Can You Marinate Chicken With Other Meats? Ultimate Guide


This is the ultimate guide to help you decide if you can marinate chicken with different types of meat/seafoods together.

Before jumping to individual pairings, lets first understand the fundamental rules

When You Can Marinate Two Different Types of Meat Together – Ground Rules

Marinating two different types of meat together can have several advantages, you can save time, save on marinade (which is shared) and can save on space in the fridge.

But it does not mean you can pair anything under the sun.

There are some key things to keep in mind when you plan to marinate two types of meat together; here they are –

1. Keep the end recipe in mind

It is so important to keep the end recipe in mind when you plan to marinate together. If your end objective with one meat is to make it spicy with intense flavors and with another mild one, then it may not be the best choice to marinate them together.

2. Marination time mismatch

Some meats require much more time to marinate than others.

For example, chicken can be marinated in as short a time as 1-3 hours, while lamb requires a minimum 5-8 hours.

Thus, if you marinate them together, you will have to keep the chicken too for a longer period of time.

This is especially problematic in the case of fish, keeping fish for too long can literally cook it in the marinade itself.

This would be fine in most cases unless your recipe itself may require you to marinate for a shorter time or for a very long time – say 24 to 36 hours.

The time needed to marinate will also vary based on the meat cut. For example, big barbeque cuts of beef require twice the time to marinate as compared to smaller ones.

3. Matching Marinade with Meat

Marinades can be made intense or mild. What marinade you use is also a function of the meat.

Fish soak up flavors much faster as compared to chicken and other meats.

For example, a delicate fish like red snapper is best marinated in mild and subtle marinades, while shrimps can handle most marinates.

4. Consider allergies

Some people may be allergic to certain meats (especially seafood); if you marinate two types of meat together, you risk cross-contamination, which in turn can cause trouble for people with allergies.

Quick Chicken & Meat Pairings for Marinating Together

A quick table with meat pairings and things to take care of –

Meat PairingThings to Consider
Chicken and BeefChicken is mild-flavored, while beef is rich in flavors. Choose marinade carefully.
Shrimp and ChickenBe cautious using citrus marinades.
Be cautious of shellfish allergies
Chicken and PorkGreat pairing for marinating together

Can you Marinate Chicken and Beef together?

Yes, you can marinate chicken and beef together. But make sure to consider the end recipes, marinade complexity and marinating time in mind while making the decision.

Chicken is mild-flavored, while beef is rich in flavors. This means you need to choose your marinade carefully.

While almost any marinade will work with chicken, you need to ensure you compliment the rich flavor of beef with complex marinade flavors.

Red wine, soy sauce, garlic, herbs (thyme, rosemary) etc. work great.

Avoid using too much citrus; this may overtake the flavors of the beef.

Apart from the above, one needs to take all usual marination best practices including keeping the food in the fridge for marinating, ensuring the maximum of 48 hours of marinating, not reusing the marinade etc.

Some people may think that marinating chicken and beef together can give the meat a more complex flavor, while others may worry about cross-contamination.

If you’re concerned about food safety, it’s important to use separate cutting boards and utensils for each type of meat and to cook the beef to a higher temperature than the chicken.

However, as long as you take these precautions, there’s no reason why you can’t marinate chicken and beef together. Try marinating your meats in different sauces or rubs to see what combination you like best!

Here is a quick video on tips of marinating chicken and beef –

Can you Marinate Shrimp and Chicken Together?

Yes, you can marinade shrimp and chicken together after considering the recipe and flavors in the end recipes. Both shrimp and chicken work well with most marinades and can be marinated for a similar time period without causing issues to the other.

With chicken, you can use a variety of marinades – mild or intense. The same marinades also work well with shrimps too.

Citrus juices, wine, mustard, and soy sauce are great choices for the acids of these marinades.

If you plan to use citrus juices, make sure to limit the time of marination, as the acid in the marinade can cook it (if kept for a long time).

Lastly, make sure that the people relishing your dish are not shellfish allergic, if that is the case, do not marinate them together.

Here is the recipe for shrimp with marinades –

Can you Mix Chicken and Pork in the Marinade?

Yes, you can marinate chicken and pork together. Both have mild flavors and thus make a good pairing. Make sure your marinade is in line with the end recipe you plan to have in terms of flavors.

Soy sauce is known to work amazingly well with both chicken and pork. Both chicken and pork can be marinated with mild and intense marinades with equal ease and success.

You can marinate both up to 8 hours with ease. Make sure you put them in the refrigerator while doing so.

Here is pop chop marinade recipe –

Common Guidelines of Marinating Chicken & Other Meats

Apart from the specific pairing guidelines, there are some common marinating guidelines that should be followed –

Always marinate in the refrigerator – Always keep the meat in the refrigerator while marinating. This is a must. Keeping the room temperature will lead to growth in bacteria, causing health issues.

Marinate in nonreactive cookware/plastic or glass – Stainless steel, plastic, glass are the best materials to marinate meat.

Avoid using reactive cookware – aluminum, etc. as the acid in the marinade may react with it and spring the food

Do not marinate for too long – Marinating for too long causes the acid to break down the meat protein, thus making it mushy. For most meats, it is best to marinate up to 48 hours.

The duration is shorter for delicate fish types.

Do not reuse the marinade – It is best not to store and reuse the marinade, especially when it has been kept at room temperature for some time.

It is a great idea to cook meat in the marinade, though.

Final Words

I hope this guide helped you decide whether you can pair chicken with other meat and marinate them together.

In case you have any queries or suggestions, please do write to us.

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