19 Best Substitute For Parsnips That Will Make You Look Like A Pro


Ready to cook your favorite vegetable stew but can’t find parsnips in your fridge? Don’t worry, you can use the following 19 alternatives instead.

I have used several of them in my soups and stews preparations, and they work great!

, and my research says that they genuinely excellently do work and bring out a delicious taste in every dish. 

So, here’s the first substitute

19 Substitute For Parsnips

1. Turnip

Turnip’s white flesh offers a mild and pepper-like taste with hints of sweetness.

You can eat it mashed, steamed, or roasted, and even include it in your stir-fried dishes. When choosing a parsnip alternative, always opt for young turnips because the older ones have more chances of being bitter.

However, since they don’t taste as sweet as parsnips, you must add some sweetener like honey glaze to make up for it in case your recipe needs a sugarier flavor. 

It is perfect for making a green salad, roasted chicken, fried rice, cheese gratin, soups, vegetable hash, skillet, hummus, and bacon. 

Here’s how you can make Turnip au gratin:

2. Sweet Potato

The ideal substitute for meat dishes

Sweet potato has a characteristic sweet flavor and hence it perfectly replaces parsnips in baked recipes.

You can also use it mashed or roasted and put it into dishes containing meat and fish.

All in all, it is a versatile ingredient that pairs well with desserts like brownies and carrot cake and also goes well with savory dishes like fries and air-fried chips. 

Check out this recipe to prepare baked sweet potatoes:

3. Carrots

A low-calorie substitute 

Carrots have a similar shape and size, but their taste is milder and sweeter than parsnips. Orange carrot is the most readily available type. 

You can prepare them in all kinds of ways, including roasting, baking, steaming, boiling as well as slow-cooking.

The best part is that they contain very few calories and are a highly nutritious alternative. So, you can put them into salads, vegetable soups, smoothies, salsa, cakes, pickles, and glazes.

Try this carrot cake recipe:

4. Celery Root

A low carbohydrate alternative

Sometimes called knob celery, celery root has a milder flavor than celery stems and is a versatile alternative.

It is generally used as a major ingredient while making soups, salads, stews, and sauces.  Other dishes that it fits well into Brussels sprouts, sausage bean soup, pork roast, and chicken.

Here’s how you can prepare a 5 ingredient celery root soup:

5. Salsify Or Salsify Root

Also called oyster plant, salsify is another parsnip relative whose flavor is somewhat similar to oysters and it can easily replace parsnips in almost any recipe.

However, it functions excellently as an alternative, particularly for soups and stews that call for parsnips.

It also fits well into fried vegetables, scallops, roasted chicken, braised beef, and barley risotto.

Try this Artichoke recipe made using salsify:

6. Radishes

Radishes are also called daikon.

They look just like parsnips. White radishes have a more hot and highly peppery taste. You can use them in both raw and cooked forms.

While raw radishes fit well into salads, you can roast, grill, and pickle them. It also makes a great addition to grilled meat, grilled vegetables, and even various pesto recipes.

Radish crostini, fauxtato chips, grilled swordfish, tofu stew, garlic roasted bruschetta, and honey roasted salmon are other recipes you can try.

Watch this video to make a delicious radish gravy:

7. Celeriac

Celeriac is also sometimes called celery root.

Its starchy flesh has an earthy and sweet flavor combined with a nutty taste. It is a perfect substitute for making purees and slow-cooked dishes that contain fresh vegetables.

Other celeriac dishes include truffle soup, cheese gratin, braised pork, roasted chicken, ham hocks, and lamb hotpot.

Try this celeriac mash potato recipe:

8. Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is a versatile ingredient that gives out a semi-sweet and aromatic flavor in cooking.

Sometimes referred to as German turnip or even cabbage turnip, you can eat it raw or roast, fry, stuff, bake or steam it. Hence, it makes a great alternative for stews, soups, and stews.

It also pairs well with noodles, salad, cheese fettuccine, bacon flatbread, fritters, fries, vegetable gratin, and stir-fries.

Here’s how you can make sauteed kohlrabi:

9. Parsley Roots

Parsley root offers a similar starchy texture present in parsnip, but its flavor is milder and comparatively much sweeter.

So, you can use it in baked, fried, and roasted dishes. Moreover, adding it to salads will give you a delightful crunchy texture along with a deliciously sweet taste.

It also fits perfectly into purees, soups, and mashes.

Here’s how you can make parsley root fries:

10. Potato

When you cannot find any other suitable alternatives, then you can definitely use potatoes in baked or fried recipes.

But make sure that you add some extra seasoning to replicate the taste of parsnips.

