How to Defrost Butter in Microwave?


Quick Answer: How to Defrost Butter in Microwave?

Take the frozen butter out of the freezer and place it on a microwave-safe plate/bowl. Insert the plate/bowl along with its contents inside the microwave. Switch it on and click the defrost option. Turn the butter over to different sides at regular intervals of 10 seconds or less to ensure uniformly defrosted butter.

This write-up is a complete guide to thawing butter easily in the microwave. Follow the simple steps detailed in the article to quickly and effortlessly defrost butter.

My research through online food blogs has shown that using the microwave to defrost butter is one of the easiest and convenient techniques.

It is also preferred by professionals as well. Let’s dive right into the process!

How to Prep Butter for Microwaving

There is no special way to prepare butter before defrosting in the microwave.

Just make sure that all the necessary tools and utensils along with the butter are ready to be used to avoid any fuss at the last minute.

You are good to go without any other special steps!

How to Defrost Butter in the Microwave

How to Defrost Butter in the Microwave

Prep Time: 1 minute
Active Time: 20 seconds
Total Time: 1 minute 20 seconds

To defrost butter in the microwave, put it on a microwave-safe plate and place it in the microwave.

Set the microwave to defrost setting.

Pause every 10 seconds to flip the butter 1/4th to the side and repeat the process until the butter defrosts completely.


  • Frozen butter
  • Microwave-safe plate/ bowl


  • Microwave gloves
  • A pair of tongs or spoon


    1. Putting butter in the microwave – Remove any wrapping on the butter. Put the block of butter in a microwave-safe plate/bowl. Place it in the microwave.

    2. Adjusting the microwave setting –Startup the microwave. Click on the defrost button or use 30% power on the microwave and thaw for 10 seconds or less.

    3. Checking in between the process- Monitor the butter while it is in the microwave. Pause after 10 seconds or less.

      Use a microwave glove to take the hot plate out and turn the block of butter 1/4th to the side using a pair of tongs or a spoon.

    4. Continue till the desired result is achieved- Place the plate/bowl back in the microwave and nuke for another 10 seconds or less.

      Repeat the process till the required softness is reached.

    5. Ensuring a perfectly defrosted piece of butter- To check whether the butter has defrosted completely, press it.

      If it gives slightly without losing shape, the butter is ready to be used. If not, thaw again in the microwave.

Tips to Remember While Defrosting Butter in Microwave

Here are some tips to remember while defrosting butter in the microwave.

  • Do not leave the butter for too long in the microwave. This could lead to melting. The microwave will also get flooded with melted butter.
  • Remember to keep an eye on the butter while it’s thawing. Check-in between to see if the butter is soft and ready to be taken out.
  • Use a microwaveable glass plate to place the butter on. It can trap heat and soften the butter quicker.
  • Frozen salted butter as old as 9 months and frozen unsalted butter older than 6 months should not be considered for defrosting and cooking. They are unsuitable for use.

Alternate Ways to Defrost Butter

There are several alternatives to defrosting butter in the microwave. Microwaving may be a quick method but it sometimes may not be the possible technique.

Butter can be defrosted by pounding it placed between 2 pieces of parchment paper. It can also be defrosted by leaving it at room temperature cut into small pieces

In another method, place the frozen butter in a zip lock bag and put the bag in warm water. The butter softens in about 4-5 mins.

Stick small blocks of butter with its wrapper in your pocket and engross in your chores. The butter defrosts fairly quickly.

How to Store Defrosted Butter

Defrosted butter can be stored either in the fridge or at room temperature.

You can store the defrosted butter in the refrigerator. If stored properly it can last up to 4 months.

Sometimes thawed butter is left outside the fridge at room temperature. However, to prevent it from going stale, use a lid to cover it and leave it in a dark area.

It is also possible to refreeze the butter for easy storage. However, its flavor profile and quality may be compromised.

How to Defrost Butter in the Microwave Without the Defrost Button

Some microwaves do not entertain a defrost button. Thaw the butter at low temperature or 30% power instead.

Even if the microwave doesn’t have a defrost option, butter can be softened in the microwave itself.

Make sure to adjust the temperature to the lowest possible one or use only 30% of power to ensure softening and not melting.

Remember to flip the butter to each side after regular intervals to get evenly thawed out butter.

How to Defrost Butter Quickly

If not microwaving, there are other ways to quickly thaw butter. Using a hot water bath to thaw comes in handy when in hurry.

To quickly defrost butter, pour some hot water into a bowl. Put the butter over the water bath and allow it to soften.

Always keep a watchful eye to prevent the butter from melting. This method is highly recommended if microwaving is not preferred.

Is it Safe to Thaw Butter in Microwave?

It is safe to soften butter in the microwave so long as the correct measures are taken.

To ensure safety, take the necessary precautions to prevent any accidents and make sure the butter doesn’t stay in the microwave for too long.

In which case, the butter will melt or even explode in the microwave creating a mess. When microwaved correctly using good quality butter, you can save both time and energy.

The microwave is preferred when the thawed butter will be immediately used.

How Do You Defrost a Frozen Stick of Butter?

A stick of butter can be thawed out similar to any other portion of butter. Just cut it down for quicker results.

First, cut the butter into small pieces. Thaw it in the microwave while flipping it 1/4th to thaw every side at regular intervals.

Or, place a cup full of water in the microwave until boiling. Take the cup of water out of the microwave and put the cut-up butter into the microwave.

Close the door quickly and allow the butter to soften in the radiant heat left in the microwave. The defrosted butter will be ready in about 10 minutes.

How to Tell When the Frozen Butter is at Room Temperature

When butter reaches room temperature, it has a temperature of 65-67 degrees Fahrenheit. It becomes a little bit more flexible rather than appearing stiff and solid like frozen butter.

Though defrosted butter does not appear in a liquid state, it still loses its stiffness. Defrosted butter slightly gives at room temperature but it still holds its shape.

Butter at room temperature becomes flexible. Once bent it doesn’t break. However, frozen butter once bent cracks up.

A thermometer can also be used to check the temperature of the butter.


How long does it take butter to defrost?

Butter can be defrosted by a variety of techniques. Each method takes a different amount of time.

Thawing butter in the microwave is quick and takes only about 10-20 seconds while it takes 4-5 hours to thaw in the refrigerator.

Pounding the butter or submerging it in warm water can make it soft within 4-5 minutes.


I hope this guide managed to clear all your concerns about thawing butter in the microwave.

If we missed anything, do comment below or email us.

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