8 Super Dubliner Cheese Substitutes


For all possible substitutes for Dubliner cheese in your recipes, here is the ultimate guide to help you out.

I have compiled this guide after a couple of taste tests and researching through notes and reviews left by chefs and home cooks around the world.

So, let’s get started.

1. Cheddar

Dubliner cheese is often compared to cheddar cheese in terms of texture and flavor notes.

More specifically Irish cheddar, if you can get your hands on them, is the best substitute for Dubliner cheese in most of its recipes.

How to Substitute?

You could use cheddar cheese in equal measures to replace Dubliner cheese in its recipes. But since Dubliner is said to be closest to a mixture of cheddar and parmesan cheese in flavor, you can try that combination for the best results.

2. Parmesan

Another easily accessible cheese that Dubliner is compared to is Parmesan cheese.

Both texture and flavor of Parmesan come close to the nutty and crystalized Dubliner cheese. Parmesan is also a good melting cheese like the Dubliner.

How to Substitute?

Parmesan can be substituted for Dubliner in equal measure in most recipes since they share similar tastes and textures. You could also try mixing parmesan and cheddar to get a closer result in taste.

Check out this parmesan potato recipe for when you don’t have Dubliner cheese to use –

3. Gruyere

Dubliner and Gruyere can be interchangeably used in recipes because of their similar nutty and sharp taste with melty texture.

Gruyere is a slightly subtler version of Dubliner but the recipe should turn out great if you use it as an alternative.

How to Substitute?

You can use Gruyere in equal measure in a Dubliner recipe, especially if the recipe is baked. The Gruyere will melt wonderfully and give all the sharp flavors you are looking for.

Here is another creamy cheesy Gruyere scalloped potato recipe to try instead of a Dubliner potato bake –

4. Ardagh Castle Ricotta

If you can get your hands on this Irish ricotta or goat cheese, you can use it as a substitute for Dubliner cheese in most recipes.

The Ardagh Castle ricotta has a crumbly texture but a nutty flavor similar to Dubliner.

How to Substitute?

You can replace Dubliner cheese with equal measures of Ardagh Castle ricotta in most recipes. You could also add them onto a cheeseboard if you like as an alternative.

5. Durrus Cheese

For creamier texture and milder flavors, you could try using the Irish Durrus cheese as a substitute for Dubliner.

It is a great cheese for melting and goes wonderfully with recipes with a creamy texture like sauces or bakes.

How to Substitute?

Durrus cheese can be used in equal measures in any Dubliner recipe. But keep in mind that the texture and flavors will be slightly different from the Dubliner version.

For a quick and easy Durrus cheese recipe, check out this one by “holidaykitchen” on YouTube –

6. Swiss Appenzeller

Appenzeller is a rich and buttery cheese with a slight kick of spice and tang once it ages.

It is a great substitute for Dubliner in sandwiches and grills where you are looking for super melty and flavorful cheese.

How to Substitute?

Appenzeller is best substituted in recipes where you want some kick in the flavor of the cheese. In sandwiches, grills, or bakes, you can replace Dubliner with equal portions of Appenzeller.

7. Ardrahan Cheese

This semi-soft Irish cheese is often compared to Gruyere and is also a great substitute for Dubliner cheese.

It has a creamy and nutty flavor, similar to Dubliner, along with notes of acidity.

You can use it as an alternative for cooking or even use it on a cheese platter.

How to Substitute?

Because of the similarities in flavor, you can replace it in a 1:1 ratio in most Dubliner cheese-based recipes.

8. Fontina Cheese

Fontina is yet another nutty and melty cheese that you can use as an alternative to Dubliner cheese, especially if you are making dips or grilled sandwiches, or even pasta.

Fontina is a great accessible option when you can’t find Dubliner cheese.

How to Substitute?

You can replace Dubliner with equal amounts of Fontina in most recipes because they are quite similar in flavor and texture.

Check out this quick and easy Fontina dip to try when you don’t have Dubliner cheese to work with –

Bottom Line

I hope this article has given you a good list of alternatives for Dubliner cheese to pick from.

If you have any doubts or would like to share some cheese substitutes of your own, it would be great to hear from you.

Feel free to share this article with your friends and family who love a good cheesy recipe.

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