12 Awesome Substitutes for Chicken Broth


Are you looking for ways to add more variety to your dinner menu?

If so, you’re in luck!

From mushroom broth to vegetables, there are plenty of options to choose from. So, whether you’re looking for a change of pace or you’re simply out of chicken broth, these substitutes will do the trick. 

12 Best Substitutes for Chicken Broth

1. Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broth is the most obvious vegetarian substitute on the list because it matches the flavor, preparation, and uses of the chicken broth really well.

Just boil the roots and ends, really any part of the vegetables you discard, and use that wonderfully flavorful water as the perfect alternative in any recipe.

How to Substitute

You can use this in a 1:1 ratio and the flavor will match perfectly well.  

Here’s how to cook with Vegetable Broth –

2. Water 

Don’t laugh at me before you let me explain why this comically simple substitute is on the list.   

Some people panic when they don’t want to can’t use chicken broth in the recipe because they seem to think that the flavor is irreplaceable.

However, chicken broth actually has a very subtle flavor that is barely noticeable.  

How to Substitute

You can use water in equal amounts but make sure to add in a lot of great flavors to you won’t notice the slight lack of chicken broth taste. 

Here’s how to cook with Water –

3. Salted Butter and Water

If you feel like water is too tasteless of a replacement for your recipe, then this is the perfect substitute for you.  

To replace some of the delicious notes that chicken broth has, you can add some melted, salted butter to water.

This mixture will give a much deeper and richer taste to your recipe. 

How to Substitute

You can replace chicken broth using this mixture in equal amounts but make sure to not add too much butter as that may alter the consistency of your recipe.   

4. Wine

White wine, to be more specific, can prove to be a really good vegetarian substitute for chicken broth. 

Note that sometimes white wine may contain some animal products, so be sure to check the label of your product.    

How to Substitute

You cannot use a 1:1 ratio of replacement for obvious reasons here. But adding a little wine to some dishes like pasta can help give it a richer flavor.

5. Mushroom Broth

Mushrooms are that hit-or-miss thing which is why their preparation overwhelms most people.

But Mushroom Broth is the easiest thing to make and the perfect addition to any recipe.    

Mushroom Broth is easy to make. All you have to do is boil some mushrooms in water and you will have something that has a rich, deep, and umami flavor. 

How to Substitute

The taste might differ based on what Mushrooms you use but you can still switch this broth out in a 1:1 ratio. 

Here’s how to cook with Mushroom Broth:

6. Kombu 

If you’ve never heard of this, don’t worry. Kombu is nothing but a type of Japanese yelp.

Kombu broth can be bought or made at home.

In fact, you can even just add some leaves directly to your recipe for the same umami and fishy flavor, which will fill in the hole that chicken broth leaves. 

How to Substitute

This substitute can also replace chicken broth in a 1:1 ratio. However, this fishy afternote of Kombu might not be up everyone’s alley. Kombu also goes great with garlic and onion as key ingredients.  

Here’s how to cook with Kombu:

7. Coconut Milk

If you’re weirded out by this option being on the list, allow me to expand on the reasoning. 

Coconut Milk has a deep, fatty taste and texture that adds smoothness along with richness to your dish.

Seriously, if you’ve never made a dish using coconut milk, you need to give it a try right now.

How to Substitute

This will have a coconut flavor so make sure that the recipe you’re using this alternative for has a flavor background that can merge well with this.  

Here’s how to cook with Coconut Milk:

8. Aquafaba

You’ve most likely heard of this option as the key ingredient to making the most delicious, rich, and fluffy chocolate mousse in a gean-friendly way.   

Contrary to popular belief, Aquafaba does not have an unpleasant taste and makes for a great substitute, when whipped, for eggs in baking. It also makes a great replacement for chicken broth. 

How to Substitute

Just drain your canned chickpeas and use the liquid in a 1:1 ratio to replace your chicken broth. 

Here’s how to cook with Aquafaba:

9. Dashi

This is a derivative of Kombu mostly used in Japanese dishes.

It makes for the base in miso soups, takoyaki, and many other umami-flavored dishes.  

Dashi, like kombu, has a seafood side, and a fishy taste. It adds a salty and savory finish to your recipe that is very similar to chicken broth.   

How to Substitute

Dashi can have an overpowering taste if not used in moderation so be careful to add only a little at first and adjust as you go.   

Here’s how to use Dashi: 

10. Vegan Ramen Seasoning

Because of the growing popularity and support of the Vegan community, many companies have started making vegan options for their best-selling product.

Ramen seaosning is one of them.

You can get this savory, salty, and extremely flavorful seasoning in many online and local stores. Just make sure to read the label so you can estimate the taste of the seasoning before use.

How to Substitute

Like any seasoning, it’s best to start slow and add according to taste. 

Here’s how to cook with Ramen Seasoning:

11. Soy Sauce

This is something you likely already have in your kitchen and use on a regular basis. Soy sauce is extremely cheap, easily accessible, and a very famous alternative to chicken broth.

The savory, salty, and umami flavor of soy sauce can give the same finesse to your dish as chicken broth.

How to Substitute

Use only a dash because soy sauce can mess with your sodium content. In the case of an alternative for chicken broth, light Soy Sauce is much better than the dark one.

Here’s how to cook with Soy Sauce:

12. Miso Paste

This is another great substitute that is extremely ubiquitous in Japanese cooking and is used as the base for many soups and stews, much like chicken broth.

Miso Paste is quite unique in taste but it has the same notes of an umami flavor as that of soy sauce or mushrooms.

Adding it can add a delicious depth to your recipe.

How to Substitute

Start with a very small amount and dilute it in some warm water before use as a little amount can go a long way.

Here’s how to cook with Miso Paste:


Can I use vegetarian substitutes for Chicken Broth?

Absolutely, you can. The entire list above is curated to help you with just that. Any option you choose will give the same effect that Chicken Broth does. When it comes to choosing the best option from the list, choose the ones available at the top.

However, you may sometimes want to choose a substitute that is at the bottom of your list to suit your own recipe.

For example, Wine would make the best alternative when you’re making pasta.

Similar to the base for a certain soup, Vegetable Broth might be the best option. The truth is, you have to judge based on what would work best for you because all these substitutes are a way to try and match the taste, texture, and effect of Chicken Broth. 

Can Vegetarians use Chicken Broth?

The popular answer seems to be yes. Many say that Chicken Broth doesn’t actually have any meat in it. But while that may be true, the flavors are infused from the meat itself, usually the leftover bones of it. So, technically, yes the broth doesn’t have meat.

But calling it a Vegetarian ingredient might be a stretch. In conclusion, it really just depends on you. If you only count the presence of solid meat as a non-vegetarian option, Chicken Broth is completely fine for you to use. 

Is Vegetable Broth healthy? Is Vegetable Broth healthy?

Yes. Vegetable Broth has all the nutrients that we often throw away or lose due to overcooking the vegetable.

The content and variety will depend on the vegetables you use to make the broth itself, but you can always read about it in more detail on the internet.  

Bottom Line

I hope this article has helped you choose the right substitute for Chicken Broth.

Please feel free to leave a comment below for any feedback or suggestion you might have. 

And lastly, do share this article with your family and friends as I’m sure it’ll help them if it has helped you! 

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