12 Super Neufchatel Cheese Substitutes


Here is the ultimate guide to all possible cheese substitutes for Neufchatel cheese in your recipes. 

Neufchatel cheese is a French cheese that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States.

If you’re in a pinch, there are a few substitutes that can be used.

12 Best Neufchatel Cheese Substitutes

1. Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a fattier version of Neufchatel with more or less the same flavor and texture profile.

Neufchatel and cream cheese can be interchangeably used in several recipes. It is perfect for spreading or cooking with.

How to Substitute? 

You can substitute Neufchatel with a 1:1 ratio of cream cheese in almost any recipe. Note that cream cheese has a slightly lower moisture content than Neufchatel. 

Here is a quick and easy cream cheese pasta recipe that you can try at home – 

2. Mascarpone 

Mascarpone is a great alternative to Neufchatel, especially in sweeter recipes.

Mild flavored and creamy soft, mascarpone offers all the same goodness as Neufchatel cheese.

It is best used in cheesecake or baking recipes.

How to Substitute? 

You can substitute Mascarpone for Neufchatel cheese in equal measure. But keep in mind that mascarpone is lighter and less thick than Neufchatel cheese.

Check out this lemon mascarpone cheesecake recipe on YouTube – 

3. Ricotta Cheese

Creamy, mild, and versatile, ricotta cheese is an easily accessible alternative to Neufchatel.

It is equally grainy and melt like Neufchatel, but a better option if you want a low-fat and low-salt substitute.

It goes well in both sweet and savory recipes.

How to Substitute? 

You can substitute ricotta cheese in a 1:1 ratio for Neufchatel cheese in almost any recipe. There can be slight flavor differences. 

Here is a ricotta cheese cheesecake recipe that you can easily make at home – 

4. Cottage Cheese

In recipes where you want the flavors of Neufchatel cheese intact, cottage cheese is the best option.

Though it is thicker in consistency, you can quickly fix this by blending it with other dairy, and it will work perfectly well.

How to Substitute? 

Due to its thicker consistency, you will have to blend it to get the right texture. After that, you can replace Neufchatel with the same portion of cottage cheese. 

Here is a quick and easy Alfredo pasta recipe with cottage cheese – 

5. Vegan Cashew Cream Cheese

There are several cashew nuts-based vegan cream cheese recipes that you can easily make at home and they make perfect substitutes for Neufchatel cheese.

With the same consistency and flavors that you can tweak, vegan cream cheese works in almost any recipe. 

How to Substitute? 

Once you have made the preferred vegan cream cheese recipe, you can replace Neufchatel in any recipe with equal portions of vegan cream cheese. 

For the simplest cashew vegan cream cheese recipe, check out this YouTube tutorial – 

6. Gervais Cheese

Gervais cheese, much like cream cheese, is soft and creamy in texture with sweet and mildly tangy flavors.

It is a great substitute in most Neufchatel recipes, like spreads, cheesecake, pie, and more. 

How to Substitute? 

You can replace Neufchatel with a 1:1 ratio of Gervais cheese. Although there may be slight flavor differences, the overall recipe should taste the same. 

7. Sour Cream 

If you are looking for a healthier and lower-calorie substitute for Neufchatel cheese, you can go for sour cream cheese.

It offers a tangier flavor version of Neufchatel and is perfect for baking recipes, like cheesecakes.

How to Substitute? 

You can replace Neufchatel with more or less the same amount of sour cream but keep in mind that the consistency can vary a little so you might have to adjust the recipe ratio. 

To make a sour cream cheesecake recipe from scratch, here is a lovely YouTube tutorial – 

8. Goat Cheese

For a creamy and savory alternative to Neufchatel, goat cheese is a great choice. It is perfect for recipes like pasta, pizza, spreads, pies, and pastries.

Goat cheese is more flavorful in comparison and is heavier as well.

How to Substitute? 

You can use ¾th the portion of goat cheese as compared to 1 portion of Neufchatel cheese in your recipes for the right consistency and flavor.

Here is a creamy goat cheese pasta that you can try when you have run out of Neufchatel cheese – 

9. Hung Curd 

For healthier alternatives to Neufchatel cheese that you can make at home, you can try hung curd.

It is thick and creamy in texture with a savory and tangy flavor profile.

It is perfect for baking and cooking with and also works great in marinades and salad dressings. 

How to Substitute? 

You can replace Neufchatel with equal amounts of hung curd. Note that hung curd is best used in savory recipes. 

10. Quark 

Quark is an extremely mild-flavored cheese that can work as a blank canvas that blends well in sweet and savory recipes.

It offers the same creamy soft texture as Neufchatel and is great to eat on its own or cook with.

How to Substitute? 

You can replace quark cheese for Neufchatel in a 1:1 ratio. It will be milder in flavor, so you might want to adjust the seasoning of the recipe to get the right flavors. 

Here is a quark cheese cheesecake recipe that you can give a shot – 

11. Farmer’s Cheese

Farmer’s cheese is a firmer and more acidic alternative to Neufchatel cheese. It is best used in savory recipes.

Much like cottage cheese is closer to Neufchatel in terms of flavor, but the texture needs to be fixed before working with it. 

How to Substitute? 

After blending it to the right consistency, you can replace Neufchatel with the same measure of farmer’s cheese. 

Here is how you can make farmer’s cheese at home with two simple ingredients – 

12. Nutritional Yeast

For vegan foodies, nutritional yeast is a great way to mimic the salty flavor of Neufchatel.

Mixed with a cashew or almond nut base, you can enjoy the creamy and grainy texture of Neufchatel as well.

It can be used in almost any recipe that you like. 

How to Substitute? 

The general rule of thumb for nutritional yeast-cheese substitution is to use half the measure of nutritional yeast to the measure of Neufchatel cheese. 

Here are some pasta recipes with nutritional yeast that you can try instead of a Neufchatel recipe – 

Bottom Line 

I hope this article has helped you find the best cheese substitute for your recipes. 

If you have any doubts or would like to share some cheese alternatives of your own, it would be lovely to hear from you. 

And be sure to share this article with your cheese-loving friends and family.

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