Drying Seeds, Flowers, Leaves & More – Ultimate Guide

Dehydrating seeds not only removes moisture, making them easier to eat or store; the process creates tasty and crunchier seeds that are more easily digestible.

In addition, dehydrated seeds have a larger surface area that brings out more of its natural flavor and freshness. These forms of seeds are an easy way to keep your healthy eating on track while enjoying these snacks!

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Large risk of raw, shelled nuts and other nuts is contamination with molds related to the nuts’ outer skin or shell-fresh walnuts can be coated in a moldy “bloom” – which prohibits them from being eaten.

Dehydrating Flowers

There are different reasons why people choose to dehydrate flowers for recreational purposes. Often, it is done to preserve the flower for a later time without degrading its quality.

Sometimes however, the reason may be more sentimental as a person may want to keep their favorite flowers and have them available at all times or send them to someone they love (perhaps even from across the world).

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