How to Melt Mozzarella Cheese in the Microwave?


Quick Answer: How to Melt Mozzarella Cheese in the Microwave?

Carefully slice, dice, or shred your mozzarella into small and equal pieces. Put the cheese in a microwave-safe bowl and set it aside to let it come to room temperature. Then, add a splash of evaporated milk and a pinch of cornstarch into the cheese. Microwave the mix at high heat for 15 seconds. Then, stir the cheese thoroughly and check the progress. If the desired consistency is not reached, repeat the process.

This write-up is a comprehensive guide to successfully melt mozzarella cheese in the microwave.

Keep reading the article to find the steps required to melt mozzarella in the microwave.

I have used this technique to melt mozzarella cheese several times and it works like a charm.

Many home cooks and chefs use the microwave to quickly melt mozzarella cheese without any fuss.

Without any delay, let’s get into the details!

How to Prep Mozzarella Cheese Before Microwaving

Before microwaving, slice, dice, or shred your cheese into small portions. Let it sit for 20 minutes on the kitchen top to come to room temperature.

Mozzarella cannot be melted in the microwave immediately. It needs to be prepped before melting in the microwave.

To quickly and evenly melt mozzarella you need to chop down the cheese into smaller portions.

Empty the sliced-up mozzarella in a microwave-safe bowl and let it come to room temperature.

How to Melt Mozzarella Cheese in the Microwave

How to Melt Mozzarella Cheese in the Microwave

Prep Time: 25 minutes
Active Time: 45 seconds
Total Time: 25 minutes 45 seconds

Cut the cheese into small and equal portions.

Empty the mozzarella into a microwave-safe bowl and set it aside on the countertop to let it come to room temperature.

Add some evaporated milk and cornstarch to the cheese. Place it in the microwave and set it to high heat for about 15 seconds.

After the15 seconds, take it out and stir using a spatula or spoon to thoroughly mix it.

If necessary nuke again for 15 seconds and stir the mixture again. Repeat the process till the desired consistency is reached.


  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Microwave-safe bowl
  • Knife
  • Evaporated milk


  • Cornstarch
  • Spoon/spatula


    1. Putting Mozzarella Cheese in the microwave: After slicing up the cheese and bringing it to room temperature, put the cheese in a microwave-safe bowl.

      Add a little bit of evaporated milk and 1/5th a teaspoon of cornstarch into the cheese. Insert the bowl into the microwave.

    2. Adjusting the microwave settings: Switch on the microwave. Select the medium setting and set the timer for 15 seconds. Start melting the cheese.

    3. Checking in between the process: After 30 seconds, take out the bowl and check for progress. Stir thoroughly with a spoon or spatula to mix the milk and cornstarch into the cheese.

    4. Repeat the process till the desired result is reached: After stirring, put the bowl back in the microwave and repeat the process if the desired consistency isn’t attained. Continue microwaving till the mozzarella is silky smooth and ready to be used.

Tips to Remember While Melting Mozzarella Cheese in Microwave

Follow these tips to successfully melt mozzarella in the microwave:

  • It is advisable to use low moisture mozzarella for melting rather than fresh mozzarella. The one with low moisture melts better than fresh mozzarella.
  • Remember to use a non-stick microwave bowl or use non-stick cooking spray on the bowl to prevent the melted cheese from sticking to the bowl.
  • A smooth consistency can be achieved by melting chopped or shredded mozzarella rather than using blocks or chunks of cheese.
  • Do not forget to add the evaporated milk and cornstarch into the mozzarella before microwaving. This prevents the cheese from clumping up and gives it a creamy and thick texture instead.
  • Remember to stir the cheese thoroughly after nuking till the mozzarella is melted to perfection.

Alternate Ways to Melt Mozzarella Cheese

Apart from using the microwave, mozzarella can also be melted in the oven using the broiler setting or on the stove using the double boiling method.

Empty the sliced cheese into a cast-iron skillet. Put it in the oven at low heat using the broiler setting for about 5 minutes to get hot creamy mozzarella.

On the stove, boil a pot filled with water. Put a bowl of mozzarella cheese over the boiling water and let the cheese melt on low or medium heat.

Keep stirring the cheese to speed up the process. Add evaporated milk and cornstarch to prevent the cheese from separating.

How to Melt Mozzarella Cheese quickly

Using the microwave is the quickest way to melt mozzarella cheese. It takes only less than a minute to melt mozzarella in the microwave.

To speed up the melting process, you need to chop the mozzarella into small and equal portions before microwaving.

Remember to bring it to room temperature and add cornstarch and evaporated milk to the cheese to evenly melt the cheese without it clumping.

How to Store Melted Mozzarella Cheese

Melted mozzarella cannot be left at room temperature for long. It becomes a bowl of microbes after significant exposure to room temperature.

It is better to melt only a sufficient amount of mozzarella at a time. This reduces the wastage of mozzarella cheese.

Cheese left outside for too long becomes stale and unsuitable for consumption.If stored in a sealed container mozzarella would last up to a couple of hours.

Is it Safe to Melt Mozzarella Cheese in the Microwave?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to melt mozzarella in the microwave.

To successfully microwave mozzarella cheese in the microwave without causing any accidents or making any mistakes, use only low or medium heat.

Do not overheat the cheese and do not leave the cheese in the microwave for too long. This could leave clumps in the mozzarella and burn it.

To be on the safe side, make sure to use a microwave-safe bowl and not plastic to put the cheese in while microwaving.

How Long do You Microwave Mozzarella Cheese?

It only takes about 30-45 seconds to melt mozzarella in the microwave. Hence, it is the quickest and effortless method to melt cheese to a silky smooth texture.

Usually, mozzarella is microwaved at 15-second increments at medium heat.

At each interval remember to thoroughly stir the cheese, evaporated milk, and cornstarch for evenly melted creamy and thick mozzarella ideal for any recipe.

However, there may be a slight variation in the time taken to melt the cheese due to the amount taken and the moisture content.

At What Temperature Does Mozzarella Cheese Melt?

Mozzarella cheese melts completely at 130 degrees Fahrenheit because it is a soft and highly moist cheese variant.

Different cheeses melt at different temperatures according to factors like acid content, moisture, and age.

Mozzarella starts to melt at 90 degrees Fahrenheit and it melts completely at 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Does Mozzarella Cheese Not Melt?

The melting point of mozzarella cheese depends on several factors. The age of the cheese, the moisture content, and the fat content of the cheese affect how much it melts.

Mozzarella with high moisture content does not melt. Part skimmed mozzarella does not melt very well due to the low-fat content in it. Use

Though mozzarella is usually not aged, it is better to use a little aged cheese than fresh mozzarella which is hard to melt.


Which Mozzarella is Best for Melting?

When selecting mozzarella for melting, it is better to choose the one with a low moisture content which is aged mozzarella.

A mozzarella with good fat content would also be an ideal choice. It is recommended to use processed mozzarella with low moisture content for melting to ensure a creamy and stringy addition to your recipe.

Can You Melt Mozzarella into Sauce?

Mozzarella can be used to make a sauce. However, it is not the ideal option to make a sauce.Mozzarella with low moisture content is not ideal for making a sauce.

The lack of water content prevents it from becoming a creamy and thick sauce. It is recommended to use aged cheddar cheese or cream cheese with high moisture content for making sauce.


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