11 Kasuri Methi Substitutes for When You’re Out of the Spice!


If you’re out of Kasuri Methi, don’t worry!

There are plenty of substitutes that will give your dish that same flavor profile.

Here are 11 substitutes for Kasuri Methi that you can use in a pinch.

11 Kasuri Methi Substitutes 

Here are my top picks for substituting Kasuri Methi. 

1. Celery Leaves

Celery leaves have a similar appearance as Kasuri Methi, making them one of the closest substitutes for it with a mild flavor and juicy stalks. 

When choosing Celery, it is important to pick bright green ones and avoid all wilted and yellow ones.

They should be stored in the refrigerator enclosed in a damp towel. 

How to substitute

Equal amounts of Celery leaves are needed to substitute for the required amount of Kasuri Methi for dishes like soups, stews, curries, stir-fries, salads, and more.

Celery leaves omelet.

2. Spinach

Spinach is a great healthy alternative to Kasuri Methi due to their similarity in taste and aroma once cooked.

Spinach need not be dried and crushed before adding. 

It is important to note that although Spinach works fine by itself, it is better to combine spinach and fenugreek seeds for more accuracy and a closer flavor to Kasuri Methi. 

How to substitute

Equal amounts of crushed fresh spinach mixed with fenugreek seeds should accurately substitute for the required amount of Kasuri Methi.

Korean Spinach side-dish.

3. Dried Mustard Greens

Dried Mustard greens are an interesting and highly nutritious alternative to Kasuri Methi with its earthy flavor that can elevate any savory recipe. 

A small note: When using Dried Mustard greens, it is important to soak the dried leaves in water for about 15 minutes for them to rehydrate and produce better flavors. 

How to substitute

A slightly more quantity of dried mustard leaves should be used to substitute for Kasuri Methi as the leaves are rehydrated.

Pork belly with Dried Mustard greens.

4. Fenugreek Leaves

Being from the same plant as Kasuri Methi itself, fresh Fenugreek leaves are one of their closest alternatives with a slightly bitter taste. 

Do remember to sun-dry the fresh leaves to avoid some bitterness and increase their aromatic essence.

Adding lemon juice can also decrease bitterness. 

How to substitute

It is advisable to add a slightly lesser amount of fresh Fenugreek leaves as the required amount of Kasuri Methi as they tend to be bitterer if chopped.

Potatoes with Fenugreek leaves.

5. Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup is an unusual yet efficient alternative to Kasuri Methi as they share a common earthy aromatic element that makes them related to one another. 

Do remember to add the Maple syrup towards the end of the cooking process, as its aroma dissolves very easily. Also, remember that it is sweeter than Kasuri Methi. 

How to substitute

A small amount of Maple Syrup can go a long way, therefore, only one or two tablespoons are enough to replace Kasuri Methi.

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6. Curry Powder

Curry powder is another very easily available substitute for Kasuri Methi as it contains traces of fenugreek seeds which give it a similar flavor. 

Do note that curry powder often has a complex combination of a bunch of spices and adds color to whatever curry or stew it is added to. 

How to substitute

One tablespoon of Curry powder is often enough to substitute for an equal amount of Kasuri Methi as they both have strong flavor profiles.

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7. Watercress

Watercress, also known as Alfalfa, has a taste resembling that of celery with an additional peppery essence, also making it a great substitute for Kasuri Methi. 

It is important to remember that Watercress has a rather intense flavor than Kasuri Methi and should be well-measured before use. 

How to substitute

Kasuri Methi and Watercress can be substituted for equal amounts of each other in a 1:1 ratio due to their strong and complex taste.

Healthy Watercress salad.

8. Fenugreek Seeds

Both Kasuri Methi and Fenugreek seeds have a similar and mildly bitter taste that allows them to be equal substitutes for one another for most recipes. 

Do remember that Fenugreek seeds should be allowed to fry before all other ingredients are added. At the same time, fenugreek seed powder can be directly added to the curry. 

How to substitute

When added in their seeded form, one tablespoon is enough, and when added in their powdered form, a little less than one tablespoon should be enough.

Chicken cooked in Fenugreek seeds.

9. Collard Greens

Collard greens are a special type of Southern greens with a slightly bitter taste and numerous nutritional values that can be consumed both raw and cooked. 

With Collard greens, it is important to note that they are not as widely available as other alternatives and the leaves are comparatively larger in size. 

How to substitute

A slightly more quantity of chopped Collard greens is needed to substitute for the mentioned quantity of Kasuri Methi due to their mildness.

Sautéed Collard greens –

10. Alfalfa

Alfalfa is yet another leafy alternative with similarities to celery and immense health benefits such as blood sugar management. 

It is important to notice that Alfalfa makes a better replacement for fenugreek than for Kasuri Methi but can still be added in a pinch. 

How to substitute

Equal amounts of crushed fresh Alfalfa combined with some fenugreek seeds should accurately substitute for the required amount of Kasuri Methi.

Alfalfa and avocado salad.

11. Mustard Seeds

Yellow Mustard seeds make an efficient replacement for Kasuri Methi with a similar bitter taste and aroma. They are both essential parts of South-Asian cuisine. 

When using Mustard seeds, it is important to add only a small amount as its flavors are much more intense than that of Kasuri Methi. 

How to substitute

A slightly less than one tablespoon of yellow Mustard seeds should be used to replace one tablespoon of Kasuri Methi for all savory recipes.

Easy Mustard seed relish.


What Is The Best Kasuri Methi Substitute? 

The best and closest substitutes for Kasuri Methi are considered to be Dried Mustard greens, Spinach, Celery leaves, Collard greens, and Fenugreek leaves. All these substitutes have distinct flavors that remain nonetheless. 

Combining some of these ingredients make a better alternative than using them as is.

Is Kasuri Methi The Same As Fenugreek? 

Yes, Kasuri Methi is simply the dried form of Fenugreek leaves. Fresh fenugreek leaves are juicy and bitterer in taste but once dried, they have a stronger aroma and less bitter taste, making it a more efficient spice. 

They are both a part of the legume family of plants and are the same spice in two different forms and different uses.

What Is The Difference Between Fresh And Dried Kasuri Methi? 

The most important evident difference between fresh fenugreek leaves and dried Kasuri Methi is in their flavor potential when added to any recipe. Fresh fenugreek leaves have a bitter taste and mild aroma. 

Dried Kasuri Methi, on the other hand, has thrice the amount of flavor and aroma, making it a more efficient condiment.

Is Kasuri Methi And Oregano The Same? 

No, Kasuri Methi is a South-Asian spice often added to curries and stir-fries and belongs to the legume or fenugreek family of plants. Oregano is a Mediterranean spice belonging to the mint family of plants. 

They have very different characteristics, uses, and original flavor profiles and cannot be substituted for one another.

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