9 Vegan Egg Substitutes For Frying: Get Cracking!


This is the ultimate guide for vegan egg substitutes for frying.

Let’s find out right away what they are!

10 Vegan Egg Substitutes For Frying

Here are my top picks for substituting Vegan eggs for frying. 

1. Flour And Water Slurry

A combination of flour with water is the easiest way to substitute eggs when looking for a Vegan option.

Any choice of flour- all-purpose, chickpea, or even rice flour can easily be used.

Remember that when frying, different ingredients need a different consistency of wheat-water combination. The result would be equally crunchy and flavorful.

How to substitute

An equal 1:1 proportion of wheat to water would give a thick layer, while a 1:3 proportion of wheat to water would give a thinner layer of coating.

Try this delicious dumpling recipe with Flour and Water slurry.

2. Flaxseed/ Chia seed And Water

Ground flaxseed and chia seed with water create a sticky, gel-like thick batter, perfect for getting the same consistency and texture as real eggs when coating any ingredient before frying. 

It is important to let the mixture of ground flaxseed or ground chia seed stay in the water aside to create the required consistency.

Additional herbs and spices are required to replicate eggs.

How to substitute

To acquire a thicker batter, more flaxseed or chia seed is recommended. To acquire a thinner batter, more water is required. An equal amount of both gives the texture of eggs.

Try this Flax-egg and ways to enjoy it.

3. Soy And Tofu

Tofu is the most preferred go-to egg substitute when looking for some delicious scramble or omelet, and even quiche and egg tart.

Ground soybeans perform a similar job. 

Remember that tofu and soybeans are essentially tasteless and require additional spices for flavor and food coloring or turmeric powder for the desired egg-like hue. 

How to substitute

A cup of crumbled tofu should equal the same amount of scrambled eggs. A cup of ground soybeans is the same as two eggs for an omelet with additional ingredients.

Try this undistinguishable Tofu scramble.

4. Chickpea Flour And Aquafaba

Chickpea flour is a byproduct of the known chickpeas, and aquafaba is the liquid seen in packed chickpea cans.

Both combined make the perfect egg substitute for omelets and quiche. 

A small yet noticeable issue with using chickpea flour and aquafaba is that the resulting texture is firmer than the soft and fluffy egg. 

How to substitute

Two regular-sized eggs can be substituted by mixing equal amounts of chickpea flour and aquafaba for the same consistency as beaten eggs.

5. Starch And Water Slurry

Corn starch, Potato starch, and Arrowroot powder are all great vegan substitutes for vegan eggs for frying for their adaptive ability and crunchy texture once mixed with water and fried. 

Stay cautioned that corn starch and every other starch have a bland taste and colorless appearance.

Therefore, additional herbs and flavorings and colors are suggested. 

How to substitute

The consistency of the starch-water slurry remains subjective to the overall recipe. The thickness can be increased by adding more starch and decreased with more water.

Try making this easy Corn starch slurry at home.

6. Pulses

Ground pulses and white beans can be mashed with water or any desired liquid to acquire the same consistency as eggs for omelets and scramble.

It is important to remember that most pulses have a distinct and flavorful nutty flavor that remains even after they are cooked fried.

More ingredients can be added for more flavors.

How to substitute

Since pulses have a small structure, a small quantity goes a long way. Half a cup of pulses can efficiently be substituted for nearly two eggs.

Vegan scrambled eggs with pulses.

7. Black Salt

Black salt is a form of Himalayan salt with a strong sulfurous essence that many claims to be similar to the taste of eggs and gives a crunchy texture when fried.

A small caution: Black salt has an intense flavor that is salty and acidic and can easily overpower any dish if used in large quantities.

Additional spices should be added when using.

How to substitute

Since black salt has a strong presence, less than half a cup of Black salt combined with other ingredients and spices should substitute for two regular-sized eggs.

Know more about Black salt and its uses.

8. Plant-based Milk/ Yogurt

Plant-based milk/ yogurt substitutes such as coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, and oat milk make an excellent vegan and healthy alternative to eggs for frying. 

Do bear in mind the difference in consistency between eggs and plant-based milk.

It is important to add cornstarch or other thickeners to the milk to get the desired thick consistency.

How to substitute

Vegan eggs and plant-based milk can be substituted for an equal 1:1 ratio for most recipes.

Almond milk scrambled eggs.

9. Vegan Mayonnaise

Vegan Mayonnaise or any other sauce, such as vegan sour cream, mustard sauce, tomato paste, and hummus are efficient vegan egg substitutes for frying.

Be aware that the layering will not be equal and patchy in some places since these sauces are not very firm.

However, the result will be crunchy and flavorful.

How to substitute

Since the texture of most sauces is slightly thicker than regular eggs, it is best to use a slightly lesser quantity than the mentioned quantity of eggs for the recipe.

Try this Vegan egg-mayo sandwich.


What Is The Best Vegan Egg Substitute For Frying?

A flour and water slurry is the best vegan egg substitute for frying. Any available flour like all-purpose flour, chickpea flour, and even rice flour can be a thick egg-like solution. The consistency can be managed by adding more or less water. 

This flour-water combination is the most frequently used mixture for a flavorful, efficient, even, and crispy outer layer without the use of regular eggs.

How Does Flaxseed Taste When Replacing Eggs?

Finely ground Flaxseed, when mixed with water, forms a thick gel-like solution that can efficiently substitute regular eggs with the same texture and consistency. Flaxseed has a slightly earthy and nutty essence. 

Flaxseeds also have great nutrient properties making them both a healthy and tasty way to replace eggs in your vegan diet. 1:3 tablespoon proportion of ground flaxseed and water is ideal.

Can Plant-based Yogurt Be A Substitute For Eggs?

Unflavored and plain plant-based yogurt is one of the best and healthiest ways to substitute eggs for frying. Yogurt derived from coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, and oat milk is often preferred for vegan recipes.

Since most plant-based milk is derived from nuts, a slightly nutty flavor seeps into the yogurt but enhances the flavor in most recipes.

Is Tofu Completely Vegan?

Yes, Tofu is prepared from soybean milk or soybean curds making it an entirely plant-based vegan substitute for dairy products. It can efficiently substitute eggs for scrambles with its subtle and mild flavors. 

Tofu is one of the best protein sources with many other nutritional values that are not available in other substitutes making it one of the most important global vegan substitutes.

Bottom Line

I hope this helped you identify the a great substitute for you!

Do keep us posted about any queries or feedback to help this guide move toward its betterment. 

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