14 Substitutes For Brie Cheese


If you are looking for a substitute for brie cheese, there are several options available.

Check out this detailed guide to find some of the best alternatives.

Let’s find out right away what they are!

14 Substitutes For Brie Cheese

Here are my top picks for substituting Brie Cheese.

1. Camembert Cheese

The closest substitute for Brie is one very similar to the original, Camembert cheese.

It is made using the same process as brie with cow’s milk and also has a white edible rind.

However, do remember to let Camembert cheese mature and ripen till it has reached a creamy consistency, as unripened camembert can be crumbly, unlike Brie cheese. 

How to substitute

Brie and Camembert cheese can be substituted for equal amounts of each other for nearly all desserts and appetizers.

Try this Camembert cheese dip with garlic and rosemary.

2. Reblochon Cheese

Reblochon is another widely-known delicate French cheese identified for its yellow-orange outer rind.

Reblochon and Brie share a similar nutty essence that makes them a great replacement for each other.

With Reblochon cheese, remember that its nuttiness is much stronger, and its texture is often softer than Brie cheese.

How to substitute

Reblochon can substitute equal quantities of Brie for most cheese dishes and with wine such as white Savoie or Beaujolais.

Try this doubled layered Reblochon cheese tartiflette recipe. 

3. Coulommiers Cheese

Coulommiers cheese is yet another luscious cheese made from raw or pasteurized milk and has a deep and nutty flavor, much like Brie itself.

When substituting Coulommiers for Brie, do note that compared to Brie, Coulommiers cheese has a harder rind and should be allowed to mature to reach the same texture as Brie. 

How to substitute

Since brie and Coulommiers Cheese do not have any difference in their consistencies, they can efficiently be substituted for equal quantities of each other.

This is how Coulommiers cheese is prepared.

4. Chèvre Cheese

Chèvre cheese is another variation of the known goat cheese with a softer, milder, and creamier texture and intense tangy flavors.

It is important to note that compared to most soft cheeses, Chèvre has much more intense flavors, which may be overwhelming for a lot of people tasting it for the first time. 

How to substitute

It is best to substitute Brie cheese with a slightly lesser quantity of Chèvre cheese due to their difference in intensity and with bold fruits such as pear or figs to create a balance.

Here are some delicious ways to enjoy your Chèvre cheese.

5. Cantal Cheese

Cantal cheese, or its youngest variation Cantal Jeune cheese, is another great alternative for Brie with its milky, mild, fruity, nutty, and subtly sweet taste that pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes.

Do remember to substitute Brie with the young or immature Cantal Jeune, as the longer this cheese matures, the more crumbly and harder it gets making it an unfit swap for Brie. 

How to substitute

Substitute Brie cheese and Cantal Jeune cheese in an equal 1:1 proportion for fruits, wine, and even soups, salads, and cheese fondue.

Try these corn canapés with Cantal cheese.

6. Mozzarella Cheese 

Soft Mozzarella cheese is an unusual yet the most easily available substitute for Brie cheese for its mildly fruity flavor and sweet undertones that pair well with fruits and crackers.

A small caution: Mozzarella cheese is available in both soft and hard forms, and the soft one is recommended as an alternative to Brie to match its creamy texture. 

How to substitute

Brie cheese and Mozzarella cheese can be substituted in equal quantities for most appetizers and desserts.

Delicious peri-peri Mozzarella pasta.

7. Fromage D’affinois 

Fromage D’affinois is another popularly-known substitute to Brie for their similarities in taste and texture.

It has a mild, creamy, silky, and sweet feel.

When substituting Brie for Fromage D’affinois, it is important to keep in mind that the latter lacks the nutty feel of Brie and can often be softer than Brie itself. 

How to substitute

It is best to substitute Brie with Fromage D’affinois in a slightly more amount due to its runnier texture. It can be served with wine, bread, figs, and other fruits.

Double Cheese Toasts with Fromager d’Affinois and Porcini Mushroom. 

8. Fontina Cheese

Fontina cheese is prepared from unpasteurized cow’s milk and has a buttery, rich, and nutty flavor, much like Brie itself.

It can be melted or served raw with fruit desserts.

Do note that Fontina and Brie cheese differs in their textures. While Brie has a soft and creamy consistency, Fontina has a harder feel that can be melted for savory dishes. 

How to substitute

Fontina cheese should be substituted for Brie cheese in a lesser quantity for their difference in texture and increased as required.

Try this delicious and easy creamy Fontina cheese dip.

9. Explorateur Cheese

Explorateur cheese or Explora cheese is a creamy and silky substitute for Brie cheese for several shared properties and tangy flavors that pair well with wine. 

