9 Best Substitutes for Ramp


Wondering what substitutes can be used to replace Ramps? 

Then you’re in the right place, here is my curated list of the best substitutes for Ramp

So, without further ado, let’s get rolling. 

9 Best Substitutes for Ramp

1. Leeks

Ramps are also sometimes known as wild leeks, so it makes complete sense for normal leeks to be the best substitute for them. 

Leeks taste really close to onions but with the added delicious and pungent notes of garlic as well. These leafy vegetables are an amazing addition to any recipe that calls for ramps.  

How to Substitute

Because the flavor, texture, and even color is so similar, you can make this replacement in equal amounts. 

Here’s how to cook with Leeks –

2. Spring Onions 

As mentioned before, Ramps have a similar taste to Onion but are not quite that strong, which is why the subtle that Spring Onions possess makes them the perfect alternative.   

Spring Onions have a sweet and subtle onion taste.

They can be eaten raw or in a cooked form. Caramelizing them will also make for a great addition to your recipe. 

How to Substitute

Again, because of the amazing similarities, you can use a 1:1 ratio for substitution. 

Here’s how to cook with Spring Onions –

3. Shallots

Shallots are a botanical version of Onions, which is why even they make a justifiable substitute for Ramps.  

Compared to Onions, Shallots have a very mild, sweet, and well-balanced taste.

Normal Onions tend to be a lot more intense and a lot spicier. 

How to Substitute

The mild flavor or Shallots make them a great alternative for Ramps. Just use as much of it as the flavor profile in your recipe requires to be benefited. 

Here’s how to cook with Shallots:

4. Scallions

Scallions are basically a derivative of young onions and can sometimes be known as green onions.

They’re a member of the same family as garlic, leeks, and onions. 

Like most of these options, Scallions also have a milder, sweeter flavour and add a nice colour or crunch to your dishes. You need to try adding them to your scrambled eggs.    

How to Substitute

Scallions can replace Ramps in a 1:1 ratio. Just cut them up into bite-sized pieces and you’re good to go.

Here’s how to cook with Scallions:

5. Garlic Cloves

Because Ramps also have a slight hint of a garlicky flavour, garlic cloves will add the missing element that the lack of Ramps might leave in your dish.   

We all know what garlic tastes like, and to be very honest, apart from the side effect of an unpleasant breath, there’s nothing to hate about garlic.

How to Substitute

You can use as much Garlic as your heart desires. Seriously, the sky is the limit because garlic’s flavor is universally loved. However, some dishes benefit from not letting garlic overpower every other ingredient.

Here’s how to cook with Garlic:

6. Chives

I know all these options together might get a little confusing, but you’ll be glad to know that Chives are from a completely different family than scallions and green onions. 

Chives have a fresh but mild flavour that makes them an extremely delicious and ubiquitous addition to many recipes like eggs, soups, salads, or even cheese platters.  

How to Substitute

You can use a 1:1 ratio for replacement as a starting place but keep in mind that sometimes, chives are better only as a garnish. 

Here’s how to cook with Chives:

7. Celery

This is a hit or miss in many households. Some might have trouble getting their kids to eat celery, and some might actually love it as a mid-day snack. 

Regardless of that, Celery has a mixture of mild and strong flavours that work well together only for some selected palates.

How to Substitute

Start by using half the amount of Celery as the content of Ramps needed and you can work up from there. However, make sure that this substitution is appropriate for your audience.  

Here’s how to cook Celery:

8. Wild Onions

These are pretty much self-explanatory.

Wild Onions are actually just members of the onion family that are found in the wilderness rather than being specifically cultivated.  

These tend to have a sharper flavour and stringer texture but work well as a substitute for ramps nonetheless.  

How to Substitute

If you’ve never used Wild Onions in your recipes before, I recommend you start with a small amount, get acquainted with their taste, and then add as per your preference.  

Here’s how to cook with Wild Onions:

9. Basil Leaves

This option might make you doubt my credibility but hear me out.

Basil is a taste we know quite well, and it works weirdly well as a replacement for Ramps.  

For starters, their appearance is similar. Secondly, ramps are sometimes used in pesto sauces for their amazing flavor.

This can easily be replaced with basil.  

How to Substitute

You may use a 1:1 ratio here but make sure to add a lot of other flavors as well because otherwise, the basil can become overpowering and make your dish taste off-track.    

Here’s how to cook with Basil: 


Are Ramps the same thing as Spring Onions?

No. Ramps, though an excellent substitute for Spring Onions and vice versa, are not the same thing as Spring Onions. Here’s why. In terms of appearance, it can get quite confusing. Ramps look extremely similar to Spring Onions, however, they’re actually a little smaller and more delicate to the touch.

Their Onion flavour is a lot less intense when compared to leaks. On the other hand, their Garlic flavour is a lot stronger than Scallions.

Also, Ramps are a lot more seasonally affected than Spring Onions because these are generally easier to find.

Spring Onions are ubiquitous in Asian dishes like savory pancakes or even as a garnish, while Ramps have remained a lot less popular.

What type of Onion is a Shallot?

As established in the question itself, a Shallot is a type of Onion, and these can be quite tricky to categorize. Shallots, in their old botanical form, when they were treated as a different species, were also known as Allium Ascalonicum.

However, now they’re just a type of Allium Cepa (Onions). Shallots can be distinguished from Onions based on their physical appearance.

Shallots tend to be smaller and more oval in shape. Their taste is much milder compared to Onions and a lot sweeter. Onions, on the other hand, are more pungent and intense in their flavour.

They also have a more crunchy, firm texture compared to Shallots. Both these vegetables are bulbous vegetables and can be cooked as well as eaten raw.

What is another name for Ramps?

Ramps can also be known as Allium Tricoccum, wild leek, wood leek, wild garlic, or ramson. All these names hint at the same leafy vegetable that has the mixed flavours of Onions and Garlic.

These are a North-American species of wild Onions that are spread throughout the American and Canadian regions.

Bottom Line

I hope this article has helped you choose the right substitute for Ramps, be it for flavour, cost, or simply unavailability. 

Please feel free to leave a comment below for any feedback or suggestion you might have. 

And lastly, do share this article with your family and friends as I’m sure it’ll help them if it has helped you! 

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