then seal them. If you are using a Ziploc bag, try and squeeze out as much air as you can. You could use a straw to make it easier.

    4. Label and Freeze: Once you add a label with the best-before date, you are all set to freeze the scones.

      You could check out this super helpful tutorial by “The Batch Lady” on YouTube -

Freezing Scones before Baking Them

Time Taken: 10 – 15 minutes 

What you will need: 

  • Scone Dough
  • Baking Sheet 
  • Parchment Paper 
  • Freezer-Safe Air-Tight Container or Ziploc Bags 

This is the best option if you like having freshly baked scones and want some prep done beforehand.

Prepare and Cut Up

Make the scone dough of your preference and then cut them into the size you would bake them in. 

Lay Them Out

On a baking sheet or any tray that would fit in your freezer, lined with parchment paper, place the cut-up dough. Make sure that they are evenly placed and don’t clump together. 

Flash Freeze

Leave the tray with the dough in the freezer for a couple of hours or overnight, and then let them freeze solid. 

Pack and Seal

Transfer the frozen scone-dough into a freezer-safe air-tight container or Ziploc bag and then seal them. Make sure to squeeze out all excess air when using a Ziploc bag. 

Label and Freeze

Add a label with the date, and you are ready to freeze the scone dough. 

How Long Can You Freeze Scones? 

You can freeze baked scones for up to 3 months. If you have frozen the scones in their dough form, it would be best to use them up within 3 weeks. After this period, the dough will not rise as well you need it. 

You could freeze the scones after baking them if you don’t mind having them not fresh out of the oven. Baked scones can last long with little to no change in taste or texture. 

How to Store Frozen Scones? 

You can store frozen scones in any freezer-safe air-tight container or Ziploc bag. If you have small batches of scones or a lump of scone-dough to freeze, then the freezer-safe container works just fine. 

But if you are pressed for space in the freezer and have a big batch to deal with, the Ziploc bags are the ideal option of the two.

They are more compact, and you can fit quite a lot more scones than you would in a container. 

But when keeping the Ziploc bags in the freezer, be careful not to place anything heavy over the bags as this could damage the scones inside. 

How to Defrost Scones? 

You can defrost scones in a couple of different ways. You can do it slowly by taking the portion you need on a plate, covering it with some tea towel, and letting it thaw gradually on the kitchen counter. This should take about 2 to 3 hours. 

If you are in a hurry, you could always microwave the portion of scones you need. But keep an eye on the scones while microwaving them because they can get quite rubbery if overdone. 

If you are looking to defrost the scone dough, you can let it thaw on the kitchen counter for a couple of hours before working with it.

If you had pre-cut the dough and flash-frozen it, you can go ahead and bake them right away without defrosting them. 

Can You Refreeze Scones? 

No, it would be best advised not to refreeze scones. As in the case of any food, freezing and thawing can change the texture and quality of the scones. 

So, it would be best to take out just the number of scones you would eat at a time and defrost them, rather than thawing a whole batch and repeatedly freezing the leftovers. 

If you have defrosted the scones before baking, instead of refreezing, you can bake the dough and freeze the baked scones instead. 

Do Scones Freeze Well? 

Yes, scones freeze well, and they can last quite a long while in the freezer. Baked scones freeze better and for longer than unbaked scones-dough.

But the unbaked scones have perks of their own as they allow you to have them fresh once baked and frozen again in their baked form. 

The key to freezing scones is they are kept in an air-tight freezer-safe container and wrapped separately. Doing this makes it easy to grab just the number of scones you need later on. 


Can you freeze scones with icing? 

No, it would be best not to freeze scones with icing because the icing might change in texture when it thaws, and it might be unappealing. However, you could freeze the scone and the icing separately and then layer them once they thaw. 

Can you freeze lemonade scones? 

Yes, you can freeze lemonade scones, and they can last well for up to 3 months in the freezer once they are baked. You can follow the same method mentioned above and freeze them in any freezer-safe air-tight container or Ziploc bag. 

Can you freeze cheese scones? 

Yes, you can freeze cheese scones just as you would with any other recipe of scone. You can freeze them after baking in any freezer-safe air-tight container or Ziploc bag. You could wrap them in parchment paper beforehand to make it easier to separate them later on. 

Bottom Line

I hope this article helped you freeze and store your favorite scone. 

If you have any doubts or would like to share some tips on freezing scones, it would be great to hear from you. 

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