What Do Sea Grapes/ Green Caviar/ Latok Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Do Grapes Taste Like? 

The sea grapes taste a little salty or ocean-like, the same as the taste of seawater. Their taste is often described as “like the sea,” with slight acidity, saltiness, and a faint sweet undertone. These tiny grapes burst in your mouth as you bite into them and taste similar to the briny, fresh liquid that comes from clams. 

This is a detailed guide on what sea grapes taste like. 

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What Are Sea Grapes?

The term “sea grapes” comes from appearance. They look like a tiny bunch of green grapes. Sea grape or green caviar is a kind of seaweed, a type of algae species that grows underwater. 

But the leaves do not grow on the stem instead tiny clusters of transparent green bubbles that look like green grapes grow. Hence, the name “sea grapes.”

It is a pretty popular food in some parts of Japan, particularly in Okinawa and some parts of southeast Asia.

What Do Sea Grapes Taste Like?

Sea grapes have a mild briny flavor or ocean water flavor that’s a lot like wakame, kombu, and other kinds of seaweed. They are a type of seaweed that has a bunch of edible, little grape-like balls.

Sea grapes are known as green caviar because of their similarities to fish eggs and their texture similar to caviar. They are a bit salty in taste and remind you of the taste of seawater. 

Also, they make a popping sound and have a sweet and acidic flavor that intensifies when you chew on them. These sea grapes look pearly, glossy, and fresh, and people often eat them as snacks. They bring a unique flavor of the sea to the tongue. 

To summarise, these grapes taste pretty similar to seaweed, and their texture is akin to caviar.

They are an absolute delicacy for their juicy appearance, refreshing taste, and nice pop when you eat them.

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Difference Between Sea Grapes And Caviar 

Caviar is a type of roe. It comes from a particular fish family and tastes a bit salty and fishy. Although sea grapes, for their appearance, are often referred to as green caviar, like fish roe, they are actually seaweed – green algae.

Sea grapes do not taste fishy. You only have to wash them to get rid of the smell.

In contrast, caviar does taste a bit fishy since it comes from a fish. It will always have a slight fishiness. However, the fishiness is not unpleasant since it tastes more like seawater.

Do Sea Grapes Taste Bad?

No. Sea grapes have a distinct flavor that is somewhat sweet, salty, and crunchy with a moist texture. Their mild saltiness and ocean-like taste can be compared to other kinds of seaweed — for instance, kombu and wakame. 

More than their flavor, sea grapes are eaten due to their texture which is akin to caviar.

They release a salty liquid when these slippery and crunchy liquid-filled bubbles pop in your mouth.

How To Eat Sea Grapes?

Sea grapes are best consumed raw to maintain their consistency. Cooking them destroys their unique texture and original flavor. You can eat them in a variety of ways.

They are excellent for adding freshness to the dish.

  • Enjoy them with a bowl of noodles or freshly-prepared rice. 
  • Add sea grapes to soups.
  • Use them as an ingredient in sushi.
  • As an ice cream! If you love trying new flavors. 
  • Add them to salads alongside other herbs and veggies.
  • Dip in soy sauce or fish sauce. The sauce gives a perfect blend that brings a savory treat to your mouth.

Are Sea Grapes Same As Fish Eggs?

No, they are not the same. Seagrape may look like it, but it is not fish roe. Sea grapes are a kind of seaweed. Fish eggs usually taste briny, but different eggs carry different flavor profiles. They range from faintly sweet to more savory, nutty flavors. 

On the other hand, sea grapes taste salty, just like ocean water.

Some people argue that sea grapes have a hint of sweetness and a slightly acidic tone. These subtle sweet notes become a bit more notable when you chew them.

Why Should You Eat Sea Grapes?

Sea grapes are exceptional and famous all over the world because of their nutritional benefits. They have high levels of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin A and C.

They have a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

Sea grapes also make your bones and heart strong. They are also a way to gain impeccable skin and hair. Sea grapes protect your brain cells and give your immune system a boost as well.

They are high in dietary fiber and are also helpful in cases of obesity and constipation.

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