Can You Marinate Mushrooms With Steak?


Mushrooms and steak are a classic pairing, but have you ever tried marinating mushrooms with steak?

Here is the answer!

Can You Marinate Mushrooms With Steak?

Yes, you can marinate mushrooms with steak. The mushrooms will absorb the flavors of the steak and become very flavorful. As for the steak, because of marination, the meat will become tender and flavor-infused too.

If you plan to serve mushrooms with steak, this simple technique can infuse your mushrooms with flavor and make them even more delicious.

Another reason why this works is that it saves time, effort, and marinade.

Here are a few things to take care of while marinating mushrooms and steak together –

  1. Ensure that both mushrooms and steak are properly covered with the marinade
  2. Use plastic/glass bowls or freezer bags for marination. Avoid reactive cookware such as aluminum
  3. The process should always be carried out in the fridge and not at room temperature
  4. After taking out cook asap, as meat may develop bacteria

How Long You Can Marinate Mushroom And Steak Together?

12 hours is ideal, but if needed, you can marinate mushrooms and steak together up to 24 hours without any issues. According to USDA, it is fine to marinate the steak for up to 48 hours, but mushrooms are much more porous and may lose shape if marinated for such a long time.

In most cases, the marination time will be governed by the steak recipe and not the mushrooms.

Why Marinate Mushrooms?

There are several reasons why you would want to marinate mushrooms (with or without steak) –

  1. Mushrooms are very porous vegetables, so they absorb flavors well. Marinating them allows you to infuse them with other flavors, such as herbs or spices. This makes them delightful to eat.
  2. The acid in the marinade helps to break down the cell walls of the mushrooms, making them more tender. This is true if you love much softer ones.
  3. Marinating also helps to keep mushrooms moist, preventing them from drying out when cooked.
  4. Lastly, marinated mushrooms have much longer shelf lives and can be used with ease.

Here is a quick way of marinating mushrooms (alone) –

What Are The Best Marinades For Mushrooms And Steak?

Both Soy sauce and vinegar-based marinades work very well with both steak and mushrooms. It is best to avoid citrus as it may overpower the taste. Another great option will be red wine.

While the marinade you will be using will depend upon the end recipe, the above ones are recommended marinades.

Remember, it is not only the acid that is critical for a marinade. Herbs and spices play a very important role in imparting the flavors too.

Garlic, black pepper, cloves, thyme, parsley, oregano, tarragon, bay leaves, shallot, etc. are excellent choices to be used in the marinade.

Final Words

I hope this guide helped you and removed any confusion regarding marinating mushrooms and steak together.

If you have already tried this, do share your experience with us!

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