8 Substitutes for Campanelle Pasta for Your Next Recipe!


Campanelle is a uniquely shaped pasta known for its ability to catch sauces in its ruffled edges and its hollow center.

Despite its popularity among Italian food enthusiasts, Campanelle is a difficult pasta to find.

8 Fantastic Substitutes for Campanelle Pasta

The best substitute for Campanelle Pasta are – Cannelloni, Cavatappi, Conchiglie, Fusilli, Manicotti, Rigatoni, Penne, and Ziti.

They are discussed in detail here –


Cannelloni is a long tube-shaped pasta that is an excellent replacement for campanelle.

It emulates the tubular hollow that catches sauces and dressings very similarly to the bell-shaped campanelle.

It is easier to find and is mainly used in baked recipes, and larger varieties are often stuffed with meats, cheeses, and sauces.


The tubular form of cannelloni can help emulate the sauce retention possible with campanelle and hence is a good substitute.


Cavatappi is a unique corkscrew-shaped variety of pasta that has a texture similar to macaroni.

This type of pasta is an excellent alternative to campanelle due to its complex hollow shape.

Cavatappi works very well with creamy sauces, with chunky additions like meats and vegetables, and in baked recipes.


This is a visually appealing alternative to campanelle that also doubles up in utility; the hollow in its twisted tube form also carries sauces and dressings very well.


Conchiglie is a type of pasta that has a fascinating shell-shaped design.

The hollows in this conch-shaped pasta hold sauces and salad dressings very well. It may not be tubular like the other substitutes, but it serves the purpose very well.

A larger variety called conchiglioni can be stuffed with cheeses, vegetables, and meats too. A smaller type, called conchigliette, is used in soups, broths, and salads.

Conchiglie is easy to find and is versatile; it is commonly used with meat sauces and in salads and is an acceptable replacement for campanelle.


This is an easy access replacement since it is more common as compared to campanelle. The hollow shape helps hold sauces and is available in different sizes.


Fusilli is a very common type of twisted pasta with a similar texture to campanelle. Like cavatappi, fusilli is also corkscrew-shaped. Its shape helps hold sauces and dressings.

Fusilli is also used in creamy sauces.

Fusilli is an everyday salad pasta, known for its visual appeal and ability to hold the dressing in salads. This is a good replacement for campanelle.


Fusilli can be found very easily and serves a very similar purpose to campanelle. Its interesting shape also gives it visual appeal.


Manicotti is a sizeable tube-shaped pasta, most commonly used in stuffed pasta recipes. The word manicotti means ‘sleeve.’ In Italian.

Manicotti is commonly stuffed with ground meats and varieties of flavorful cheeses.

It is a suitable replacement for campanelle, even though its size is comparatively larger. Its tubular shape holds sauces very well.


Although relatively larger than other substitutes, manicotti goes very well with chunky sauces and fillings and may substitute campanelle.


This is a common tube-shaped pasta, often available in different lengths and diameters. Its shape allows it to be used in several salad recipes due to its ability to hold dressings well.

It is similar to ziti but is smaller in size.

Rigatoni has ridges, which makes it an excellent substitute for campanelle in sauces and dressings. Rigatoni is also commonly used in baked recipes with hearty, meaty sauces as well as creamy sauces.


Rigatoni is an excellent alternative to campanelle. Its ridges and holloware are very similar in usage to the ruffles and hollow in campanelle and work well in salads and sauces.


Penne is a short, thin, diagonally cut form of tubular pasta that generally has ridges.

As many home-cooks say, Penne is a ‘ubiquitous’ and affordable pasta found in most grocery shops and supermarkets. This variety of pasta is an affordable alternative to campanelle.

This type of pasta is most commonly used in different salad varieties due to its capability to hold dressings very well. They are also used in baked recipes and rich sauces.


Penne is an affordable and easy-access pasta alternative to campanelle that you can substitute in most recipes.


Ziti is a very common type of pasta, known famously for its use in baked pasta dishes alongside ground red meats, cheese, and tomato-based sauces.

Ziti’s tubular form allows it to retain a good quantity of sauce. Ziti’s ridges are also great for carrying dressings and sauces and serve the purpose of campanelle excellently.


Ziti is an easy-to-find tubular pasta that works particularly well with meat-based sauces and baked recipes in place of campanelle.


How long does campanelle take to cook?

Campanelle takes about 7-10 minutes to cook in boiling water that has been lightly salted.

What is the easiest-to-find substitute for campanelle?

Penne is the easiest to find an affordable alternative to campanelle that serves the purpose to the closest extent since it is hollow and has a similar texture. A ridged penne gets most comparable to the utility of campanelle.

How is ziti different from rigatoni?

Both ziti and rigatoni are extruded ridges tube-shaped kinds of pasta. Rigatoni is sometimes slightly bent. A rigatoni is always ridged, while in some cases, ziti may be smooth.

Why is my pasta chewy?

Undercooked pasta will be chewy. Chewy pasta is safe to eat. However, it can be fixed by simply cooking it for a few extra minutes. The thickness and ingredients in different brands of pasta will lead to a varying amount of cook time.

Bottom Line

Any of these outstanding alternatives can match Campanella’s visual appeal and utility.

Kinds of pasta with a hollow or a tubular form with ridges or specific shapes that can catch sauces and dressings for salads can substitute campanelle in most recipes.

Hopefully, this concise list gives you an idea of your options, and you find a suitable replacement to make your recipe just perfect.

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