23 Pineapple Juice Substitutes That Will Make Your Mouth Water


If you’re looking for a delicious pineapple juice substitute, look no further!

This list of substitutes will have you covered whether you’re out of pineapple juice or just looking for something new to try.

From mango and orange juices to grapefruit and limeade, there’s sure to be a flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. So, what are you waiting for?

Get mixing and start sipping!

23 Pineapple Juice Substitute

1. Lime Juice

Lime juice works as a great substitute for meat marinades, sauces, cocktails, and smoothies. 

But it doesn’t provide the same level of sweetness as pineapple juice. So, you can add some sugar or honey with it if you’re making a sweet dish.

How to substitute

You can use an equal quantity of lime juice.

Here how you squeeze lime juice –

2. Grapefruit Juice

Pink grapefruit mimics the sweet and sour flavor profile of pineapple juice. Therefore, you can easily substitute it in smoothies and cocktails.

But it contains more bitter undertones. So, you might need to add some sugar or any other sweetener to eliminate the bitter taste. 

How to substitute

Take a 1:1 ratio.

Try this recipe for making vodka with pink grapefruit juice: 

3. Orange Juice

Most easily available substitute

Orange juice has a sweet plus sour taste with slightly bitter undertones. You can use store-bought orange juice or extract your own from fresh oranges. It works perfectly for ham dishes.

If you want a similar texture, then you can also use its pulp. But this might taste bitter initially, don’t worry, the bitterness goes away in a while. 

How to substitute

Take a 1:1 ratio.

Watch this video to make a delicious chicken using orange juice:

4. Papaya Juice

Papaya contains a combination of sweet and somewhat bitter tastes.

So, it works perfectly for baked dishes, marinades, and fruit salads. You can also substitute it while making smoothies and cocktails.

How to substitute

Take a 1:1 substitute.

Here’s how you can make Haitian Style Papaya Smoothie:

5. Apple Juice

Apple juice has a sweet taste which makes it ideal for making beverages, teriyaki, beef, and marinades.

You can also substitute it in sauces, smoothies, and cocktails. 

But since it doesn’t contain a sour flavor like pineapple, you can add some drops of lemon juice to compensate for it.

How to substitute

Use a 1:1 ratio.

Check out this video to make Apple Juice Chicken:

6. Passion Fruit Juice

Passion fruit has a tart-like, sweet taste.

The good thing is that it is available in all seasons, and its flavor closely resembles a pineapple. So, it’s a good alternative. 

How to substitute

You can use it in the same quantity as pineapple juice.

Try this recipe to make Passion Fruit Mojito:

7. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate has a combination of sweet and sour flavors, and it is acidic in nature.

It provides numerous health benefits and contains a lot of antioxidants. So, you can use it as a good replacement option in smoothies and cocktails that need pineapple juice.

How to substitute

Take it in a 1:1 ratio.

Here’s how you can make a tasty Pomegranate Smoothie:

8. Guava Juice

Unripened guava juice has more tartiness than sweetness.

Ripe guava juice has a more sweet flavor. So, you can choose which one to use depending on your requirement. 

It is also rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. Thus, it mimics most of the properties of pineapple. So, it acts as a great alternative.

How to substitute

Use it in a 1:1 ratio.

Watch this video to make a spicy guava mocktail:

9. Mango Juice

Mango is a rich source of vitamin C and potassium. It has an amazingly sweet flavor which eliminates the need to add any kind of sweetener to your recipe.

To substitute it for pineapple juice, you can mix it with a small quantity of lime juice to add a touch of sourness. It works great for making marinades.

Check out this video to make grilled mango chicken:

10. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice fits well into salads, soups, garnishing elements, and coleslaw.

It has a distinctly sour taste which gives your marinades and sauces an excellent flavor. You can also substitute it for pineapple in beverages. 

How to substitute

Use an equal quantity of lemon juice.

Watch this video to make Lemon pepper chicken:

11. Honey

A Non-Fruit Substitute 

Honey is a natural sweetener. Its taste doesn’t change over time.

It contains a lot of minerals and provides digestive and proteolytic benefits. Hence, if you can’t find any other similar fruit juice substitutes, you can always use it in a pinch instead of pineapple juice.

How to substitute

For 1 tablespoon of pineapple juice, use 1 tablespoon of honey.

See this video to make Honey Chilli Potato:

12. Yogurt

A Dairy substitute

Similar to pineapple, yogurt is also rich in protein and is known to boost bone health and immunity. 

It also contains tenderizing properties which makes it an ideal substitute for making meat marinades.

Here’s how you can make Greek-Style Yogurt Marinated Chicken:

13. Nectarine Juice

Nectarine juice has a similar taste to pineapple except it contains a lesser amount of sugar. So, it works as a good substitute for people who are trying to cut down their sugar intake. 

