How to Melt Hershey’s Chocolate in the Microwave?


Quick Answer: How to Melt Hershey’s Chocolate in the Microwave?

Cut the chocolate into small portions. Take the chopped-up chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Place the bowl in the microwave and use medium heat or 50% power for 15 seconds to melt it. Then, pause and stir it well. Continue to microwave and stir at 10-second intervals till the desired result is achieved.

This article provides all the necessary information to melt Hershey’s chocolate in a microwave at home.

Follow a few simple steps to quickly melt your Hershey’s chocolate without any fuss.

Like most other home cooks, I also prefer using the microwave to melt Hershey’s chocolates because it is fast and efficient. Online food bloggers also recommend this method to conveniently melt down Hershey’s chocolate.

Keep reading to find out how to perfectly melt Hershey’s chocolate in the microwave.

Hershey’s comes in a variety of forms and flavors. They are available in dark, white, and milk chocolate flavors in the form of bars, chips, and kisses.

This variation also affects how it is microwaved to melt it down.

How to Prep Hershey’s Chocolate Before Microwaving

Before putting the chocolate in the microwave, it needs to be cut down into small equal portions.

Remove any wrappings present on Hershey’s chocolate. Use a knife to chop up Hershey’s chocolate into small and equal portions. This helps to speed up the melting process.

How to Melt Hershey's Dark/White/Milk Chocolate Bars in the Microwave

How to Melt Hershey's Dark/White/Milk Chocolate Bars in the Microwave

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 4 minutes

Cut the Hershey’s chocolate into small pieces. Empty it into a microwave-safe bowl.

Place the bowl in the microwave and melt at 50% power or medium heat for 15 seconds.

Pause and stir it and place it back in the microwave.

Continue the process for 10 second-intervals till it is completely melted.


  • Hershey’s chocolate
  • Microwaveable glass bowl
  • Knife


  • Microwave gloves
  • Spatula


    1. Putting Hershey's Chocolate in the microwave: Take the chopped-up Hershey’s chocolate and place it inside a dry microwaveable glass bowl.

      Put the bowl and the chocolate inside the microwave.

    2. Adjusting the microwave settings: Switch on the microwave. Use 50% power to melt Hershey’s chocolate for 15 seconds continuously.

      Or microwave on medium heat for 15 seconds straight.

    3. Checking in between the process: After 15 seconds, the chocolate starts to look shiny and also wouldn’t be able to hold its shape.

      Pause microwaving and take out the bowl. Use a spatula to stir the chocolate and place it back in the microwave

    4. Repeat the process till the desired result is reached: Continue to microwave at 10-second durations and stir afterward till the whole of the content is completely melted to perfection.

How to melt Hershey’s Kisses/ Chocolate Chips

Place the kisses/ chips in a microwaveable bowl. Insert it into the microwave and melt at medium or 50% power for 15 seconds. Stir and repeat the process till all the kisses are melted.

Before microwaving remove all the wrappings. Kisses/ chips come in white, dark, and milk chocolate varieties. Each may need a slightly different time to melt as well.

Empty the Hershey’s kisses/chips into a bowl and nuke them in the microwave for 15 seconds.

Stir well and continue nuking for as long as the whole of the chocolates is melted. The time taken for melting varies with the amount of chocolate taken.

Tips to Remember While Melting Hershey’s Chocolate in Microwave

Follow these tips to safely melt your Hershey’s chocolate.

  • It is advisable to use a transparent microwave-safe glass bowl. It helps to monitor the melting process.
  • Remember to use completely dry utensils while melting Hershey’s chocolate.
  • Do not use any lid to cover the bowl while microwaving. The lid traps steam which will eventually condense into the melting chocolate and lead to it seizing up.
  • Make sure to stir the chocolate at every interval while melting.
  • Before taking the bowl of melted chocolate out of the microwave, stir to see that no lumps are present. A lump-free bowl of microwaved chocolate will be completely melted.
  • Use only 50% of power or microwave at medium heat to prevent scorching the chocolate.
  • Place the chocolate only for short periods in the microwave to avoid burning it.
  • If the chocolate stiffens add a teaspoon of shortening for every ounce of chocolate and stir it in.

Alternate Ways to Melt Hershey’s Chocolate

Hershey’s chocolate can be melted on the stove and in a slow cooker.

Fill a pot with some water. Place it on the stove and heat on low flame and bring it to a boil.

Place a bowl of chopped chocolates on top of the pot and do not let the chocolate touch the water. Stir continuously till the chocolate is completely melted.

For big batches of chocolate, fill a slow cooker with chocolate and cook it for an hour on high heat.

After 1 hour lower the heat and stir up the chocolate and cook for another hour. Keep stirring in between.

How to Melt Hershey’s Chocolate quickly

Hershey’s chocolate melts quickly when placed in the microwave. To speed up the process, cut the chocolate into smaller pieces before melting in the microwave.

Hershey’s chocolate can be melted either on the stove or in the microwave.

When you are in a hurry to start cooking and you are out of melted Hershey’s chocolate, it is recommended to melt it in the microwave for quick results.

It only takes a few minutes to melt in the microwave while double boiling on the stove takes more time.

How to Store Melted Hershey’s Chocolate

Melted Hershey’s chocolate can be stored for a short while by keeping the bowl of melted chocolate in a warm water bath. To store for a longer period, turn it into a sauce and keep it in the refrigerator.

Hershey’s chocolate does not stay melted for long. Place the vessel of melted chocolate over a bowl of warm water or keep the chocolate in a warm environment.

To store the melted chocolate for longer periods, turn the chocolate into a sauce by combining heavy cream and corn syrup.

Keep this mixture in a sealed glass bowl in the fridge and it can be stored for about 2 weeks.

Is it Safe to Melt Hershey’s Chocolate in the Microwave?

The answer is yes. It is perfectly safe to melt Hershey’s chocolate in the microwave.

To keep the chocolate from getting burnt or scathed, always keep a watchful eye on the melting bowl of chocolate and stir at regular intervals.

Also, remember to use dry utensils for the process.

How Long does it Take to Melt Hershey’s Chocolate in the Microwave?

Melting chocolate in the microwave is convenient and quick. Whether it is white, dark, or milk chocolate, it takes only a couple of minutes to completely melt it.

Chocolate can be melted down to a creamy liquid state within a few minutes.

Always remember to stir the mixture at regular intervals throughout the process to keep it from burning and to speed up the melting process.

Hershey’s kisses should be melted down at 15-second intervals to avoid scathing.


Can you microwave Hershey’s chocolate bar?

Yes, Hershey’s chocolate bar can be melted. To melt Hershey’s chocolate bar into a silky smooth liquid, it has to be broken down into smaller pieces.

It can be melted in the microwave at 50% power. this will only take a couple of minutes. Or, it can be melted by using the double boiling method on the stove.


We have tried to answer most of the questions related to melting Hershey’s chocolate in the microwave. Hope it was helpful!

If we missed anything, tell us in the comments or email us.

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