6 Ranch Style Beans Substitutes


Here is an exhaustive list of all the best substitutes for Ranch Style beans in your recipes. 

So, let’s get right into it. 

6 Ranch Style Beans Substitutes

1. Bush’s Chili Beans

Bush’s chili beans come quite close to Ranch Style beans in terms of savory flavors.

Although it does not have the smoky ranch dressing in the mix, it has the tangy flavors of tomatoes and the spicy kick of red chilies to give you an equally great flavor.

How to Substitute? 

You can use the same measure of Bush’s chili beans in your recipe or meal and you will be just as good to go. 

Check out this YouTube tutorial for a chili recipe with Bush’s chili beans and kidney beans – 

2. Rotel 

Rotel chili beans are much like Bush’s chili beans, with tomatoes and chili bringing the tangy and spicy flavors you are looking for.

But instead of chili powder, Rotel uses diced green chili to add heat. Rotel can be milder in flavor with an acidic hit.

How to Substitute? 

You can use the same measure of Rotel to substitute Ranch Style beans and adjust the seasoning to your liking. 

Here is a chili recipe with Rotel chili beans that you can give a shot when you don’t have Ranch Style beans to work with – 

3. Great Value Chili Beans 

If you don’t want to have tomatoes, chili, or other veggies in your bean mix and simply want some savory beans to work with, chili beans by Great Value is a cheap and nifty option.

It is more on the dry side and is best if you want to use it as a base to build on.

How to Substitute? 

You can use more or less the same measure of Great Value chili beans instead of Ranch Style beans but it will not be as rich or smooth in texture.

4. Spicy Beans from Old El Paso 

Another great alternative bean mix that you can use as a substitute is spicy beans from Old El Paso.

It is perfect for almost any Mexican recipe that you can think of and is also great for refried beans recipes.

But they need a longer cook time than others on the list.

How to Substitute? 

The same measure of Old El Paso spicy beans can be used instead of Ranch Style beans in any of your recipes, with mild differences in flavor. 

For a simple recipe with Old El Paso spicy beans, check out this recipe – 

5. Dried Pinto Beans

Dried pinto beans are also a good alternative if you have enough time to soak and prep your beans.

Its salty flavor adds to the taste of the dish without spiking the sodium levels.

It is lighter in texture than Ranch Style beans but just as delicious.

How to Substitute? 

You can use just as many dried pinto beans as Ranch Style beans are called for in the recipe and you should be good to go. 

To make dried pinto beans on your stovetop, here is a video tutorial that you can give a shot – 

6. Make Your Own Ranch Style Beans

If you have some kidney beans, cumin, chilies, tomatoes, oregano, onion, garlic, and some sweetener like brown sugar, you can make your own Ranch Style beans recipe and add it to your menu.

Most of these ingredients can be found in your pantry and if you have the time, you can whip up a great substitute.

How to Substitute? 

Once you make the mix to your liking, you can add the same measure of the substitute bean mix to your dish. 

To make your own Ranch Style beans at home, check out this recipe video – 

Bottom Line 

I hope this article helped you find the best alternative to Ranch Style beans in your cooking or recipes. 

If you have any doubts or would like to share some recipes or alternatives of your own, it would be lovely to hear from you. 

Feel free to share this article with your family and friends who love Mexican recipes. 

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