You can use it for making sauces, drinks, and marinades.

How to substitute

Use it in the same quantity as pineapple juice.

Watch this video to make a delicious Nectarine yogurt smoothie: 

14. Citric Acid

Great substitute for baking 

If you want a distinctly sour taste in your recipe, then you can use citric acid. It provides a great flavor and acts as a preservative in all your baked dishes.

How to substitute

Combine half a teaspoon of citric acid and two tablespoons of water to replace 2 tablespoons of pineapple juice.

15. Vinegar + Sugar

Combining vinegar and sugar to make a tartness-filled sweet sauce gives you an almost perfect alternative to pineapple juice.

In this sauce, vinegar provides sourness, whereas sugar compensates for the sweetness of pineapple. 

However, pineapple juice also has meat tenderizing properties that vinegar and sugar cannot replicate. But you can still use this mixture on all kinds of meat dishes.

See this video to make homemade pickles using White Vinegar and Sugar:

16. Apple Cider Vinegar + Sugar

Apple cider vinegar has an intensely sour taste with a strong aroma.

When it is mixed with sugar, it makes a suitable substitute for marinades and sauces. 

Although you can use this combo in the same amount as pineapple juice, you must adjust its quantity as per your requirement.

Try this recipe to make an apple cider pound cake: 

17. Honey + Lemon Juice

The sweetness of honey and the sourness of lemon juice creates a great balance of flavors that aptly replaces pineapple juice. This mixture is another great option if your meat needs tenderizing.

You can also use it for making sauces and marinades.

But it doesn’t work for baking dishes as there is a noticeable difference in the consistency. 

Try this recipe to make Chinese-style lemon chicken using honey and lemon juice: 

18. Meat Tenderizer

Perfect for softening meat

Artificial meat tenderizers are a type of refined pineapple or apple juice if you aim to is to soften meat. 

It replicates the properties of pineapple juice and works amazingly in meat marinades. 

Here’s how you can use a meat tenderizer on veggies and meat: 

19. Homemade Pineapple Juice

A DIY substitute

If you have some pineapples lying around in your fridge, then you can cut them into small chunks and then blend them to make your own homemade pineapple juice.

Alternatively, you can also use a juicer to extract fresh pineapple juice.

Make sure you use this juice within 24 hours of extraction. 

Watch this video to make your own pineapple juice at home: 

20. White Grape Juice

White grape juice gives a similar level of tartness and sweetness to pineapple juice.

So, it acts as a great replacement for making cocktail bases and smoothies.

How to substitute

Use the same quantity of white grape juice. 

Here’s how you can make fresh white grape wine at home:

21. Pineapple Extract

A great baking substitute 

Pineapple extract is an artificial preparation containing alcohol and water with natural pineapple flavors.

It has a sweet and sour taste that matches pineapple juice.

Hence, it is ideal for making fruit smoothies, pancakes, and pina colada fudge.

How to substitute

To use it as a substitute in baking, you can take 1 teaspoon of pineapple extract for  every 3 cups of dry elements. 

Check out this video to make a pineapple cake using pineapple extract/pineapple essence:

22. A Meat Mallet or Kitchen Mallet

Meat or a kitchen mallet is a kitchen tool that uses physical force to tenderize your meat. 

Even though it is not really an edible alternative, it is still a good option if your major aim in using pineapple juice is to soften meat. 

The best part is that, unlike other substitutes, it wouldn’t add any additional flavor or aroma to your dish.

Watch this video to learn how you can Tenderize Steak with a Meat Mallet:

23. Grape Juice

Grape juice has a neutral taste, and it is very commonly available. So, if you need more tartness, then you can add some pineapple essence to it. 

While substituting pineapple juice, you can either opt for red grape juice, which will give your dish a subtle red color and a great fruity flavor.

Or, you can also go for white grape juice, which is good if you desire a neutral taste in your dish.  

Try this Grape Soda Recipe: 


Q1. What can I use instead of pineapple juice in sweet and sour?

 Ans. A mixture of vinegar and sugar creates a perfect substitute for Pineapple juice in sweet and sour.  Vinegar will provide you the tartness of Pineapple juice where as sugar compensates for its sweetness. 

Q2. Which is a good substitute for pineapple in baking?

Ans. You can use green apples, oranges, or apricots to substitute pineapple in baking. 

Q3. What can I substitute for pineapple juice in teriyaki?

Ans. Orange juice will give you a much similar flavor to Pineapple juice in teriyaki.

Bottom Line

I hope that the above list was able to help you choose the right substitute of pineapple juice for various purposes. 

If you have any idea about more flavorful options that must be considered, then please share below. 

Don’t forget to share this post with all your health-conscious and fruit-lover near and dear ones.



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