Can You Freeze Sushi? How?


Quick Answer: Can You Freeze Sushi? 

Yes, you can freeze sushi. If you freeze the elements separately, they can last well in the freezer longer than a fully assembled sushi roll. The key is to make sure that the sushi is protected from freezer burns. You can store it in an air-tight freezer-safe container. 

If you love sushi and want to know the dos and don’ts of freezing it, this is the ultimate guide to freeze and store sushi. 

I have found these methods and tips to work like a charm. So, here is how you go about it. 

How to Freeze Sushi?

How to Freeze Sushi?

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

If you are looking to freeze homemade sushi, it is best to freeze the ingredients separately and then assemble them later once they thaw.


  • Vinegared Rice
  • Filling Ingredients – Fish, and Veggies
  • Nori


  • Cling Wrap
  • Ziploc Bag or Freezer-Safe Air-Tight Container


    1. Portion the Ingredients: Divide all the ingredients into serving sizes you can easily consume in one go. When portioning the fish, try not to cut them into too many tiny pieces to stop it from going bad quickly.

    2. Wrap the Fish: If raw fish is one of the ingredients, wrap it thoroughly with some cling wrap.

    3. Pack Them: Transfer the portioned ingredients into a freezer-safe air-tight container or Ziploc bag. When packing the rice, it is best if it is still warm. When stored warm, the rice will retain its sticky texture once it thaws.

      If you are using a freezer-safe container, try not to pack the rice or fish too tightly into the containers.

    4. Seal the Container or Bag: Seal the freezer-safe container or Ziploc bag after packing the separate elements. When using a Ziploc bag, try to squeeze out as much excess air as possible.

    5. Label and Freeze: Add a label with the name of the ingredients and the best-before date, and you are all set to freeze the sushi elements.

Freezing Leftover Sushi 

Time Taken: 5 – 10 minutes 

What you will need: 

  • Sushi 
  • Freezer-Safe Air-Tight Container or Ziploc Bag 

If you have bought some extra sushi or have already made some and have leftovers to deal with, you can use this method.

Pack and Seal

Place the leftover sushi in a freezer-safe air-tight container or Ziploc bag and seal them. When using a Ziploc bag, try to squeeze out all the excess air before sealing. 

Label and Freeze

Add a label on the bag or container, and you can leave it in the freezer till you need it next. 

How Long Can You Freeze Sushi? 

The freezer life of sushi depends on the ingredients used in making it. If the elements are frozen separately, the sushi can last in the freezer for up to 3 months.

But if the sushi is frozen after assembling, it is best to eat it within 3 to 4 days. 

The raw fish and rice used for sushi can last well in the freezer for up to 3 months with little to no change.

But the vegetables like avocado or cooked seafood may not fare as well in the freezer and can go bad over time. 

The key to freezing raw fish for long is to ensure that they are well protected from freezer burns.

How to Store Sushi? 

You can store sushi or its elements in any freezer-safe air-tight container or Ziploc bag.

If you are storing raw fish separately, it is best to wrap it in cling wrap first and store it in a container rather than in Ziploc bags to protect it from freezer burns. 

Ziploc bags are a better fit to store sushi rice or nori. You can portion them into the Ziploc bags and place them one on top of the other, storing them compactly and saving freezer space. 

When storing assembled sushi, it would be best to use a container rather than a Ziploc bag.

The containers are sturdier and better at protecting the sushi from freezer burns and damage from heavier stuff being kept over it. 

How to Defrost Sushi? 

The best way to defrost sushi is to leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight and let it thaw gradually. 

If you are in a hurry or want to heat the sushi, you could microwave it. But this is not recommended.

Note that the sushi should not be left to thaw on the kitchen counter. Being exposed to air over a long period makes it prone to bacterial growth and spoiling. 

Keep in mind that if you have frozen the sushi after assembling it, there will be a change in 

Can You Refreeze Sushi? 

No, it is strongly recommended not to refreeze sushi. Because it contains ingredients such as raw fish and vegetables, the sushi has already passed its prime after it is frozen for a while.

Repeated freezing and thawing increase the chances of bacterial growth, and it wouldn’t be safe to eat. 

If you have a large quantity of sushi to freeze, you could portion them beforehand into single serving sizes to avoid wasting them once they thaw. 

Does Sushi Freeze Well? 

Although you can freeze sushi, it doesn’t do well in the freezer. Sushi is best consumed fresh, and if possible, you could freeze the elements separately rather than freezing it after it is assembled. 

Once the sushi rolls are frozen, they will change in texture and taste when they thaw.

Even though it is safe to eat defrosted sushi, it will not taste as great or be appealing. The rice can get mushy, and the vegetables can get soggy when they thaw. 


Can you freeze sushi fish? 

Yes, you can freeze sushi fish, and they can last well in the freezer for up to 3 months. The key to freezing sushi fish is to make sure that they are well-protected from freezer burns.

You could wrap them in cling wrap and store them in freezer-safe air-tight containers.

Can you freeze sushi rice?

Yes, you can freeze sushi rice, and if done right they can be kept in the freezer for a year or so.

Once the rice cools down to room temperature, portion them into single-servings and pack them into freezer-safe containers or Ziploc bags. Label them, and you are good to go. 

Bottom Line

I hope this article has helped you freeze and store leftover sushi or its ingredients. 

If you have any doubts or would like to share some tips on how to freeze sushi, it would be great to hear from you. 

Feel free to share this article with your sushi-loving family and friends. 

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