Remember that Explorateur cheese is not easily available in all parts of the globe and can be pretty sour and salty and much softer than the known Brie cheese. 

How to substitute

A slightly more amount of Explora cheese is recommended to replace the mentioned quantity of Brie cheese to pair with wine or any other dessert.

Try these flavorful cheese-stuffed recipes with different types of cheese.

10. Paglietta Cheese

Paglietta is another delicious Italian cheese known for its nutty, fruity, and creamy texture that is most often served with wine, crackers, and fruits. 

It is important to remember that Paglietta is rather rare and cannot be easily found in most parts of the world.

It gets softer and moister as it matures and ages with time. 

How to substitute

Brie and Paglietta cheese can be safely substituted for equal quantities for each other for all purposes.

Try these crispy yet creamy cheese balls with Paglietta cheese.

11. Saint-André Cheese

Another unusual yet equally efficient substitute for Brie is this globally known triple crème Saint Andre Cheese.

Its slightly salty essence tastes best with toasted bread and crackers.

Do note that Saint Andre has more prominent salty and sour undertones than sweet like Brie and can be harder in texture than Brie cheese.

How to substitute

Saint Andre cheese and Brie cheese can be used to pair with champagne, bread, fruits, and more in equal quantities.

Enjoys these appetizers with Saint-Andre cheese.

12. Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is an easily available alternative to Brie, and nothing else is at hand.

Goat cheese has sharp and nutty undertones similar to Brie in some ways.

A small caution: It is recommended to cook Goat cheese than consume it raw to achieve the same creamy texture as Brie cheese.

Goat cheese also has an intense flavor compared to Brie. 

How to substitute

A small amount of crumbled Goat cheese can go a long way for its sharp taste when replacing Brie cheese for sandwiches or quiches.

Try this one-pot Pulse pasta with Goats Cheese & Spinach.

13. Toma Cheese 

Toma cheese is yet another Italian cheese with a white rind like in Brie with similarly sweet, nutty, and creamy flavors that can be paired with wine, fruits, pasta, pizza, and more.

It is important to remember that compared to Brie, Toma cheese is not as soft and has a harder form. 

How to substitute

 Toma cheese and Brie cheese can be substituted in an equal 1:1 proportion for most savory dishes like burger or pasta and sweet desserts.

Try this tomato omelet with Toma cheese.

14. Cambozola

Cambozola is an interesting German combination between French triple-crème cheese, Italian blue cheese, and gorgonzola. It is a sweet, creamy, buttery, and rich mix. 

When using this substitute, do remember that Cambozola is not known to many around the globe and has a strong taste that may not be preferred by many. 

How to substitute

Since Brie and Cambozola Cheese do not have any difference in their consistencies, they can efficiently be substituted for equal quantities of each other to pair perfectly with wine.

Delicious pasta with creamy and thick Cambozola sauce.


What Is The Best Substitute For Brie Cheese?

The closest and most easily available substitutes for Brie Cheese are Camembert cheese, Goat cheese, Reblochon cheese, Chèvre cheese, and lastly, Coulommiers Cheese. 

All the above-mentioned varieties of cheese have a subtly sweet, nutty, earthy, and luscious taste that perfectly substitutes Brie for most desserts, dishes, and drinks.

Is Brie Cheese The Same As Cream Cheese?

Brie cheese and Cream cheese are two entirely different entities with very different characteristics and uses. Brie cheese is said to have lesser calories than Cream cheese. Cream cheese also contains more fat and protein content than Brie cheese. 

Brie cheese has a slightly nutty and tangy natural flavor while Cream cheese needs additional flavorants as it mainly has a milky taste.

What Is The Difference Between Brie And Cheddar cheese?

Brie cheese is a variety of soft white cheese with a mild, tangy, and nutty flavor that is often paired with wine, fruits, crackers, and enjoyed raw. 
Cheddar cheese, on the other hand, is a flavorful hard cheese with a darker yellow-orange shade that is often baked or cooked but can also be enjoyed by itself in nearly every savory dish known.

Is The Rind of Brie And Other Cheese Edible?

Yes, the white rind layer covering Brie and Camembert cheese is entirely edible and contributes a great deal to the overall taste of the cheese itself. 
In most cases, the rind and the creamy cheese within are eaten together as they complement each other’s flavors. The rind has a subtle earthy taste.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for cheese to substitute for brie, there are plenty of options out there.

Hopefully, this article helped find the perfect cheese for your dish.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions or experiences with substituting brie cheese.

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family who love cheese as much as you do!

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