7 Best Non-Alcoholic Vodka Substitutes: Vodka-less and Loving It


If you’re looking for a delicious non-alcoholic vodka substitute, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll share the best substitutes for vodka that are sure to please your taste buds.

From fruity options to classic mixes, there’s something for everyone.

So whether you’re abstaining from alcohol for health reasons or simply don’t enjoy the taste of vodka, read on for the perfect drink to suit your needs.

So, what are these ingredients?  Let’s find out. 

7 Non-Alcoholic Vodka Substitutes

1. Tonic Water

Tonic water has a combination of bitter and sweet flavors.

Sometimes, it comes with added sugar. 

Its citrusy flavor, when combined with orange zest or orange marmalade, makes it ideal for recipes like a delicious bread spread and poultry glaze.

How to Substitute

Take 2 tablespoons of tonic water to replace 2 tablespoons of vodka.

Here are 3 types of non-alcoholic cocktails you can make using tonic water:

2. Orange Juice

A Vitamin C-rich alternative 

Orange juice contains citric acid, which gives it a tangy and sour flavor. It has a strong orange aroma with a scent quite similar to alcohol and vinegar.

You can use orange juice for making popsicles, marinades, citrus glaze, cakes, and bread. 

As a vodka substitute, it goes well with non-alcoholic drinks like citrus orange mocktails and Orange Julius. 

Check out this video to make a delicious Orange Mocktail:

3. Apple Juice

Apple juice is a translucent, golden-colored liquid that has a slightly sweet taste. Some packaged apple juices might contain more sugar than usual.

Apple juice fits well into cakes, marinades, beverages, brews, jellies, porridges, and mocktails.

Watch this video to make a refreshing mocktail using apple juice: 

4. Lemonade

A kid-friendly alternative 

The sweetness level of lemonade is much higher than that of vodka. Hence, it is the ideal vodka substitute if you’re making a drink for your kids or other family members.

Note that since lemonade has a very sweet taste, you can skip adding simple syrup, sugar, or honey to your recipe. You can also use a few drops of lime juice if you want a tangier taste.

However, you can’t use lemonade in all drinks that require vodka. Eg. Espresso Martini.

Here’s how you can make Lemon Mint Mojito:

5. Apple Cider 

Apple cider is a caramel-colored drink that is somewhat cloudy and contains a mixture of sweet and sour flavors.

There are many non-alcoholic drinks like Virgin Mint Julep Mocktail, Vanilla Pumpkin Mocktail, Spiced Sparkling Apple Cider, and Cran-Apple Cider and Rosemary Mocktail that you can make using apple cider.

How to Substitute

Mix apple cider with lime juice. You can use this mixture in the same way and in the same quantity as vodka.

Try this recipe to make Apple Cider Vinegar Digestive Mocktail:

6. Non-Alcoholic Vodka and Dirty Martini Mocktail

A DIY substitute 

You can make your own non-alcoholic vodka and a dirty martini drink by combining Potato water, Olive brine, and green olives.

  • First, cut the potatoes into small cubes and boil them in water. Separate out the water and let it cool. 
  • Fill a cocktail shaker with half ice and half potato water.
  • Pour green olive juice (1.5 ounces).
  • Shake
  • Take 2 green olives in a martini glass and pour this drink into it.

Check out this video to make a Non-Alcoholic Espresso Martini:

7. Vodka Mocktail

A Simple homemade alternative 

To make this alcohol-free vodka alternative, you need:

  • Apple juice
  • Lemon juice 
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Sugar (optional)

Combine all the above-mentioned ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker and enjoy in a martini glass.

This drink contains sweet, tart, and tangy flavors that you’ll love to experience.

See this video to make 5 other Non-Alcoholic Mocktails: 


Q1. What can I substitute for vodka in pasta sauce?

Ans. While making pasta sauce, you can use either a mixture of white grape juice with lime juice, Apple Cider, or white grape juice alone. 

Q2. Which is the ideal non-alcoholic substitute for vodka in Bloody Mary?

Ans. You can use beef stock in place of vodka to make Bloody Mary.

Q3. What can you add to water to make it taste like vodka? 

Ans. If you are using water in place of vodka, then make sure you take an equal quantity and mix a few drops of Lime juice along with white grape juice or Apple Cider.

Bottom Line 

That’s it!

So, If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic vodka substitute, look no further!

The above substitutes will give you all the flavor without the alcohol. So whether you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option for yourself or for someone else, these substitutes are the perfect solution.

Be sure to share this post with your friends and family so they can enjoy the best non-alcoholic vodka substitutes too!

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