Dehydrating Vegetables at Home – Ultimate Resource

The goal of dehydrating vegetables is to remove as much water from them in the shortest possible time.

Although it does not kill bacteria, it reduces the population and decreases spoilage rates during storage by preventing microbes that can’t grow in dry conditions.

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Dehydrated vegetables also make for a delicious addition to soups and stews; they will soften up with just an hour or two of simmering in liquid.

If you happen to have some ratatouille on hand for dinner tonight, throw a handful (or two) into your sauce once it’s off the heat-they’ll plump right up quickly and feel like completely fresh again!

When we dehydrate veggies, the high heat pulls the water out to create a more flavorful vegetable.

Dehydrating vegetables allows the natural sugars to become concentrated. When cooking, less sugar is needed as a sweetener and fewer nutrient losses are incurred in comparison with boiling because of improved flavor and color retention.

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