How to Microwave Corn on Cob (to Make Popcorn with Ease)


Quick Answer: How to Microwave Corn on Cob to make Popcorn

Put a fully dried corn on cob in a brown bag and double fold its end to secure closure. Place this inside the microwave for 3-4 mins and continue heating till popping slows to a 2 or 3 second interval. Take it out and remove the corn on the cob carefully from the bag. Sprinkle some salt and it’s ready!

In this comprehensive guide on how to microwave corn on cob to make popcorn I will teach you how you can easily make popcorn at your home without separating the kernels.

This is pretty popular among most chefs and food bloggers as it is very easy to go about following only a few steps. I too use this method whenever I am craving some popcorn for a snack.

Lets not wait anymore and dive into the process!

How to Prep Corn on Cob before Microwaving it to make Popcorn

Make sure your corn on the cob is completely dried before microwaving it to get the best results.

You need to now put it inside a brown bag and fold its opening a few times. This will ensure that no steam escapes the packing.

How to Microwave Corn on Cob to make Popcorn

How to Microwave Corn on Cob to make Popcorn

Prep Time: 1 hour
Active Time: 4 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 4 minutes

How to Microwave Corn on Cob to make Popcorn

To microwave corn on cob in the form of popcorn you should take a fully dried cob and put it inside a brown bag.

Fold the end twice so that no popcorn sputters out during the process. Heat it for 3-4 mins.

You can stop when the popping slows down to a 2 second interval.

Now you can take the bag out and remove the cob slowly from it. Sprinkle some salt over it and enjoy!


  • Corn on cob


  • Brown bag


      1. Putting corn on cob in the microwave: Put the cob inside a brown bag and fold its ends at least twice to ensure closure. Now place this bag inside the microwave and turn it on.

      2. Adjusting the microwave setting: Turn your microwave to 50-75 percent power and set the timer to 4 mins. Now click on the ‘start’ button.

      3. Ensuring it's properly done: Do not stop heating until the popping slows to 2 or 3 seconds between two simultaneous pops.

        Carefully take the cob out of the bag and place it on a serving dish. The ones that are separated from the cob can be poured into a bowl and served as well.


Temperature: 50-75 percent

Check out this video by Popping With Mio to learn how to microwave corn on cob to make popcorn :

Tips to Remember while Microwaving Corn on Cob to make Popcorn

  • Ensure the corn on the cob is completely dried out before the microwaving process.
  • You should be careful of steam when you open the bag.
  • If your microwave has a popcorn setting you can opt for it.
  • In case you are not sure about the timing you can first set the timer to 2 mins and increase it by 30 secs till the popping slows.
  • The ends of the brown paper bag should be folded a few times so that steam does not escape.

Alternate Way to make Popcorn with Corn on Cob

Popcorn can be easily made on the stove as well but this process demands the kernels to be extracted from the cob. You need to put some oil in a pot along with the kernels and heat it on medium flame. Shake the container back and forth over the stove till popping slows down.

You can make popcorn on your stove but first you will need to de-kernel it. Pour some oil in a large pot and put the kernels in it along with some salt.

Heat it in medium flame and wait for the kernels to pop. Slide the pot back and forth over the burner so that it spreads evenly.

Put the lid on and the kernels will begin to pop in no time. Continue moving the pot back and forth until the popping slows down.

The popcorn is ready to be served.

Check out this video by Benji Travis on how to make popcorn on stove

Is it Safe to Microwave Corn on Cob to make Popcorn

It is completely safe to microwave corn on cob to make popcorn . You only need to ensure that the cob is completely dried else the corn will not pop.

If you are looking for a way to make popcorn with your corn on cob you can definitely use the microwave at your place.

Remember to dry the corn on cob fully using any drying method of your choice before putting it in the microwave.

How to Store Popcorn made from Corn on Cob

To store popcorn separate all from the cob and put it in an air-tight container. The container should not have much space left after all the popcorn has been put into it. You can also use a resealable bag if you do not have a container.

Separate all the popcorn from the cob and put it in an air-tight container. Fill it to the tap so that it does not stale fast. Use a resealable bag if a container is not found at hand.

At any cost there should not be much air inside the bag else the popcorn will become chewy.

It is best to store it if you have not used any seasoning like butter or salt. This will last at room temperature for up to 7 days.

Do not refrigerate it as the moisture introduced will stale the popcorn.


How to Dry Corn on the Cob for Popcorn

This can be done by microwaving at the lowest power for an hour. The corn on cob demands to be checked and rotated after every 5 mins.

You can also choose to use a dehydrator overnight. Corn on cob can also be dried in an oven. You need to heat it at 200°F leaving the door slightly ajar.

This will take 4-6 hrs and you should rotate the cob after every 1 hr so that it’s evenly heated throughout.


I hope this detailed guide has helped you make your desired popcorn with corn on cob at your place with ease.

If you have any queries feel free to let us know. We would love your feedback and use it to enrich our work further.

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