Other recipes that potato fits well into include pot roast, picadillo, peanut soup, salmon chowder, vegetarian chili, baked gnocchi, braised chicken, meatloaves, and vegetable stew.

Watch this video to make pan-fried potatoes:

11. Arracacha (Peruvian Parsnip)

Also called Peruvian Parsnip, arracacha, when cooked, produces a taste very similar to parsnips. Its flavor comes out amazingly when it is baked or fried.

You can also prepare gnocchi and dumplings stuffing with it.

Other than this, it also fits well into chocolate pudding, alfajores, pineapple pudding, custard, and porridges.

Check out this video to make Crema De Arracacha:

12. Rutabaga

If you’re looking for a highly nutritious yet dominantly sweet alternative, then Rutabaga is a good option, especially for soups and sauces. 

Some other recipes that you can make include Rutabaga noodles, gratin, spice cake, fries, cheese soup, and salads.

Here’s how you can make a healthy Rutabaga vegetable soup:

13. White Carrots

White carrots have a similar appearance to parsnips. They contain more juice and are sweeter than orange carrots. Hence, they’re good for use in various types of juices, fish stews, soups, fish curries, and pan-roasted chicken.

They are a perfect substitute for people who suffer from carotene allergies. 

Fried fish, strawberry cake balls, shrimp, Artichoke chips, whiting, escargot salad, fish cakes, sushi, etc. are other recipes that work well with white carrots.

Check out this video to make white carrots pickle:

14. Parsley

The perfect soup alternative

Parsley has a combination of fresh, herbaceous, and bitter flavors which give out delicious results in slow-cooked recipes like soups. Thus, making it the most suitable soup substitute.

Its leafy green color works as a good garnishing element, and you can also incorporate it into stuffed peppers, quinoa, chimichurri, salads, and various types of sauces.

Try this recipe to make a healthy parsley salad:

15. Jicama

Having other names like Mexican turnip and yam beans, jicama has a crisp texture with a sweet and nutty flavor profile.

So, you can use it instead of parsnips in the salad to get a deliciously crunchy taste. 

Its starchy sweetness makes it a good fit for baking casseroles, frying chips, or eating them in roasted or steamed form. 

Here’s how you can make Breakfast Hash with Jicama:

16. Butternut Squash

If your recipe requires parsnip in its baked, roasted, or puree form, then butternut squash is a must-consider alternative. 

It also fits well into salads, glazed pork, curries, vegetable torte, winter squash soup, risotto, lentil stew, Panzanella, feta tartlets, and Spaghetti with sausage.

Try out this recipe for roasted butternut squash:

17. Baby Carrots

Baby carrots, as the name says, are a smaller version of carrots, and they work as well as regular carrots to substitute parsnips.

Some recipes that bring out the best taste of baby carrots include salads, baked teriyaki pork, garlic roasted chicken,  beef tenderloin, chicken veggie packets, pork chops, beefy minestrone, rib roasts, etc.

Here’s how you can prepare glazed baby carrots:

18. Broccoli

Broccoli is a highly nutritious vegetable that can withstand high-heat cooking processes like sautéing. 

Because it is a common substitute for turnips and turnips are one of the best parsnip alternatives, you can easily use it. 

Broccoli fits well into salads, buttermilk chicken, cheddar crepes, soups, pasta, salmon, omelet, Thai Chili salad, etc.

Try this Indian-style broccoli with potatoes recipe:

19. Zucchini

Zucchini can replace parsnips in almost every recipe as they offer pretty much the same flavor.

Other zucchini recipes include zucchini bread, summer minestrone, shrimp enchiladas, grilled basil chicken, shrimp curry potstickers, zucchini tots, grilled veggies, pesto pasta,  and creamy pasta.

Here’s how you can cook garlic zucchini stir fry in under 10 minutes:


Q1. What is the same as parsnip?

Ans. White carrots, parsley, celery sticks, and turnips function the same as parsnips in recipes like soups and chicken broths.

Q2. Are parsnips just white carrots?

Ans. No, parsnips aren’t white carrots. They are a cream-colored winter root vegetable containing more starch, earthiness and sweetness, and nuttiness than regular carrots.

Q3. Which parsnip substitute should I use in soups?

Ans. Carrots, turnips, and parsley roots are all good alternatives to use in soups.

Q4. Which is healthier: potato or parsnip?

Ans. Since potatoes have high potassium and iron content with an abundance of vitamins C, B3, and B6, they’re healthier than parsnips.

Bottom Line

Parsnips are a great vegetable to have on hand, but in case you can’t find them or they’re out of season, we’ve gathered some great substitutes for you.

Be sure to share this article with your friends and family so they can make the most of these recipes too!


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