Drying, Dehydrating Foods, Fruits, Veggies & More – A Comprehensive Resource

Dehydrating food, also called dehydration, is a type of preservation in which water moisture either evaporates or is removed so that the food item cannot grow bacteria or mould.

Removing water from foods slows down degradation and preserves the nutrient quality because a process called autolysis can’t occur to break nutrients into smaller molecules.

Dehydration offers several advantages over other methods of preserving foods from spoilage caused by bacteria and mold growth, such as salting or canning.

Dehydrating Vegetables at Home

Tips and tricks on drying veggies at home with ease.

Drying Fruits at Home

Check out simple methods to dry a variety of fruits at home.

Dehydrating Misc Items

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Drying Nuts, Grains & Beans

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Dehydrating Herbs and Spices

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Drying Foods

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